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The universal subject matter that is life is too broad to be able to cover by myself.

That’s why I am looking for talented writers or bloggers to contribute their wisdom to the site.

Writer Benefits

  • reach an ever growing Facebook audience of over 975,000 fans
  • author bio at the bottom of your article containing links to your website and social media channels – good for traffic and search engine rankings
  • attract new clients

Here’s the deal: use the form below to send your article over in .DOC or .DOCX format (please include your author bio with a link to your blog/website* if you have one and, if you want one, a photo of yourself to go alongside your bio – all in one Word document please). If I think it is suitable for publication on A Conscious Rethink, I’ll publish it and send you the link to it. Simple, right?

*I only allow links to websites or blogs that are closely related to the themes found on A Conscious Rethink. If your author bio contains a link to a commercial website or something I deem unsuitable, I will not be able to publish your article, no matter how good it may be. Please bear this in mind before writing and submitting an article.

To get accepted, I do have a few little rules you have to follow:

  1. no plagiarism of any sort – I do check!
  2. no self-promoting links in the body of the article – they must go in your author bio
  3. I will only link to your blog or website if I feel it is a suitable fit
  4. a minimum of 1500 words
  5. all submissions become the property of A Conscious Rethink and should not be republished or distributed elsewhere without our prior consent

Some popular topics include: information on personality traits, intuition, empaths, narcissists, relationships, anxiety, self-improvement, life.

I can’t guarantee that every article will be published, but I will review each and every one that is sent. If I feel that your article has potential, but requires a little more work, I may ask you to make some changes to it. I also reserve the right to make some edits myself before publication if and where I feel they are necessary.

Please pay particular attention to your titles as these can make or break an article. I reserve the right to come up with a new title for your article if I think yours could be improved upon.

So what are you waiting for? Fill in the form below now and you could be a published writer in no time.

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