These 24 poems of condolence will mean a LOT to anyone who is grieving right now

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If you want something to put into a card or message to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, why not choose from one of the following poems.

They can express your condolences in the most beautiful and poignant way possible.

Please note: the following poems are the work of an AI chatbot. Though don’t let that put you off.

Read them before making any judgments. I think you’ll agree, it has done a great job of capturing the essence of hope and love amidst grief and despair.

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In the darkness of grief, let love be your guide,
In memories of them, let your heart confide.
Though the pain feels heavy, and tears may fall,
Their love will uplift you, through it all.
Hold on to hope, let it carry you through,
Their spirit lives on, forever in you.

In the quiet depths of sorrow’s embrace,
May you find solace in memories’ grace.
Though tears may flow and hearts may ache,
Know that love’s light will never forsake.
In the gentle whispers of the wind,
May peace and healing slowly begin.

Cherish the moments, let them light your way,
As love’s enduring presence holds sway.
Though grief may linger and shadows may loom,
May cherished memories help brighten the gloom.
In the quiet whispers of the evening’s grace,
May healing and hope softly embrace.

Tenderly, we mourn and weep,
In sorrow’s embrace, our hearts do keep.
Yet memories of love will forever stay,
Guiding us through each weary day.
In time, the pain will gently subside,
Leaving cherished moments as our guide.

They may be gone, but love remains,
In cherished memories, it sustains.
Though grief may linger, heavy and deep,
Their spirit in your heart will always keep.
Hold on to love, let it light your way,
In time, the pain will gently sway.

In the tender embrace of the setting sun,
May love’s light guide you when day is done.
Though sorrow may linger and shadows may creep,
May cherished memories bring comfort deep.
In the quiet whispers of the evening’s grace,
May healing and peace softly embrace.

Amidst the shadows of sorrow’s veil,
May love’s enduring presence prevail.
In the tender embrace of cherished days,
May comfort bloom in unexpected ways.
Though grief may linger, heavy and deep,
May hope’s gentle whispers bring you sleep.

In the gentle breeze and the rustling trees,
May you find comfort, and moments of ease.
Though grief may linger, and tears may fall,
May love’s warmth surround you through it all.
In the quiet spaces where memories reside,
May healing and hope gently coincide.

In the soft caress of the evening’s glow,
May love’s embrace gently soothe your woe.
Though grief may linger and shadows may loom,
May cherished memories bring light to the gloom.
In the quiet whispers of the night’s embrace,
May healing and peace find their place.

After the storm of grief has passed,
May you find solace in the embrace of memories,
In the quiet moments, may peace gently descend,
A testament to the enduring bond of love,
May your heart find strength in the passage of time,
And healing in the whispers of cherished moments.

14 Haikus To Express Your Condolences

Tears fall like raindrops,
Heart heavy with loss and pain,
Love’s light will remain.

Amidst silent grief,
Memories bloom like flowers,
Love’s embrace endures.

Whispers of sorrow,
Embraced by love’s gentle grace,
Healing in each tear.

In the depths of loss,
Love’s whispers bring gentle peace,
Embracing your heart.

Whispers of the past,
Grief’s veil lifted by love’s light,
Hope blooms in the heart.

In the night’s embrace,
Grief’s shadows fade with each breath,
Love’s warmth heals the soul.

Amidst tears and pain,
Love’s gentle touch brings solace,
Healing hearts with grace.

In memories deep,
Their spirit forever lives,
Love’s eternal flame.

In hearts, they reside,
Forever cherished and dear,
Love’s enduring bond.

In whispered stories,
Their essence lives on with love,
Memories endure.

In each gentle breeze,
Their laughter lingers softly,
Love’s eternal song.

Eternal whispers,
Their love echoes through the years,
In our hearts, they’re near.

In the starry night,
Their memory shines so bright,
Love’s eternal light.

Eternal presence,
Their love’s light shines ever bright,
In our hearts, they live.

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