7 things open-minded people never say or do

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Open-minded people are great to be around. They enjoy learning new things, they don’t get egotistical, and they’re always there to champion your ideas.

Here are 7 things they never say or do—just some of the reasons we love them so much:

1. They never say no.

Okay—we’ll admit, this one does have some limits.

But, overall, open-minded people are willing to get stuck in with most things and are very accepting and interested in exploring the world around them.

This approach applies to any setting—work, dating, friendships, and so on.

They’re up for almost anything and are keen to have new experiences. They enjoy learning new things and discovering new ways of living.

They’re also more open to accepting the consequences of their actions. They do things while knowing that they might not 100% work out and they’re open to seeing what happens either way.

This could manifest as applying for a promotion because they’re open to seeing if they get it or get redirected, or dating someone who isn’t their usual type because they’re open to seeing where it goes.

Either way, those who are open-minded will rarely turn down an opportunity to experience or learn something new.

They go into situations with their eyes open and their guards down, knowing that they’ll figure things out whatever happens.

2. They don’t criticize someone else’s lifestyle or opinion.

A big part of being open-minded is accepting that not everyone thinks the same way you do.

There’s no such thing as a bad idea, right?

Well, open-minded people genuinely believe this and live it every single day.

Open-minded people are, unsurprisingly, open. They’re receptive to other people’s ideas and willing to be taught new ways of doing things.

Open-minded individuals are self-aware enough to know that not everyone thinks the same way they do.

They know that we all work differently and that we can each justify our actions or beliefs based on our personal life experiences.

As such, they’re happy to let people make their own life choices.

Sounds straightforward enough, but we all know someone who makes other people’s business their own and causes a lot of drama along the way…

Open-minded people accept that everyone is different and that it’s not their place to convert anyone to their way of thinking.

They know that we all have our reasons for being the way we are – and that we all have different hopes, aspirations, and boundaries that impact the way we live our lives.

Those who are open are more likely to benefit from the diversity of the communities they build for themselves.

They get to experience countless ways of living, differing opinions, and a huge variety of approaches to tackling whatever challenges they face.

3. They don’t shut people out.

Of course, this is the rule and not the exception, but those who are open-minded are more likely to let other people in.

They rarely retreat because they get so much from being around others and learning from them.

That could be being in a professional setting, within friendship groups, or in terms of dating and relationships.

By being open-minded, these individuals open up a whole world of untapped resources. They’re not the type to judge a book by its cover and are more likely to give people a chance rather than shut them down.

Open-minded people are unlikely to shut the world out because they’re simply so curious.

They don’t want to miss out on opportunities for fun growth and connection. They want to stay open, engaged, and intrigued by life.

They let themselves give and receive attention and affection from those around them because they know how important that is—to themselves and others.

4. They don’t ignore other people’s opinions.

Open-minded people are open for a reason—they want to hear from those around them!

As such, they never shut someone down or dismiss how they think or feel.

This type of person is always willing to be challenged and they want to hear from those around them.

They are compassionate about the emotions of other people and are open to adjusting their behavior as needed in differing social settings.

They can be sensitive at times, and they get so much value from listening to and learning from those around them. They want to know what other people think, and they deliberately create situations that enable them to gain feedback.

They know how much they enjoy getting to speak their mind, which is why they extend the same respect and courtesy to other people.

They know that we all have different motivations for our actions and that there will always be things we don’t know about other people in our lives.

They would never ignore someone’s opinion. They don’t necessarily agree with it, but they are open to seeing things from a different point of view.

They are empathetic and understand that people’s opinions are driven by their experiences, and they honor that by listening to their thoughts and accepting different perspectives.

5. They don’t try to change other people’s minds.

Wanting to change someone’s mind typically stems from two motives—one, you’re worried for them and think they’re making the wrong choice, or two, you think you know better and disagree with their mindset.

Regardless of which motive is fuelling those feelings, open-minded people know that they’re often better off leaving people to think what they want!

They might not agree with the person’s views or behavior, but they are open-minded enough to understand what might be driving it.

They can see beyond the surface and are willing to dig deeper and discover what’s going on.

They’re good at leaving their ego at the door—they’re neither naive nor cocky enough to believe that their way is the only way.

They let go of judgment and expectation and let other people live as they wish to.

They know that there is infinite value in everyone’s opinion, so they don’t feel justified in trying to tell someone else how to think.

Of course, there may be times when they feel the need to step in and prevent something bad from happening, but, overall, they know when to take a step back and trust that other people know what they’re doing—enough, at least…

6. They never decline the opportunity to learn more.

Open-minded people are curious. They want to know more, they want to understand how other people’s minds work, and they’re accepting of differing views.

They want to learn about the world, and that starts by listening and being receptive to other people’s approaches.

They are open to being proven wrong or corrected—in fact, they almost relish it.

They’re always excited and ready to discover, and they aren’t the type to judge those around them.

Almost nothing can shock an open-minded person, which is what makes them great advice-givers.

They know that life gets better the more open yourself up—to people, to experiences, and to change! They’re not the type to get stuck in a rut because they’re just too proactive in learning more.

They create situations that enable them to feed off the energy and opinions of those around them. They won’t turn down an opportunity to broaden their minds and add to their list of experiences.

The more exposure they get to new perspectives and situations, the happier they are!

They know that the richness of life comes from saying ‘yes’ to as much as possible, which is why they stay open to whatever comes their way.

7. They don’t make other people feel silly.

Our points so far link nicely to one of the best personality traits out there, which we’ve saved for last: acceptance.

Open-minded people know that it takes courage to put yourself out there. They understand that being open often means thinking differently to others.

Being unconventional is liberating, but it can also feel lonely sometimes.

As a result, they are willing to listen to someone’s reasoning behind an idea and then fully back it.

That’s not to say they’re not internally questioning it at times, but they know the value that support brings people.

This type of personality knows that making a bold statement or being brave enough to share a view that isn’t (yet!) mainstream can be difficult – which is why they ensure nobody around them ever feels silly for doing just that.

They don’t shut people down or dismiss their beliefs; instead, they help others become more confident.

They would never say or do anything to make someone feel uncomfortable just for existing and expressing themselves.

They create a safe space for people to explore their thoughts and feelings and they don’t hold grudges or judgemental thoughts against other people for doing that.

They champion those around them, put their faith in them, and trust that they will achieve whatever they set out to—even if the route looks slightly different from what they might have chosen themselves…

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