[Video] Guy Born With No Arms Or Legs Gives Amazing Talk To School Kids – His Advice Has To Be Heard

Hardships don’t come much harder than being born without any fully developed arms or legs. Despite this, Nick Vujicic has led a life that most people would call extraordinary.

In this video, Nick talks to a group of schoolchildren, and his words are so powerful that it brings some of them to tears.

He has faced challenges that might seem insurmountable, but, as you’ll see, his approach to life means that he has achieved great things as a person, as a speaker, and as a role model.

This is a long video – over 35 minutes in total – but in this world full of distractions and where your time is precious, watching this clip is totally worth it. You can’t fail to learn something from Nick and his message has the potential to change lives, to inspire, and to motivate.

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