14 Ways To Better Listen To Your Intuition

Too often in life we surrender our decision making to rational thinking, practicality, and acting in a way which maintains the outward appearance we wish to project into the world.

We have lost touch with much of our ability to enter a flow state where actions are taken because they feel natural and right. We silence our intuition for fear of where it might lead us and, thus, miss out on the incredible benefits it can bring.

If you want to start listening to your intuition so that it might guide you on your journey through life, here are 14 effective ways to hone this naturally occurring ability.

1. Let Go Of Your Need To Control Everything

As long as you try to maintain a grip on every little detail of your life, you’ll struggle to hear what your intuition is saying. While you may want to be master of your own destiny, you don’t have to totally ignore what your gut is telling you.

In fact, letting your intuition show you the way is one of the best ways to create a life of contentment.

2. Detach Yourself From Your Desires

One of the primary ways you can relinquish control is by putting some mental distance between your desires and your waking mind. Wishing for certain things and making these your goals is by no means a bad thing, but if your mind is forever focused on them, there is no space for intuition to thrive.

Letting your mind drift away from those lofty dreams gives your intuition the opportunity to work out how to make them a reality. Inspiration most often comes to us when we are not thinking about that which we are trying to achieve.

3. Meditate To Clear The Mind

Mentally speaking, the environment in which your intuition works best is one of peace and calm. So not only should you forget about your desires on a regular basis, you should try to forget about everything that is going on in your life.

Meditation and the serene state of mind it creates is the ideal place for the seeds of intuition to grow into fruition.

4. Be Brutally Honest With Yourself

It is common for people to live, not how they wish to live, but how they believe they should live. They try to present an image to the world that they think the world would like to see, but all this serves to achieve is the stifling of intuitive thought.

When you seek to keep up an act, you avoid risk taking, you avoid failure, and you deny your true calling. Regret is often the sign that you didn’t take an opportunity you wish you had of, so notice this feeling and use it to fuel an attitude of honesty to your true self.

5. Forgive Yourself When Things Don’t Go To Plan

Intuition is largely a matter of trusting yourself to know which direction you should be heading in, but nothing can ever run perfectly to plan all of the time.

If trust is to grow, you must not berate yourself when things go wrong. Criticizing a decision only erodes trust, so rather than looking at something as a disaster, look at it as a learning experience. Forgive yourself and remember that no sea is perfectly flat and no journey on it will be without its ups and downs.

6. Notice Serendipity

Advantageous opportunities will sometimes arise in your life, and recognizing them for what they are can really strengthen your intuition.

When you notice the coincidences, the fortuitous happenings, and the apparently random acts, you unconsciously train your intuition to spot them in the future. Simply observing something as a spontaneous life occurrence makes you more open and receptive to the idea of meaningful coincidence.

7. Stay Curious

We are at our most intuitive as children and this innate ability diminishes as we grow older. So it seems only natural to seek closer ties with our intuition by reconnecting with our inner child.

One of the most important characteristics to rediscover is that of curiosity. When we are curious, we are observant, excited, and open to infinite possibilities; these are all traits of the highly intuitive. Look at the world through the eyes of a child and you’ll find your sense of wonder which is a vital ingredient of intuition.

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8. Get Creative

Another of the gifts we often lose from our childhoods is that of creativity. Instead of just doing or making something for the sake of expression, we only put our time and energy into things with an end goal.

The intuition is creative and it works best as part of a wider creative mind. However you most enjoy expressing yourself, make it a part of your regular routine and just see what happens.

9. Get Out In Nature

We do not exist within nature, we are nature. When we feel distant from the natural world, our senses dull and our minds lose sharpness; neither is good for our intuition.

Getting back to nature is more vital than ever before, thanks to the increase in urban sprawl where real, untouched wilderness is pushed farther and farther from our everyday lives.

10. Stay Positive

You can’t maintain a positive outlook indefinitely, but the more time you can spend with a cheery view of the world – and of your life – the better.

Intuition works in the best interest of your general wellbeing, and this means it operates at peak efficiency when you are mentally prepared to follow its guidance. A positive mind is far more willing to act upon intuition.

11. Look For Patterns In Your Dreams

Rather than just dismiss dreams as works of pure fantasy, you might want to consider viewing them as portals into your unconscious. Our true feelings and desires often exert a great influence over the subject and intensity of our nocturnal thoughts, so by observing our dreams, we learn a great deal about ourselves.

12. Notice Signals From Your Body

There is no separation between body and mind, which means that intuition can just as easily show itself through the feelings and sensations in your body as it can through thought.

Whether positive or negative, your physical environment has a great deal to teach. If you pay heed to these lessons, they can act as both a lighthouse and map – warning you of danger up ahead and steering your course around it.

13. Exercise Your Intuition

It may seem obvious that exercising something makes it stronger, but this is just as true with intuition as any muscle in your body. But what exactly does this mean?

Well, you must jump in and act upon whatever intuition you already have. This strengthens the trust you have for it, while also honing the accuracy of your awareness of it. You can begin to know which signs are strongest and which you might wish to ignore so that, eventually, your true intuition becomes a loud, clear voice within you.

14. Take Notes When You Can’t Act Immediately

Our intuition will often be on hand when we need it most, but there will be other times when a flash of inspiration comes out of the blue. If you are unable to take action when that flash occurs, make a note of it in your phone or on a piece of paper and then follow it when you are next able to.

This way you will never be left scratching your head trying to remember that aha! moment from the previous day.

Are you now more hopeful that you can improve your intuitive abilities? Have you ever listened to your intuition to great, positive benefit? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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