Affiliate Disclosure

Hi, Steve Phillips-Waller here. As the owner of A Conscious Rethink, I believe in full transparency regarding the things I promote on this website.

This disclosure is my way of informing you, the reader, that I have partnered with a number of companies and individuals, and I promote their services where I feel they could be valuable to you.

If you make a purchase after clicking on one of the affiliate links on this website, I receive a commission on it.

In other words, A Conscious Rethink is an affiliate partner of these companies and individuals and receives payment for purchases made via affiliate links.

You, the reader, do not pay any more for the service than you ordinarily would.

Now, I wouldn’t ever recommend a service or course that I felt wasn’t applicable to the article I recommend it in. Furthermore, I would never recommend a service or course that did not meet my high standards for quality.

I currently promote the following four things as an affiliate: – the world’s leading online therapy platform. – the world’s leading online relationship counseling service. – a platform that connects users with local services and trades. In the case of A Conscious Rethink, this is mainly for life coaching. – courses designed to help victims of narcissistic abuse heal emotionally and get their lives back on track. Created by Kim Saeed, one of the leading authorities on narcissistic abuse.

Affiliate partnerships are a crucial source of revenue that keeps A Conscious Rethink operational.

If you wish to get in touch with me regarding this affiliate disclosure, please use the email address below:

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