Author David W. Stoner

David W. Stoner explores and writes about the mysteries of man from his home in Longmont, Colorado. His stories probe the underbelly of the human condition. How do we survive the unrelenting harshness of life? Where do we look for meaning and guidance in a universe that seems indifferent? Can we dig deep enough inside ourselves to pull up the courage and strength to go on, even when our own vulnerability and doubt look to crush us? Life can seem harsh and indifferent, but life is also filled with adventure and magic, and it is up to each of us to find his own way, his own meaning. In the end, no one else will make the final journey for us. His book of short stories, The Dream, was published in 2015, and his first novel, Chiaroscuro, should be released soon. You can learn more about him and read more of his work on his website Or visit his Facebook page: David W. Stoner.