Why Do Good Things Have To Come To An End?

I still remember the time when I was 6 years old; it wasn’t very long ago. Some, most, of my sweetest memories arrived then. At that moment, I had come to the understanding that Human nature was made for good things and good days.

My visions curled around rainbow and unicorn forests with dancing pink hippos and rivers of chocolate syrup. When, only a few days later as I matured into a 7 year old boy, I saw that my understanding was no longer applicable to Human perspective; it had all changed in the blink of an eye.

I call it “The Personal Shift.” Most indigo children have known this moment in their lives. When all the fairytales and sweet packages come to an end, and all you are left with is an infinitely empty darkness. Only then did I understand the value of the glitter and gold that I had lost.

From there on out, my life has been a quest for availing that shimmering light – from wherever it resides. But through this journey, I’ve been asking myself the question: “Why did it have to come to an end? Why is it that every flower that has ever grown, must one day die and rot – decaying as if it was never there to begin with?!”

The aforementioned question is not at all new in the self-help field. No matter what quantum-energy mechanics you give to prove the law of attraction, it’s not unless you answer this commonly-asked question that a skeptic decides to become a believer: “If everything we create is up to our thoughts and desires, why do the good things, that we always think and wish for to stay, have to come to an end?”

Sometimes, just because what we are manifesting doesn’t fit what we think we should be manifesting – we are forced to give a second thought to the operation of the Law of Attraction. But before I can proceed, I would like you to give a second thought on “What is a good thing?” It is the part that most of us just ignore altogether. Once you have defined what is “good” for you, think if the same could be said for another person in an absolutely different position than you. If yes, you are in the right spectrum of perspective. If, however, the answer is no – as in most cases – you will have reached the understanding that what is good for you and what you think is good for you are two absolutely different paradigms.

Before we came into being as a physical entity, our higher self or soul chose for us our individual purpose, and the conditions that we needed to fulfill that purpose. That is fate. You didn’t choose your family, initial financial condition, country, religion etc. – all of it was chosen for you by your soul at a superconscious level or at a super state of knowing. And as your current understanding might not be synchronized with that consciousness – as your intelligence is blocked and is in a disfigured state – so perhaps what you think is good for you might never have been good for you.

Let’s say, for example, a relationship with a narcissistic partner. At a personal level, the narcissist had created a bubble of illusion around you, due to which you were unable to see how horrific that relationship was for your personal wellbeing, tranquility and longevity. Despite this, no matter what other people said, you wanted to maintain that relationship. However, your soul – operating on a higher consciousness – disagreed, and thereby took you on a quest of ascension above that bubble so that you could escape the illusion and enter into the reality of that fact (i.e. the relationship that you thought was good for you wasn’t actually good at all.)

So, as a sane person, consider what would have been a good thing for you in the aforementioned case? And ask yourself the question: “Which one of the above options should’ve stayed with me?”

So, that is the first reason. Perhaps the thing you have been considering good for yourself wasn’t good for you at all. Instead, it was harmful and had to be got rid of for your individual and collective expansion.

The other dominant reason behind this great epidemic is rooted deep in our core beliefs.

For the sake of understanding, I’ll apply a simple analogy to this concept. Assume that a person A befriends a person B. A feels in complete harmony with B; they’re totally vibing into one another. Every time they’re together, A feels as if peace is encapsulating him inside and out. But whenever B is not with him, he has a certain fear of, or resistance to, the fact that B is losable.

He feels as if B is his only hope, and that without him, he will be lost to hopelessness. Most of this fear is subconscious and operates secretly in our energy fields. The new frequency of A will be distinctively different from what B had created a relationship with in the first place – therefore B will exit the state of being connected with A.

Person A is now engulfed in deep fear; the fear born of programming and core-beliefs. Whatever we resist, persists; therefore what we are afraid of is most often what we have to face. Hence the ‘good’ comes to a halt.

The reason behind this fear is crystal clear: from the very time when you or I were 3 years old, we’ve been taught that good things are destined to end. This has shifted into very deep programming within our subconscious, and no matter whether we are aware of it or not, there are points of attraction in the Universe – so it is not unless we shift those beliefs that we can purely come into sync with the good and desirable.

So, make it your understanding that everything happening in your life is a good thing, though its goodness might not be evident or obvious straight away. No matter how dark a night is, there’ll always be moonlight somewhere, awaiting to unveil its light upon you. Sometimes, the bitter medicine is the only way to all-round wellbeing.

So, that is it. My final message to help you take charge of everything in your life is this: take charge of your belief systems – learn what is sabotaging your evolution. Ask yourself: “What is it that I want the most in my life?” and then question yourself: “What is it that is stopping me from getting it?” Then do whatever work needs to be done in order to create the life you desire, the life you are here for. Know that sometimes death is the only option. And darkness, the only light! Be assured that someday, someway, you will find what you have been looking for – or maybe not – maybe you’ll find something much greater than that.

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Alamir Abdulrehman is a 16-year old prodigy, author, spiritual luminary, teacher, master of whispers and dominantly thought-operated paranoiac. Born gifted he suffered a lot. https://www.spiritpeneverything.com is the place where he distributes his centuries-old wisdom about life and death and what's in-between. He helps people rediscover their meaning and purpose, heal from traumas and spiritually ascend. Book a session with him today,

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