20 Signs That Show You’re A Cultured Person

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Good education, refined taste, and excellent manners…

This is basically the definition of “cultured.”

Intelligence. Class. Unique style. These are just some of the other words that are often used to describe cultured people.

Does this sound like you?

Read on and see how many of the following personality traits describe you already!

1. You have good manners and know proper etiquette.

Good manners are a big part of being cultured. This, among other things, means communicating clearly and respectfully, saying “please” and “thank you” when appropriate, and not interrupting others while they are speaking.

Knowing proper etiquette is also something that describes cultured people. Basically, this means that you know the appropriate behavior codes for different kinds of events, whether it’s a family gathering, a wedding, or a funeral.

You understand what society expects of you in terms of dress code and behavior, and you always respect these unwritten rules and treat events appropriately for the type of event.

2. You are educated.

Cultured people are usually well-educated. This may or may not refer to official education.

Either way, they know things like where Finland is on the map and who the current president of Turkey is. They are familiar with the Doppler effect, Schrodinger’s cat, the theory of relativity, the theory of evolution, and so on.

You probably know the basics of geography and science as well as a lot about literature and art.

This means that you’re a cultured person, regardless of whether you went to college. While many cultured people have a post-secondary degree, the emphasis is on intelligence and knowledge, not necessarily a college education.

3. You read a lot.

You’re probably a well-read person who has studied all types of topics, from religion and philosophy to politics and classic literature.

If you’re a cultured person, you read literature from all around the globe. You can probably recite a few poems, and you may have even written some.

Even if you’ve only read bestsellers lately, if you are familiar with classic literature, then you’re a cultured person. You probably also read about history, education, and science, and are most likely interested in learning about art.

This means that you know a lot about everything and could probably win a game of Jeopardy.

4. You travel a lot.

Traveling a lot describes many people, but what makes cultured people different is the way they travel.

They don’t just go to enjoy the beaches and parties. Instead, they research the location, learn key phrases, and familiarize themselves with local customs and proper social and dining etiquette. They often travel to learn about history, art, and cuisine.

Experiencing different cultures and expanding your horizons is an important part of being a cultured person. So, if you see travel as an opportunity for learning and growth, you are likely a cultured person who travels with class.

5. You go to the theatre.

A cultured person enjoys a good live performance and knows all of Shakespeare’s plays. Ideally, you would go to a Broadway play, but even if you’ve been known to frequent a small local theater, you’re probably a cultured person!

You also like watching ballet or the opera, and you enjoy a good musical too. If going to the theater is one of your hobbies, you probably know a lot about this form of art.

6. You know a lot about art.

It’s not just that you can name the world’s most famous paintings and greatest sculptures. You know how to appreciate art! You have the knowledge needed to be able to appreciate sculptures, paintings, and other forms of art.

You can name all the well-known operas and ballets and many classic authors as well. If you’re a cultured person, you probably also enjoy visiting art galleries and museums, but more on that later.

7. You listen to classical music.

Sure, maybe you don’t listen to classical music all the time. After all, it’s not really that great for a dance party, but you listen to it occasionally.

You are certainly familiar with the most known and greatest pieces of classical music, and you occasionally go to events where you can enjoy this type of music live.

Your knowledge of music doesn’t stop at classical music though. You probably know a lot about music and its history. You’re likely to listen to blues and jazz, and you are familiar with the classics of these genres.

8. You go to art galleries and museums.

Since you are knowledgeable when it comes to art, you frequently visit art galleries and admire or even purchase paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art. You probably also visit local museums that you learn about when you are traveling.

You’re certainly familiar with the best museums in the world, such as the Louvre, El Prado, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Even if you haven’t visited them yet, you would certainly like to.

Cultured people are always thirsty for knowledge and never stop learning. 

9. You watch foreign films.

A big part of being cultured is being open-minded and interested in other cultures. Maybe you can’t travel as much as you’d like, but you learn about other cultures by watching foreign films with subtitles. Sometimes, you even learn a new language.

You also like to watch documentaries. Anything that gives a cultured person an opportunity to expand their knowledge is something they will enjoy, especially if it includes learning about other cultures.

10. You stay up to date with current events.

You know what’s going on in the world. Maybe you read the newspapers, but even if you get information from a different source, you stay up to date with current events.

When you do this, you are focused on facts. So, when you talk about current events, you don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment and you stay objective.

You basically understand how the world works since you’re an intelligent and highly educated person. You watch the least biased news and look for information, not opinions. You are likely to get your news from BBC News and Reuters.

11. You enjoy the finer things in life.

Literature. Music. Culinary arts. Architecture. Art. These are some of the finer things in life that you as a cultured person probably appreciate.

You are always focused on quality instead of quantity, and you love learning about and trying new things.

Some of the finer things in life can also be a glass of good wine or a piece of quality cheese. All in all, knowing how to enjoy the finer things in life makes life more interesting.

12. You are familiar with other cultures.

You know a lot about other cultures. You speak several languages, you’ve traveled a lot, and you are familiar with other cultures in general.

You’ve tried different cuisines, and you’re familiar with different countries’ laws and etiquette. You stay up to date with current events in the world, not just in your location.

Usually, a cultured person is a cosmopolitan. They see themselves as a citizen of the world, so they enjoy expanding their horizons and being aware of the differences that other locations have to offer.

They’re open-minded and interested in different styles and tastes.

13. You are a sommelier.

The best part of being a cultured person is that you get to enjoy a lot of good wine! But it’s not just that. You are actually knowledgeable when it comes to wine, wine pairings, and the way wine should be served and tasted. You’re basically a sommelier.

However, it’s not just wine that you’re an expert in. You could be also an expert in cheese, tea, champagne, or coffee. Your idea of a great party probably involves wine and cheese tasting!

Basically, you like to develop your taste pallet and really understand what it is that you taste.

14. You like to try different cuisines.

You also learn about other cultures by trying different cuisines. If you’re a cultured person, you generally like trying new things and exploring what the world has to offer. You especially like to learn about new food preparation techniques, spices, and flavors.

You can be an expert in wine as already mentioned, but you can also be an expert in chocolate or seafood.

You’re generally an open-minded and optimistic person that likes to develop their taste pallet and learn about different flavors.

15. You are open-minded and like to try new things.

On your journey of exploring different cultures, you run into a variety of people who have different styles and tastes. You respect their choices, even if they’re a lot different than yours.

You’re open-minded and like to try new things, so you may adopt the things that you do like about some other culture’s style.

You generally like to see what other people enjoy and try it to see if it appeals to you too. The best part of being so curious and open-minded is that you get to meet a lot of people who are different from you, which you see as another fun learning opportunity.

16. You have great communication skills.

It’s interesting to talk to someone who has such vast and diverse knowledge. But it’s not just that. Cultured people have great communication skills because they show a genuine interest in what the person is talking about. They enjoy engaging in the conversation and asking thoughtful questions.

They understand how to keep the conversation going without interrupting the other person.

They also know which topics they should avoid, such as religion, sex, money, politics, vices, diet, and illness. Highly controversial topics like these make people very uncomfortable, so cultured people avoid bringing them up to remain sophisticated and classy.

17. You know the basics about the largest faiths in the world.

Since you want to know more about other people in the world, you also learn what they believe in. There are a lot of faiths in the world, but you’re at least familiar with the largest ones, such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Paganism.

Regardless of what you personally believe in, you like to know what people around the globe believe, and it helps you learn more about the world.

You are also familiar with spiritual paths and philosophies other than the most known religions.

18. You have a unique style.

When it comes to clothes, you like to be well-dressed, but you don’t blindly follow fashion. You want to express yourself through your outfits, so you pick what best serves that purpose. You choose clothes that make you feel good and fit you well.

A lot of cultured people wear tailored clothes, but it’s never all about the price and the brand name. Instead, you develop your own personal style that represents who you are and everything you stand for.

Sometimes cultured people incorporate details of different styles they’ve discovered into their own style. For instance, if they have recently been to India, they may include Indian details in their outfit.

19. You give good recommendations.

When someone wants to know which movie to see, which restaurant to try, or which concert to attend, they go to you. This is because, like all cultured people, you give good recommendations.

After all, you have tried everything, so you know what worked best for you, and it’ll likely work for others too.

People generally believe that you have good taste, so they frequently ask you for recommendations and like what you suggest.

They respect your good taste, and you can see it as a compliment when they ask you for advice and listen to it.

20. You are classy and sophisticated.

All in all, you are classy and sophisticated, like most cultured people are. You always act with grace and confidence, you’re polite. and you absolutely always keep your cool.

You maintain good posture and avoid rude behavior such as curse words. In addition, you wear classy, wrinkle-free clothes.

You’re intelligent and elegant. Being classy refers both to the way you look and the way you talk and act. You’re knowledgeable when it comes to socially important matters, such as fashion and culture, and people feel comfortable around you and like asking you for opinions.


So, are you a cultured person? How many of these things describe you already?

Don’t worry if there’s still room to improve because now you know what exactly you need to improve upon.

Maybe you need to avoid curse words, become more open-minded, or learn more about other cultures. Whatever it is that’s still missing from your list of cultured personality traits, you can incorporate it with a little effort and a bit of time.

It pays off to be a cultured person, and people usually respect and admire such individuals. If you haven’t been to the theater, an art gallery, or a museum lately, head there now and see what you’re missing out on.

Even if you don’t think that it’s your thing, you might be surprised. Whatever you do, keep an open mind, try new things, and find what you like best. And most importantly, stay classy!

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