28 Thoughts Every Introverted Person Can Relate To

Introverts are thoughtful creatures – in fact, they often come complete with a very active and imaginative mind. Here are just some of the thoughts that might cross these minds.

How many can you relate to?

when in doubt, don't go out
I am a cat
have cake and eat it
hanging out alone
keep your friends close
lead horse to water
early to bed and rise

text message phone call
best things are silent
misery loves company
tree forest introvert quote
true love dropping in unexpected
seeing people problem quote
smoke without fire introvert quote
no man is an island
words better from hands
keep yourself company
grass is always greener
small talk quote
nothing planned quote
hiding creative juices
hear more when it's quiet
not anti social quote
an apple a day introvert quote
phone introvert quote
if you can't beat them avoid them
not rude just awkward
don't talk much