Are You A Perfectionist, Realist, Or Surrealist? (Quiz)

You might think you know the answer to this question, but it’s not quite as easy as it seems. We all have elements of each within us, and they rise to the surface from time to time or when the need requires. There is, however, likely to be one dominant force that shapes how you see the world most of the time.

A perfectionist has the keenest eye for detail and will often notice things that others miss. They absolutely hate making mistakes and are likely to try and avoid the potential for failure if they can. They aren’t particularly good at looking at things from a wider perspective, choosing, instead, to focus on a specific issue or event in isolation.

A realist tends to avoid the extremes of positive and negative, preferring to see the world as it is. They have scientific minds, relying on a process of logic to determine the best action for any given situation. Although they do have a well rounded emotional side, they tend not to let it guide or control them too much.

A surrealist accepts that the world around them might not always be as it first appears. For them, the lines between seemingly separate things are quite often blurred and they are more likely to believe in powers such as faith, fate, coincidence, and serendipity. They are likely to be creative and imaginative souls who rarely fail to see the wonder in life.

If you’re wondering which of these is most often in control in your mind, try this quiz which will ask you a series of questions that are designed to find out.

What was your result? Does it seem to fit with your thinking? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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