[Video] She Had A Breakdown After Trying To Conquer Vulnerability

Embrace your vulnerability – it’s very easy to say, but not always easy to do. And yet this is one of the key themes from this heartfelt and inspirational TED talk from academic researcher and author Brené Brown.

Her story and her research started with an initial determination to figure out and beat vulnerability, to deconstruct shame. After years of hard work, however, she came to the realization that this simply was not possible. Not only that, it wasn’t wise.

After a genuine breakdown for which she had to seek help, Brené now preaches the virtues of vulnerability and its power to bring us closer together, to allow our true selves to shine through and our real feelings to be felt.

Her talk tells us the difference between those people who have a strong sense of love and belonging and those who don’t; it turns out that believing you are worthy of love and belonging is the key. Such people also had courage – the ability to “tell the story of who you are with your whole heart” and to accept their imperfections.

What’s more, she tells us that we can’t numb the bad feelings without numbing the good feelings too. We’re more fixated on perfection and certainty than ever before because of the fear we have of the uncertain and the imperfect.

In the end, Brené wraps things up by suggesting that when we let ourselves feel vulnerable, we let ourselves feel alive, we truly and deeply connect with other people, and we can say “I am enough” with a whole-hearted conviction.

Watch and enjoy this enthralling talk and leave your comments below.

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