The Simple Things In Life: A List Of 50 Little Pleasures

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Some things in life fill us with joy even though they are such small, simple things.

They provide moments of pure magic that bring us firmly back into the present moment and make us grateful for everything we have in life.

Here are 50 such little pleasures that we should all seek to enjoy more often.

1. Watching the sunrise.

Getting up early and gazing across a natural landscape as the sun rises above the horizon – what could be more inspirational than that? You’ll be sure to feel positive and energized for the rest of the day after such a beautiful start!

2. Morning tea or coffee.

That first taste of tea or coffee in the morning deserves a lot more credit for how well our days go! Whether it’s herbal or highly caffeinated, it sets you up for the day and helps you get into your routine.

3. Hugging someone you love.

There are genuine chemicals released when we hug those we love, so why not do it more often? Hugging is a way of showing love and appreciation, as well as support and unity. No wonder it makes us feel so good!

4. Making and listening to a playlist.

Making your own playlist is such an underrated joy, whether it’s cheesy pop for a girls’ night in, something loud and heavy for your gym sessions, or some inspirational songs for hard days.

5. Growing your own vegetables.

Having your own garden, allotment, or even mini windowsill garden feels so amazing! Growing and eating your own veg, fruit, and herbs helps you feel self-sufficient and capable, and they’re always even more delicious because you grew them yourself.

6. Making plans with loved ones.

Knowing that someone you care about wants to make plans to spend more time with you always feels great. Making plans is a good way to feel important and involved, which explains why it’s a simple joy in life.

7. Long walks in the countryside.

Being outside in the fresh air is really good for us, both physically and mentally. Going for a wander can help us reset, escape the stresses in our lives, and have a full refresh. You’ll also see some beautiful plants and animals out in nature.

8. Lighting a scented candle.

Scented candles really help set a mood in our homes, from relaxed to energetic depending on the scent. Making the extra effort to light a candle shows we care – about ourselves and our guests.

9. Fresh bedding.

Is there a better feeling than sliding into fresh sheets that smell amazing and feel super soft? We don’t think so! Even better after a shower or bath…

10. Coming home after a trip away.

Travelling is wonderful, but so is coming home to your own space – your bed is better than any fancy hotel one and you know exactly how to work your shower.

11. Walking through autumn leaves.

Crunching your way through a path of crispy amber and yellow leaves is so satisfying. Autumn walks help you reset and really appreciate the nature around you.

12. Cooking your favorite meal.

Whether you love the process of cooking (adding spices, sprinkling in herbs, and taste-testing every five minutes) or just enjoy the delicious meal at the end of it, cooking your favorite dish is so much fun.

13. Seeing dogs play together in the park.

Is there anything purer than seeing dogs running around and chasing each other’s tails? Seeing dogs having fun makes pretty much everyone smile, so why not take a trip to the local park and enjoy the simple pleasures in life?

14. Having a shower or bath after a long day.

Jumping in a hot shower or bath after a day of meetings or stroppy children instantly relieves stress. Get your favorite bubble bath out, put on some music and succumb to the simple joys in life.

15. Belly laughing with a good friend.

You know that feeling when you’re laughing so hard it hurts, tears are streaming down your face, and you’ve stopped making any sounds? That! We love that.

16. Ice-cold water on a hot day.

Hydration is key on any day, but freezing cold water never tastes as good as it does on a hot summer’s day. Keep a bottle or two in the fridge and enjoy one of the simple things in life…

17. Enjoying an afternoon nap on the couch.

Drifting off while you’re reading (or watching Netflix) on the couch is one of the best feelings out there. There’s no pressure for a serious sleep so you can just get comfy and enjoy dozing off in the sun.

18. Being told you look good.

Compliments are great and make most people feel pretty good about themselves. Whether they come from a colleague after a big presentation or a friend on your latest outfit, they’re a good confidence boost.

19. Listening to the rain while you’re warm in bed.

Cozying up in bed and listening to the rain outside is so soothing. Knowing that you’re safe and warm inside makes seeing a thunderstorm so much better. The light pattering sound will probably help you drift off, too…

20. Getting free tasters at the farmers’ market.

Farmers’ markets are great for a lot of things – organic snacks, fresh fruit… and free samples! Tasting bits of local cheese and fresh pastries is such a good way to spend your weekend.

21. Finishing a brilliant book.

Getting to the end of a book you’ve loved reading is such a good feeling. It’s particularly satisfying if you struggle to find time to read or enjoy down-time, so congratulate yourself for your commitment!

22. Cookies that are perfectly soft in the middle.

Gooey, melty chocolatey goodness in the middle of a cookie can make even the worst days better. Well-made cookies and pastries are some of the most delicious simple pleasures in life.

23. Completing a jigsaw puzzle.

Slotting that last piece into the jigsaw you’ve been working on is really satisfying. Not only do you have a completed puzzle, you’ve got the knowledge that you stuck at something and saw it to the end.

24. Your favorite movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Curling up on the sofa after a busy weekend and winding down with your favorite movie is one of the best feelings in the world. Grab the popcorn and a blanket and you’ll be ridiculously happy.

25. Setting your emails to ‘Out of Office’.

Is there a better feeling that setting your OOO? Knowing you’ve got time off to enjoy a jet-setting holiday or just some time to yourself feels amazing. No more work stress and no more pressure!

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26. Putting on warm clothes straight from the dryer.

One of the simplest pleasures in life is getting dressed with clothes that have just come out of the dryer. They’re toasty and warm, they smell amazing and they’re super soft. We’d definitely recommend doing this at least once a week!

27. Dancing around the house on your own.

The freedom to express yourself through movement is something that a lot of us really enjoy. Next time you’re home alone, crank up the music, grab a hairbrush-microphone, and let loose.

28. Singing in the shower and hitting all the high notes.

Similar to dancing, singing on your own is such a joyous feeling. Put your favorite songs on or go acapella in the shower and sing without shame or embarrassment. Abba is a great go-to…

29. A successful yoga session.

Leaving your yoga class with a clear mind, limber muscles, and the echo of a beautiful ‘ohm’ chant in your head is the best feeling ever. Feeling connected to both yourself and those around you is such a simple pleasure, but is so important.

30. Managing to meditate without falling asleep.

Meditation is hard, let’s be honest. A lot of us accidentally nod off while trying to achieve enlightenment, so any time that that doesn’t happen is a success! Use a meditation app or head to a local class to learn better techniques and stay awake…

31. Celebrating a friend’s success.

The pride and love you feel when a friend achieves something amazing is such a wonderful feeling. We often focus on our own successes, but celebrating a friend’s achievements is just as important.

32. Sitting on the beach and listening to the ocean.

Soothing ocean sounds are the background tracks to massages for a reason! They help slow your mind down and let you drift off into a chilled place. Listening to waves is such a great way to connect with nature too.

33. Spontaneous events.

Every so often, unplanned events are just what we need. Whether you’re a planner or just like sticking to your routine, spontaneity is a simple pleasure in life that deserves a lot more attention!

34. Having some alone time after a busy day.

Winding down after a busy day is so good for your mind and body, making it one of the best, easiest pleasures in life. Chill on your own and you’ll quickly realize how great it makes you feel.

35. A fantastic massage.

It’s not the simplest of pleasures, maybe, but it’s amazing how much joy a massage can bring to your life. It doesn’t need to be at a fancy (read: expensive) spa, it can simply be a loved one showing some affection.

36. A satisfying deep clean.

This is one of the best simple pleasures in life and is guaranteed to leave you feeling incredible. Deep cleaning might not sound like the most fun way to spend your time, but you’ll feel unbelievably satisfied afterwards.

37. Your pet choosing to sit with you.

Anyone else get a huge rush of joy when their pet chooses to come and rest their head on your leg? Having a pet you love want to spend time with you and be close to you is definitely one of the best feelings in the world.

38. Ice cream on a hot day.

Next time you’re out melting in the heat, grab an ice cream and experience immediate happiness. Whatever flavor you go for, you’ll be left feeling happy and full of pleasure – and a lot cooler!

39. Finishing work early.

However much you love your job, it’s so satisfying to leave work early and get back to enjoying your downtime or hobbies. Clocking out early means you’ve got everything done and you can sit back and relax.

40. Finding a spot of shade on a sunny day.

Getting some respite from the heat on a sunny day is one of the simplest pleasures in life, but it can make a huge difference. Cool off and chill out under a tree or in a bandstand or pagoda.

41. The first dip in the pool/lake.

Whether you’re a tentative toe-dipper or you dive straight in, the first moment you get into fresh water feels unbelievably good. Find an outdoor pool, safe river, or lake to wild-swim in and get refreshed.

42. A great workout.

Heading home after a workout must be one of the best highs ever. Sure, you’re sweaty and exhausted but your body is buzzing with endorphins and you’re enjoying the simplest of things – being able to move and liberate yourself through exercise.

43. Cozy campfires with friends.

Sitting around a campfire, toasting marshmallows, and laughing with your loved ones has to be one of our favorite ever activities. We all need more time outdoors, and with friends and family!

44. Road trips with good music and amazing friends.

Wherever you’re headed, we can pretty much guarantee that singing along to your favorite playlist with close friends will cheer you up. Wind down the windows, feel the breeze in your hair, and be free.

45. Making someone smile.

One of the simplest pleasures in life is also one of the easiest things to do – making someone smile. The feeling you get when you realize you’ve cheered someone up is brilliant, so make someone’s day today.

46. When your sports team wins.

A lot of us support a sports team, whether it’s basketball or football, so we all know how joyous it feels when our team wins. That feeling of collective joy and excitement is pretty much unrivaled.

47. Having a relaxed breakfast in bed.

Many of us find it pretty hard to wind down and just be present. Having brekkie in bed forces us to enjoy being relaxed and calm, and it’s also a good spot to watch Netflix from while you doze off again!

48. Watching re-runs on quiet evenings.

Work, parenting, and day-to-day living can be exhausting sometimes! Next time you feel overwhelmed after a long day, we’d really recommend indulging in the simple pleasure of watching TV shows you know off by heart. Super soothing and calming. 

49. Waking up early and cooking breakfast.

Sure, breakfast in bed is a great little enjoyment, but so is getting up and cooking a big old breakfast to be demolished at your dining table. Every so often, go all out – pancakes, bacon, eggs, OJ…

50. Watching the sunset.

Having started this list with the sunrise, it’s only fair we mention sunset and how it gives you a great opportunity to reflect on the day. Set goals for the next day, be grateful for the present, and bask in nature’s beauty.

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