101 Fun And Interesting Facts You Can Say About Yourself

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Whether you’re at a party, on a date, in a job interview, or just meeting someone new for the first time, revealing some fun facts about yourself can be a great icebreaker.

When you tell people these interesting tidbits of information, you become more human and more likeable.

But it can be hard to think of these things on the spot.

You may be asking yourself, “What are some fun facts about me?”

Do you need some examples of interesting things you might drop into a conversation?

You’re in luck.

We go one better and give you the facts – you just need to fill in the blanks.

With this list, you’ll never run out of ideas for good fun facts about yourself.

And there is no shortage of ways to use them…

…spice up your dating profile.

…make a fun game out of it with friends.

…create a more relaxed, open atmosphere in a work meeting.

…sprinkle them into a text conversation with your crush.

…make your resume more interesting to potential employers.

…introduce yourself with a bang when starting a new job.

…incorporate them into a speech you have to make.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Are you ready to come up with some fun facts about yourself?

Fun Facts About Your Likes

1. My favorite cuisine is ___, especially ___.

People bond over food – both eating it and talking about it. Do you love Thai food, French cuisine, traditional African recipes? Why? What’s the best dish you’ve ever eaten?

2. The hobby that I could never give up is ___.

Are you so passionate about tennis that you can see yourself playing until your body gives up on you? Do you love to potter about in the garden so much that those green fingers will never leave you?

3. My favorite season is ___ because ___.

Do you love the long, hot summers? Are you amazed by the colors of fall? Do you enjoy snuggling up in winter? Does the new life of spring excite you?

4. I have seen [insert favorite movie][insert number]times.

Have you watched The Matrix seventeen times? Do you binge the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in one go (extended versions, of course)? Have you sung along to Frozen every night since it was first released?

5. I support [insert sports team]and have done since I was [insert age].

Is there a sports team that matters a lot to you? If you’re passionate about it, that will show through even if others aren’t into sport.

6. My favorite ice cream flavor is ___.

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Are you a chocolate lover? Is cookies and cream your number one choice? Or do you go for a blueberry cone whenever you can?

7. My non-alcoholic drink of choice is ___.

It can be helpful for others to know what sorts of drinks you like. Do you cool down with an iced tea? Or warm up with a coffee? Perhaps a fruit juice combo?

8. My alcoholic drink of choice is ___.

Do you like to kick back with a beer? Or a G&T? Maybe you are partial to a cocktail of sorts?

9. The thing I find most attractive in a person is ___.

What personality trait do you look for most in a person? Kindness? Positivity? Calmness? This one is great on dates.

10. I mostly listen to ___ music.

Most people enjoy listening to music on a regular basis and your taste can spark all sorts of conversations about bands, concerts, and festivals.

Interesting Facts About Your Dislikes

11. I’m allergic to ___.

It’s a bit of a talking point if you’re allergic to something unusual such as pumpkin, but even common allergies can be interesting topics to discuss, especially if you have to be extra careful with what you eat.

12. My pet peeve is ___.

What really annoys you? Do you hate it when people don’t put their coffee mugs on your carefully placed coasters? Or when other drivers follow close behind you?

13. I hate the smell of ___.

Does the scent of lavender drive you crazy? Does fresh fish make you retch? Does a carton of soured milk put you off your breakfast cereal?

14. I’m most scared of ___.

Show a little vulnerability and reveal your darkest fears. Do snakes give you the creeps? Are you terrified of walking alone at night?

15. I can’t stand the sound of ___.

Do bagpipes make your ears bleed? Is the sound of a crying baby enough to put you off having kids?

16. People who [insert behavior or trait]really annoy me.

Do loud chewers get your back up? Does it give you rage when someone corrects others all the time? Are judgmental people just the worst?

17. I don’t like how ___ feels to touch.

Do you hate preparing raw chicken or fish? Is Styrofoam your nemesis in life? Do you have an aversion to cotton wool balls?

18. The most boring sport to watch is ___.

We get it, not all sports are that exciting. Would you rather watch paint dry than watch golf? Is cricket enough to send you to sleep?

19. The word that most irritates me is ___.

Moist? Totes? Guesstimate? What word makes you want to punch whoever said it?

20. The most stressful thing for me is ___.

Thinking up things to say about yourself in small talk? No, seriously… this is actually a fun thing to talk about because the other person will no doubt relate.

Random Talent Fact Examples

21. I can play the [insert instrument].

A you a grade 8 bassoonist? Can you just about string a tune together on a guitar? Are you a master of the harmonica?

22. I can speak ___ languages and ___ was the hardest to learn.

It’s impressive enough to be able to speak more than one language, especially if you learned them after your early childhood. Show off your lingual skills and teach others a few phrases.

23. I can cook the most amazing ___.

What’s your signature dish? Duck a l’Orange? Chilli con carne? A pea and asparagus risotto?

24. I once [insert some amazing feat of skill or endurance].

Did you once climb El Capitan? Have you completed an Ironman triathlon? Show off a bit once in a while – you don’t have to be humble all of the time!

25. I once made a ___ from scratch.

Have you sown yourself a Japanese kimono? Did you build a boat? What practical skills do you have that might be worth shouting about?

26. I can do a really good ___ accent. (Then proceed to prove it.)

This one can be really impressive or really funny depending on how good you actually are at the accent. Either way, it’s sure to make an impression.

27. I once wrote a book/short story about ___.

Have you ever created your own work of fiction, no matter how long or short? Perhaps it was at school or simply in your spare time as an adult.

28. I can [insert something unusual you can do with your body].

Are you double-jointed? Can you walk bent over backwards on your hands and feet? People love to hear and see about this sort of thing.

29. I once played ___ in my school production of ___.

Were you the Genie in Aladdin? Did you follow the yellow brick road as the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz?

30. I ___ better than most people.

What are you really talented at? Something you do better than anyone you know. Are you a yo-yo pro? Are people envious of the way you dance? Do you know how to tell a really good joke?

Cool Travel Facts People Want To Hear

31. I have visited ___ countries in my life.

Have you travelled a lot? Where to? This can initiate conversations as you compare lists with others. It also shows your adventurous side.

32. My favorite country so far is ___.

Of all the countries you have been to, which one did you like the best and why?

33. I first traveled solo when I was ___.

When did your love of travel start? What was your first solo trip like? How old were you at the time?

34. The scariest moment of my travels was when ___.

Have you ever come face-to-face with a mountain gorilla? Did you have a near miss when white water rafting? Did you get lost in the jungle?

35. The most amazing place I’ve ever been is ___ because it ___.

What’s the one place that sticks in your memory more than any other? This might be a city or a famous attraction or one of the great natural landscapes of the world.

36. My next trip is to ___.

Where are you going next? What has drawn you to that place? When are you going and who are you going with?

37. I love travel so much because ___.

Why do you love travel? Is it the new cultures you experience? The sights you see? The freedom you feel when you’re on the road?

38. The one thing I always take on my travels is my ___.

What could you not do without when you’re away? Do you take a childhood teddy with you? Has your Shewee come in handy more times than you’d like to admit?

39. When I go on an adventure, I like to [plan the whole thing / make it up as I go – delete as necessary].

Are you a spontaneous traveler who sees where the winds take her? Or do you like to have a meticulous hour-by-hour itinerary to ensure you maximize your time away?

40. The most remote place I have ever been to is ___.

Have you been hundreds of miles from civilization in the Australian Outback, the Arctic peninsula, or the Amazon rainforest?

Unique Facts Involving Your Family

41. I have ___ siblings.

How many brothers or sisters do you have?

42. I am the [eldest/middle/youngest] child in my family.

Whereabouts are you in the sibling pecking order? First born, middle child, last one out? How has that shaped who you are?

43. My [brother(s)/sister(s)] taught me that ___.

What have you learned from your siblings? Did you have to speak up if you wanted to be heard? Are you tougher because of the scraps you got into with them?

44. I have ___ dogs/cats/hamsters/snakes/etc. Their names are ___.

Many people have pets and most pet owners love to talk about their various animals. It’s also good for potential dates to know because if they’re allergic, the relationship probably won’t get very far.

45. My fondest childhood family memory is ___.

When you think back to the time you spent as a child, what memory sticks out the most? A trip to Disneyworld? The summers you’d spend at the beach?

46. I have been with my spouse/partner for ___ years.

How long have you and your partner been together? It doesn’t matter if it’s a long or a short time – it’s nice just to talk about them.

47. We have ___ children. Their names are ___.

Do you have any kids? How old are they? What are their names? Why did you choose those names? What are they like?

48. My parents/grandparents emigrated here in ___ from ___.

Are you a second or third generation immigrant? Where are your family’s roots originally? Is that a big part of your family life still?

49. When I was ___, I [insert funny story about your childhood].

Did you fall down a slide backwards into a giant muddy puddle whilst trying to show off to your friends? Did you bury your brother in the sand and put jam on his face to encourage the ants to get him?

50. My family name means ___. (you can look up your surname here)

Find out what your family name means and use that as an interesting snippet of information.

Fun Facts All To Do With Your Friends

51. When I was younger, I had an imaginary friend called ___. He/She was a ___.

Many people had imaginary friends as a child and it can be fun to tell stories about them and what you used to do with them.

52. My childhood nickname was ___.

Were you known as Scooby or Hootie or Beanie by your friends or family? How did that nickname come about?

53. I have known my best friend for ___ years.

How far back do you and your best friend go? 10 years? 20? 50?!

54. My friends would describe me as ___.

If you asked your friends to describe you, what would they say? And, more importantly, is what they say true?

55. In my group of friends, I am considered the ___ one.

Are you the sensible one? The creative one? The loud one who is often at the center of conversations?

56. My friends and I most often talk about ___.

What do you and your friends chat about most regularly? Sports? Music? Movies? Philosophical ponderings?

57. I have been a bridesmaid / best man / usher at ___ of my friends’ weddings.

Have you been entrusted with a special role at one or more of your friend’ weddings? Have you had to do a speech? How did that go?

58. My friends and I used to spend our long summers ___.

When you were younger, what would you and your friends do during the long summer school holidays? Were you always out in the woods building tree houses and swimming in lakes? Or did you start little side-hustles to earn a bit of money to spend?

59. My friends once played an awesome prank on me when they ___.

Have you been pranked by your friends in a funny or creative way? Tell someone about it.

60. I went on my first friends’ holiday when I was ___ and we went to ___.

At what age did you ditch your family and opt for holidays with your friends instead? Where did you go and what did you get up to?

Important Facts About Your Education And Work

61. My favorite subject at school was ___.

What lesson could you not wait for at school because you enjoyed it so much? Art? Music? Drama? P.E.?

62. My dream job is ___.

Whether or not you are in the job now, what would you love to do for a living? Are you working toward that now or is it more of just a pipe dream for the future?

63. But when I was a child, I wanted to be a ___ when I grew up.

The career options we think we would like to go into as a child can be very different to the paths we walk later in life. Did you want to be a chef? A pilot? A firefighter?

64. My first ever job was ___.

Did you pack groceries? Stack shelves in a shop? Wash cars?

65. My first proper job after graduating was ___.

What would you say your first real job was after you left school, rather than your weekend or holiday job?

66. My most embarrassing job was ___.

Did you have to dress up in a costume at a kids’ restaurant and dance around? This is the kind of story that has to be told.

67. The thing I like most about my job is ___.

What’s the best thing about what you do now? The way you have to think outside the box? The interesting people you get to meet? The free samples you get to take home?!

68. I am a qualified ___.

Maybe you have a qualification you no longer use in your job. Are you a qualified dentist? An accountant turned entertainer?

69. I volunteer as a ___.

Do you give your free time to a good cause? What is it and how did you first get involved in it?

70. If I had my time at school again, I’d ___.

We don’t always appreciate our school days until they’re over. What would you do differently if you could go back in time? Pick different subjects? Get your head down and work a bit harder? Be more confident putting your hand up in class?

Random, But Interesting Facts

71. I’m practically addicted to ___.

Do you polish off a jar of peanut butter in a few days? Do you watch old re-runs of Friends on a loop? Is there a computer game that you can’t let go of no matter how many times you play it?

72. The famous person who inspires me most is ___.

Greta Thunberg? Nelson Mandela? Elon Musk? Who is it for you and what is it about them that you find so inspirational?

73. The most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me was ___.

Did your dress come undone and fall down whilst shaking your booty at a wedding? Have you ever laughed so hard that you peed yourself? Sharing these moments of vulnerability is incredibly endearing.

74. I collect ___.

Do you have a thousand Beanie Babies? Is your collection of teapots proudly on display around your home? Beer bottles from around the world?

75. My guilty pleasure is ___.

Is there something that you secretly (or not so secretly) enjoy that is perhaps a little geeky or unusual? Do you dress up in Cosplay? Do you still watch your favorite TV shows from your childhood?

76. The achievement I am most proud of is ___.

Brag a little – it’s healthy in small doses. Whether you’re most proud of raising your kids, starting a business, the degree you got at university, or something else, tell it to the world.

77. My idea of Heaven on Earth is ___.

A hammock hung between palm trees on your own private beach with someone serving you cocktails with little umbrellas in them? Riding your horse through the open countryside? Diving the Great Barrier Reef?

78. The best advice I ever received was ___.

What advice has someone told you that has stuck with you the most? How has it changed your life?

79. My first car was a ___.

Most people’s first car is somewhat embarrassing, but maybe you bucked that trend and had a cool motor as soon as you passed your test.

80. I have never tried [insert food or drink].

Random fact but still a fun one – which food or drink have you never tried that you would really like to, either because it looks really nice or it’s really weird?

81. I have ___ tattoos and/or ___ piercings.

Whether or not some of them are visible to others, it’s often a talking point that can create a bond with other ink or piercing lovers.

82. If I had 1 hour to live, I’d spend it ___.

Time is running out… how would you like to spend your last hour on this planet?

83. My favorite childhood toy was ___.

Were you a Lego monster through and through? Did you carry around a Barbie doll for years and years?

84. My favorite color is ___.

Everyone has one, so which is it for you? Yellow, red, turquoise, amber?

85. The most romantic thing anybody has ever done for me is ___.

Did it involve rose petals, a sunrise, candles, singing for you? Romance is underrated!

86. I [do/don’t] believe in love at first sight. (delete as necessary)

Can you really fall in love at first sight? Why do you think so or not think so?

87. I spend far too much money on ___.

Is your bank balance being hurt by your love of takeaway burritos? Or twice-weekly neck massages? Or pimping out your ride?

88. I have broken ___ bones in my body. I broke them ___.

Everyone loves a story about how you broke some bone or another. Did you fall out of a tree and break a leg? Were you balancing on a chair trying to find something on top of a cupboard but slipped and broke your nose on the cupboard door?

89. My celebrity crush is ___.

Which celebrity does it for you either in looks or personality or both?

90. My first thought when I wake up in the morning is normally ___.

Is it: “man that alarm is annoying,” or, “I want to go back to bed,” or, “hell yeah, let’s do this!”?

91. My earliest memory is ___.

What’s the first thing you remember in your life? Having a goat steal all your animal feed at the farm? The crashing waves of the ocean? You uncle’s tickly moustache?

92. If I could live in any other era of history, it would be ___ because ___.

Would you go back to Roman times? Or perhaps the ways of the Ancient Egyptians fascinate you. How far back in time would you go, and why?

93. I would most like to learn how to ___.

Is there something you don’t know how to do but really want to learn? Like playing an instrument or coding a website or swimming?

94. The thing I love most about me is my ___.

What is your very best trait or characteristic – physical or otherwise? Is it that you take risks that others are afraid of? Or that you care deeply about the well-being of others?

95. My worst habit is ___.

Okay, we’ve done your best bits, now for your worst bits. What habit do you have that you know annoys others? Do you pick your nose? Are you always late to things?

96. My favorite artist / form of art is ___.

Perhaps you are dumfounded by Damien Hirst’s pieces or the sculptures of Rodin set your heart ablaze. Maybe you are more of a painting fan with Dali’s surrealism topping your favorites.

97. If my life were made into a movie, I’d like ___ to play me.

Who do you think would capture you and your life the best in a movie? Chris Hemsworth? Margo Robbie?

98. If I could live anywhere on the planet, it would be ___.

If you had the opportunity to live in any place in any country, where would it be and why would you wish to settle down there?

99. I am superstitious about ___.

Do you have a thing about magpies or black cats? Do you believe that getting splattered by bird poop is good luck?

100. I [do/don’t] believe in extraterrestrial life. (delete as necessary)

Do you believe aliens exist? Why or why not? If they do, what might they be like?

101. I once met [insert celebrity].

Did you serve Tom Hanks whilst working in a shop? Have you rubbed shoulders with bona fide royalty at a charity event? Spill the beans – people love a celebrity story.

There you have it, 101 examples of fun and interesting facts about yourself that you can tell other people.

So, no more straining your mind trying to think of something to say when people ask to know more about you.

Now get filling in those blanks!

How To Use These Facts To Your Advantage

In our introduction, we gave some examples of when you might want to bring out a few of these fun facts, but how can you get the most out of them? That’s what we’ll briefly look at here.

It all comes down to context. In other words, what is the situation in which you are using them and what outcome are you hoping to achieve?

Here are some key examples:

In a job interview or on your resume.

When you are trying land a job, you need to decide which of your attributes you think best represent you and “sell” you to the potential employer.

Whether it’s the classic “tell me a little bit about yourself” question in a face-to-face interview or you want to grab the recruiter’s attention with your resume or cover letter, try to use facts that demonstrate the kind of qualities they want to see.

For example, that might be that you are hardworking, innovative, ambitious, determined, or resourceful.

In fact #24 we talked about climbing El Capitan. That’s a really cool story that demonstrates some amazing qualities that can translate into the world of work.

Have you recently learned an instrument, language, or other skill? That type of thing also shows a lot of great traits that can impress the recruiter.

Your accomplishments, your experiences, or the talents you have that are unrelated to the job can all help you to stand out from other potential candidates. They are talking points, and since a big part of landing a job is your ability to fit into the workplace, if you can get the interviewer chatting – and enjoying that chat – they are far more likely to remember you afterwards and have a positive view of you and how you would slot into the current team.

During the dating process.

Much like when job hunting, if you are looking for a potential partner to form a relationship with, it helps to stand out from the crowd and show your most attractive qualities.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of single people out there, which means a lot of competition for you to outshine. You need to build a connection with a potential date both in text form and when talking to them in person. Fun and interesting facts are a good way to go about this.

They tell the other person more about you, and they form good stories that can lead to compelling conversations.

Depending on your personality type, you might want to highlight traits such as being thoughtful, easygoing, loyal, caring, friendly, happy, loving, or adventurous.

And you can use facts such as childhood memories, goals, experiences, college stories, or favorite books/songs/tv shows/comfort foods to spark conversations that allow you to highlight the traits you think are your best features.

At networking events or parties.

“What do you do?” – it’s such a boring dead-end of a question but one that so many people fall back on when in social situations where they have to talk to strangers.

Instead, you can transform some of the facts above into far more interesting conversation starters.

Are you inspired by a particular famous person? Why not ask someone to name the 3 famous people (dead or alive) they’d invite to a dinner party?

Ask people what their biggest or most unusual fears are. Ask them what their dream vacation would be, what their pet peeve is, what the best prank they ever pulled was, or what their guilty pleasure is.

The great thing about these questions is that you can have a readymade answer to them for when the other person or people inevitably ask, “how about you?” after giving their own response.

You will come across as more friendly and outgoing if you can engage other people in conversations that are a bit quirky and a bit different to the usual small talk topics.

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