10 Signs You’re A Hopeless Romantic

Being a hopeless romantic is something that so many of us would never admit to, but secretly are!

If you find yourself fantasizing about how cute your babies will be when you eventually marry ‘cute coffee shop guy #3,’ there’s a pretty strong chance you’re head over heels with the idea of love.

Here are ten more signs that you’re constantly (if quietly) searching for your soulmate

You Discuss Your Wedding In Great Detail, Even Though You’re Single

I think (and hope) that I’m not alone in admitting that my hidden Pinterest boards are full of flower arrangements and DIY bunting for the big day. Sure, I’m single, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about the day I say “I do” to my true love.

It doesn’t make you ‘crazy’ or obsessed; you just like thinking about when it will finally happen. Showing these boards to someone on your first date is a bit far, but it’s okay to have dreams. The idea of finding your true love, getting married, and living in a dream home is definitely on your life checklist. You find yourself daydreaming about matching bridesmaids dresses for all your besties, and your latest Instagram searches include #dreamwedding, #Bahamaswedding, and #Isaidyes.

If you find yourself planning how to respond to your soulmate’s proposal, it’s confirmed: you’re a hopeless romantic.

You’re Really Into Grand Gestures

Movies have really influenced the way we feel about romance, to the point where any trip to the airport brings with it a slight excitement that your true love will arrive, sweating, holding a bouquet, and delaying your flight while declaring their love for you.

Grand gestures are the ultimate way to prove your love for someone, and you’ve already dreamt up several scenarios that will stop your heart. Your soulmate might be the kind of person who hires a hot air balloon the first time they say “I love you.” They might track down your great Grandma’s ring and propose to you with it at sunset where you first met.

Either way, you’re completely in love with the idea of a huge gesture that shows how much your partner cares for you, and you’re just counting down the days until it happens…

Small Things Count Too

Of course, the little things make a big difference too.  You find yourself swooning every time your partner stocks the fridge with your favorite yogurt, and melt if they correctly remember your coffee order. If you’re single, you daydream of the day that your true love stops by to bring you flowers on their way to work, making everyone in the office envious.

Small things show that your partner pays attention to you, and that they want to do things to make you happy. Remembering little details about you says a lot, and only helps you fall deeper in love with them.

Romcoms Are Your Bible

Ah, romcoms, every hopeless romantic’s go-to. These movies reassure us that we will find love, even in the unlikeliest of circumstances. As such, you’re totally prepared to fall in love in every bookshop, cafe, and farmers’ market you attend. You’re convinced that these movies will inspire your own life, and watching them only makes you more desperate to find ‘the one.’

After every bad date or lonely night, you find yourself turning to the classics. ‘The Notebook’ gives you faith that the person you dated years ago will reappear in your life, forever this time. ‘Friends With Benefits’ reassures you that it’s okay to be single and have a confusing sex life – true love will still find you. And, if all else fails, Bridget Jones reminds you that you won’t be alone forever.

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You Call Your Friends After Every Date

You’ve just been on a first date, and simply have to share all the details. So you call your Mom to tell her the good news and fill the group chat with cute anecdotes and sly photos you took of your date. Hopefully you remembered to turn off the flash.

Each new date is the beginning of something incredible, in your head, at least. Sharing it all with your friends is the best way to make sense of everything that happened – did he mean to touch your leg? Was it creepy to ask for their Instagram name? Was he checking out the waitress? There’s so much to take in and you need to share every detail. Of course, you’re back on Pinterest drooling over wedding gowns. They paid for your latte, so you’re clearly getting married, right?

You’re Waiting For Your “Meet-cute”

Meet-cutes are every hopeless romantic’s dream. Is there a cuter story to tell on your wedding day than how you both reached for the last copy of your favorite book at the store? Your hands met with a spark of electricity, and from there, you were each other’s. Forever. Each visit to the library, IKEA, anywhere, really, gives you that ‘500 Days of Summer’ feeling, and you just can’t help it.

You’re convinced that you’re going to meet your soulmate in the cutest, most serendipitous way possible. You find yourself going out of your way to attend yoga classes (maybe your eyes will meet while doing downward dog?) and spend unhealthy amounts of time waiting for a bearded dreamboat to pick up your takeaway coffee instead of his (at least he knows your name now – you get the baristas to write your full name on the cup, just in case he wants to stalk you on Facebook later).

You Check Your Star Sign Compatibility. After The First Date.

You subtly ask when their birthday is before furiously Googling their star sign when you get home. Are you compatible?! You cross-reference everything the universe has to offer, desperately seeking an answer. What Chinese year were they born under, what stage was the moon in when you first met, and what does this all mean for your future babies?

Consulting the higher powers to see if your new crush could be ‘the one’ is a pretty sure sign that you’re a hopeless romantic. You place your faith in the hands of horoscopes, and find yourself downloading an app so you can check both of yours each day.

You Go Out Of Your Way To See Them

You might already be hopelessly in love, and find ways to see your crush. Sure, walking past their work adds fifteen minutes to your journey home, but you just have a feeling that today is the day they’ll notice you.

Your Friends’ Dating Successes Are Your Successes Too

Any time a friend goes on a great date or shares stories of “I love you” moments, you find yourself overjoyed for them. Sure, you might be a little bit jealous, too, but that’s okay. You’re such a believer in true love that you’re just so happy to see someone experiencing it.

Everyone Is “The One”

You’re so in love with the idea of love that you’re convinced everyone is ‘it.’ The date might not have been amazing, you don’t have much in common, but you can just feel that things are different. You read into everything they say and do, sure that it all secretly means “I love you.”

You message your friends to tell them all about the new person you’ve met, and how wonderful they are. You fantasize about introducing them to your family, and daydream about the cute nicknames they’ll call you.

If things don’t work out, it just wasn’t meant to be. You’re already in love with the guy you made eye contact with on the subway, anyway…

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