7 Truths About Life That You Ought To Surrender To

From the time you were a young child sat on the cushioning lap of your mother, people have been whispering fluffy beliefs and petty stuffs of all kinds in your ear.

These infiltrate your mind and create a false sense of identity that you will later spend a great deal of your precious time protecting; unless, that is, your soul overcomes its laziness and is one day like “Hey, let’s wake up!”

Then you will live in hell for quite some years unless most of what you have been told perishes into an infinite emptiness. Of all the ‘truths’ you have been taught, only a handful will be able to survive with you through the process of awakening. The inevitability of these remaining truths is Universal, and no matter which race, religion, creed, country, color, or philosophy you belong to, these facts about life stay constant.

Which means you’ve got to deal with them! So, here they are:

1. “One day, it’ll change!”

The Universe moves in irreversible circles. There are boundaries that surround us in this time-space reality and we cannot move beyond them – one of them being the inevitable fate. All days turn to night. All springs turn to autumn. All summers turn to winter. You can’t stop the flow. The flow is a magnanimous, omnipotent giant who’ll pave his pathway through any wall or building very peacefully – by simply and sweetly crushing it.

There was once a king of Persia who asked his wise minister for one piece of advice so that he could remain humble in times of pleasure and patient in times of hardship. The minister stayed silent for a while, then took a deep breath and said: “Just keep in mind; one day, it’ll change.”

2. “There is no second shot!”

There is no such thing as a second shot in time-space reality, and even though reincarnation exists for karmic balance, you will never get a second chance at the life you are living right now. It will come and go like sand falling through fingers. So if you want to change something, the only time to do it is in the NOW.

Reincarnation is a new chance, not a second one. It has a new beginning with a new family and fortune, and new mental/physical capabilities. So never can you alter something once it has been done. You can sing about it, cry about it, and wish it could be different. You can even let it go, but, no, you can’t change it.

3. “You’ll reap what you sow.”

There is no escaping from this law of nature. What you have sown shall be reaped by you. You can’t undo it. You can only surrender to the fact that you are responsible for it – while not letting that responsibility consume your consciousness. And it is very logical. You cannot sow a potato and expect a banana to come up. You don’t sow hate and expect love to come up. You give what you wish to take.

This law is very simple in its operation. Modern day theory about the Butterfly Effect is just an exaggerative branch of this truth. Every seed that is sown will one day have the power to either hold the Earth, or to move it, depending on the intention of the sower.

4. “Tomorrow is a mystery.”

Though the Universe is governed by us ourselves, there are literally a hundred subconscious aspects to what is going on around us. In other words, there is no certainty – only a walking mystery that we live through, as humans.

What we predict as the future is just an idea, for it is based on calculations, theories, logical conclusions, and interpretations. The reality of what will happen is, in fact, absolutely mysterious in its nature. The reason is this: no matter what, your limited time-space consciousness will always miss a point or two.

The mystery of life – unless someone has discovered it already and has put it on the table in front of us – is not calculable and is, therefore, imminently oppressive and beyond any prediction.

5. “All Success is born of imminent failure.”

Failure is not the end of your pursuit; it is a part of it. You must fail in order to succeed – die in order to live – suffocate in order to breathe – be quiet in order to speak.

The manifestation and creation of ourselves is born of our experiences of the opposite, the contrast, the alternate. For instance, you wouldn’t have had, literally, more than a thousand inspiring historical figures if not for the years of mental, emotional, and physical abuse that they had to endure. Storms must be experienced to cross the sea and reach your destination. Therefore, expect a lot of failures in your path to success. Everything is born of contrast.

We live in a world of polarities. One creates the other. Like good creates bad. Suffering creates awakening. It is the law of polarization. So it’s not unless you’ve failed, multiple times, that you can actually succeed, in multiple fields.

6. “If you can compromise, The Universe will make sure that you do!”

People who tend to be over-smart often choose the way of compromise over resistance – while not understanding that compromising is just another form of resistance.

The Law of Attraction works in the operation of the thoughts or intentions that you solidify as a vibrational and energetic aspect, by using the means of your action. If you come of or emit the vibes of a compromising person, the Universe will put you in situations where you’ll actually have to make big compromises. So, Mr. Know-it-all, get ready for a ride through a lot of accidents, unsuitable partners and money blunders…because you asked for it!

So, if you actually want big stuff to come into your life. Stop settling for anything small.

7. “People won’t respect you unless you respect yourself.”

People who don’t respect themselves create an astral bubble around them, shunning the vision of other people through their skin. This bubble is made up of mistakes, traumas, and other downwardly-spiraled traits. As a result, the person will be disrespected everywhere.

There is this one quote by Tyrion Lannister that I revere: “Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”

These truths are inevitable and are supposed to be surrendered to. Even though you have no control in how they operate, you can still learn how to live in harmony with them and how to use them to your advantage, manifesting the life you desire. Because, in the end, all of these laws are here because “You asked for it, my dear. YOU asked for it.”

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