Which Of The 4 Introvert Types Are You?

Introversion is a character type that a large proportion of the population would claim to fall into, but what exactly does it mean?

This is the question that psychologist Jonathan Cheek and his colleagues attempted to answer when they interviewed self-assessed introverts about their personalities. They found that these people used a wide variety of language when describing what introversion meant to them.

The only conclusion that made any sense to Cheek was that there is no single definition that can encompass all of the traits possessed by introverts. Instead, using the information he collected, he and his team proposed 4 distinct types of introvert.

Just like any other personality characteristic, an individual won’t belong to a sole group, but they may associate more closely with some than others (or vary due to time and circumstance).

The 4 types of introversion are:

  1. Social – dealing with the propensity of someone to enjoy small groups of people or solitude over larger groups.
  2. Thinking – regarding an individual’s level of introspection and self-reflection; how much time they happily spend in their own heads.
  3. Anxious – concerning the awkwardness a person feels not only around others, but quite often when alone too; the worry one carries around with them.
  4. Restrained – relating to the need to take one’s time about things and the way one has to “warm up” to a situation before feeling ready.

The quiz below is not designed to be 100% scientific, but your answers to the questions should reveal which of the 4 types you are most closely aligned with at the current time.

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