5 Jobs Free Spirits Will Thrive In

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Free spirits tend to be defined as those who prefer to do what they like, when they like without the constrictions of society’s norms. They are typically visualized as ‘hippy,’ carefree individuals.

It can be hard to find jobs that are suited to this personality type, and you may struggle to see yourself working in an office environment or for a large company.

Fear not, wild things, there are plenty of options available to you!

Here are some professions worth considering if wearing a suit is your worst nightmare…

Freelance Work

Being self-employed is an amazing option for anyone who sees themselves as a free spirit.

This type of work gives you the freedom to base your office anywhere you like (bed is my preference!) and, while you tend to work for someone else, you can often set your own deadlines.

You also get to decide when you work, which is so underrated. Some days, you’ll want to be out and about exploring, and other days you’ll be in the mood to get through lots of work.

With office jobs, there isn’t much flexibility in terms of working hours; freelance work allows you to create your own schedule and get on with your life when you want to.

There are so many professions within this type of work, including writing, photography, graphic design, accountancy, and even legal work.

Free spirits tend to thrive on change and a lack of routine – which can often feel restrictive – so freelance work is perfect.

Work For An Independent

One of the main problems that most free spirits have when it comes to working is the clash of values.

Working for a large chain or corporation can slowly suck the life out of you, and it can be so draining to work for someone who can barely remember your name.

Working for an independent often means that you’ll be able to see the difference that your input can make.

You’ll get regular customers and be able to build friendships with them, as well as the delivery drivers who drop by every day.

You will find your own rhythm as you work, which can be hard to do when you work for a uniformed, strict-shift job!

Your boss and colleagues are likely to have similar values to you, and you’ll feel liberated and content; what more could you ask for?

Try and find a job working for a local café or other, family-run small business. You’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll make to your life – everything is a lot more genuine and you’ll feel as though you’ve achieved much more each day.

Get Your Hands Dirty

A huge downside to most 9-5 office jobs is the mind-numbing boredom that tends to roll around after about an hour of being in the office.

Your work environment may not be especially interesting or inspiring, which can make motivating yourself really tricky.

Working outdoors might not be for everyone, but it’s an ideal job for free spirits who thrive in ever-changing environments.

Get a job with a gardening company, or in a florist. Using your hands will help keep your brain active, as your senses will be stimulated way beyond simply typing away on a computer.

Working on a farm, too, can be so good for your mental and physical wellbeing. Getting out in the fresh air will do wonders for how you feel, and is a lot more freeing than working in an office.

Sunshine levels are dependent on the season, as well as where you live, but you’re much more likely to get some Vitamin D when you’re out and about!

Not all outdoor work involves getting dirt under your nails, don’t worry. There are loads of jobs that have outdoor elements, as well as trips to other sites that give you a bit of variety.

Being in nature is one of the best places to be, and you’re likely to find it very grounding.

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Get Creative

Getting creative is something that free spirits often love to do, be it painting, taking photos, or writing.

Being able to explore these passions and having them fund your lifestyle is the best possible situation, really!

Having the freedom to express yourself in your job is so important, and it is often the lack of this is that leads to issues at work. Office jobs don’t always allow you to have fun or get creative, and can lead free spirits to feel really bogged down and unhappy.

Jobs to consider if you have a creative side include writing, photography, floristry, and interior design. These jobs will give you space to grow as an artist, as well as allowing you to pay the bills.

Free spirits may find that this type of work really benefits them, as they are free to be creative and showcase both their passions and talents.

You’ll probably find that you get to work on your own terms, or at least at your own pace. Creating pieces of art isn’t quite the same as completing a spreadsheet, after all!

Spending your days using your hands and mind, rather than just your brain, sounds like a dream to most free spirits.

You’ll have the opportunity to really get in touch with your creativity and explore a variety of mediums. You may have to do some work that you wouldn’t normally choose to do, but you’ll also have the chance to experiment with your own new ideas.

Pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone while being creative is the perfect combination for the free spirits among you…

Share Your Knowledge

Teaching may require a lot of planning and self-discipline, but it’s often the perfect job for a free spirit.

You can teach whatever you like, from academic matters in a school or college to yoga and more creative classes.

Some teaching roles allow you to decide what content you get to teach, such as yoga and dance, while others may mean that you have to stick to a set of guidelines. Either way, being able to share your knowledge, interest, and passion for something is an amazing opportunity.

Becoming a teacher can be tricky and takes a lot of hard work and commitment, but there are ways to teach that are slightly more attainable.

College and community classes tend to be less academic and more vocational, so offer the perfect chance for some non-qualified free spirits to get involved.

Find a school or center that suits you and go from there. You can also choose which age-range you teach – teaching community classes to those of a similar age to you can really enhance your social life too!

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