14 Reasons Why Highly Intuitive People Make Great Leaders

The world is full of leaders; in our businesses, our governments, our schools, and our charities; in our armed forces, our clubs, our religions, and even in our families.

In these situations and others like them, highly intuitive people embody traits and abilities that make them exceptional leaders who bring many benefits to the organizations they lead.

The reasons they perform so well in leadership positions are many; here are 14 of the most important.

1. They Are Decisive, But Won’t Rush A Decision

As you’d expect, an intuitive leader is not afraid to make a decision. They will not, however, rush into one.

Now you may assume that intuition means going with your gut – and you’d be right, but it does not necessarily mean making snap decisions (although this will sometimes be the case).

In fact, highly intuitive people are prepared to take their time and let their unconscious mind consider the options before finally listening to its response.

2. They Are Guided By Their Values

Intuitive leaders are not ones to pursue paths that might go against the common good – not only of their organization, but of society in general. They are ethical, responsible, and incredibly strict when it comes to adhering to their inner moral standards.

They know that their position of power is also a position or responsibility and they will let their intuition guide their actions.

3. They Are Passionate About Their Work

With intuition comes a passion to give your all to a cause you believe in. This passion is contagious and when it is shown by a leader, it grows in the hearts and minds of those they lead.

This creates a desire to succeed and a willingness to go the extra mile to make it happen. When you have people who believe in something as much as their leader does, great things can happen.

4. They Have A Fierce Resolve To Pursue Things That Feel Right

Combined with their passion, highly intuitive leaders are also instilled with a determination to take an idea and turn it into a reality. When something feels right to them, they will strain every sinew in their body to pursue it through to completion.

This doesn’t mean they stubbornly refuse to give up when things are clearly failing – on the contrary, they will be the first ones to sense when things are going awry and they know when to call time on a project.

5. They Can Tell When Things Veer Off Course

Not only will an intuitive leader know when to abandon a particular path, they will be able to sense when something deviates from the course it was designed to take.

This early warning system allows them to make the necessary corrections so that the end goal is still met.

6. They Can Detach Themselves And View The Bigger Picture

When they need to, an intuitive individual can detach themselves from the minutiae of day-to-day running of an organization and take a much wider perspective of how things are progressing.

Being able to look at the bigger picture enables them to foresee problems, spot opportunities, and assess the position they are in.

7. They Can Sense Changes In An Environment

Intuition means being incredibly sensitive to your environment and this also translates into the wider world. An intuitive leader, therefore, has their finger on the pulse of not only the bubble they operate in, but the wider society too.

They can sense forthcoming storms and prepare accordingly so that their group can ride them out in relative stability.

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8. They Are Creative Visionaries Who Set The Trends

Not only can they anticipate potential turbulence affecting their particular industry, their creative ability and passion may actually be a cause of wider change.

They are the ones who innovate, seeing needs that aren’t being met and then creating the solutions that shift the direction of entire cultures.

9. They Are Generous In Their Attitudes Towards Others

Intuitive souls are typically very sensitive souls too, and this makes for leaders who are openly generous when dealing with other people. They truly understand the value that comes from showing extra care and attention towards those they lead.

Their door is always open and they will seek to accommodate the needs of each member in their group. They are no pushovers, though, and can be firm and fair when required.

10. They Are Great Motivators

Fuelled by their own desire to make a change in the world, highly intuitive leaders are able to instill a drive and energy in those that operate under them. They instinctively know how to handle the various personality types and offer a very special touch that makes each team member feel appreciated.

They ensure that everyone knows the reasons why things are moving in a certain direction and they do this by expressing their own enthusiasm and vision.

11. They Allow Individuals To Thrive

Knowing how disruptive it can be to box someone in – to confine their freedom to create – an intuitive leader promotes an environment in which ideas are celebrated and individual talents cherished.

They never pour scorn on the suggestions that others make, but rather encourage people to think outside the box and achieve their potential.

12. They Can Sense Who To Trust

Intuitive people can sense when someone has intentions that aren’t conducive to the wellbeing of the wider organization. Such leaders are good at choosing the right people for the right roles so that everyone can work in cooperation rather than fighting against each other.

They like to see the good in all, but they know when not to trust someone – whether inside or outside the group.

13. They Can See Through A Person’s Words Or Actions To Their True Feelings

An intuitive leader will sense when a person tries to hide their true feelings. Whether related to with what goes on inside or outside the organization, they will sense when someone isn’t quite their usual self. They will spot the unhappiness or discontent and try to help that person address it.

Their caring nature means they will do everything in their power to find a solution and this, in turn, makes for a very loyal following.

14. They Won’t Settle For Mediocre

Highly intuitive people have a solid sense of purpose and this often means they aren’t prepared to settle for just getting on. They want their organization to make a real difference in the world, to be a beacon of light, to improve upon what came before it.

They always strive to do the best that they can, and they ask this of all group members too. They don’t want to leave anything on the table; if there is a chance to change things for the better, they will want to take it.

Are you a highly intuitive leader who can relate to these points? Leave a comment and share your story to help inspire other intuitive individuals to take up leadership positions.

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