How Many Of These 43 First World Problems Can You Tick Off?

When you are financially and materially wealthy relative to most other people, you might start to find problems in the most trivial things. These have become known as first world problems because those living in developing countries would shake their heads in disbelief at hearing them.

But realizing that you are complaining about a first world problem – and even joking about it – can be healthy. By putting things into perspective, you will relieve yourself of the pointless anger or annoyance that you feel.

Here is a selection of our favorites:

  1. you can’t find the right emoji to reflect your current mood
  2. your 4k TV makes everything look “too real”
  3. you want to lay on your side, but your iPhone screen keeps flipping
  4. you lose your selfie stick so you have to use your arm instead
  5. you buy a great bottle of wine, but are all out of cheese
  6. the latest release by your favorite band is not available on Spotify
  7. the weather forecast was wrong and you’re wearing sandals in the rain
  8. your illegal torrent is downloading too slowly due to a lack of seeders
  9. you get so many fillings in your sub that it spills out as you try to eat it
  10. you reach the end of a TV series and feel at a loss for what to do
  11. you ordered a pizza, so you have to put on some clothes
  12. you run out of soda so have to drink fresh, clean tap water instead
  13. 1 pillow is too low, but 2 pillows is too high
  14. you sat through commercials even though you are watching a recording
  15. you ate your food so quickly that now you have to watch other people eat theirs
  16. you get a great tan on holiday, now your foundation doesn’t match
  17. the perfect volume on the TV isn’t a round number
  18. your phone battery is low, but the charger cable is too short to reach the couch
  19. you have to get up in the middle of the night to catch your holiday flight
  20. you break you iPad by dropping your iPhone on it
  21. the microwave is faster, but the oven makes it taste better
  22. you open a new browser tab, but forget what you wanted to look at
  23. you had to break a 20, but receive a pocket full of loose coins in change
  24. you want to watch a video, but you don’t want to pause your music
  25. you end up with more bun than burger because it shifted while you were eating
  26. nobody likes your latest selfie on Facebook or Instagram
  27. the cinema you go to doesn’t have the flavor of ice cream that you want
  28. having to watch a TV show in standard definition because you don’t have the HD channel
  29. you cut your finger and can’t unlock your phone using it
  30. you can’t decide where to go on holiday because there is just too much choice
  31. your phone battery dies because you’ve been playing candy crush for so long
  32. there’s not enough space in the wine rack so you have to drink a bottle
  33. your blueberry muffin doesn’t contain any blueberries
  34. you hear a spoiler for your favorite show because you were out partying when it was on
  35. you have to figure out how to use your shiny, new gadget
  36. your luxury hotel doesn’t have free wifi
  37. your Netflix keeps buffering because your broadband is too slow
  38. you wear a coat out because of the rain, but the cloakroom at the bar is full so you have to hold it all night
  39. you don’t know what to ask for for Christmas because you buy everything you want
  40. the lift to your penthouse apartment is out of order
  41. you can’t find something in the fridge because it’s so full
  42. you have too much vacation time to use before the end of the year
  43. you buy snow tires and end up as the designated driver when it snows

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