18 Signs Of Intense Chemistry Between Two People

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Not sure if there’s chemistry between two people you know?

Maybe you think something’s been going on, but you’re not 100% certain just yet.

Well, here are some clear signs you can look out for that will let you know how much chemistry there is between two people…

1. They’re very silly with each other.

Many of us get silly and giggly when we’re with someone we have great vibes with.

We joke around more, we play up to things, and we’re generally in a good, fun mood.

You might notice that these two people are always having a great time and messing around with each other a lot.

This is a clear sign of strong chemistry between them – they’re comfortable enough being silly and obviously enjoy each other’s company.

2. There’s a lot of touching.

Are they always sitting close together or holding hands, bumping knees under the table or finding excuses to touch each other’s hair or arms?

The more two people touch each other, the stronger the chemistry between them.

They might not be able to keep their hands off each other, or you might just notice that there is a noticeable romantic tension between the two of them.

3. They make fun of each other.

Part of being comfortable with someone and having a great level of connection and chemistry is feeling like you can tease each other.

Banter like this is a sign that two people clearly know each other well enough to know where the boundaries are.

It’s a sign of closeness and playfulness within the relationship that they can mock each other and be silly without worrying about hurting each other’s feelings.

This could even extend to something a bit more physical, like playfully (and lightly!) slapping each other on the arm, gently pushing them in a silly way, or jokingly imitating each other for fun.

4. They’re always together.

You know two people get on very well and enjoy each other’s company when they spend all their time together!

This is a pretty clear sign of intense chemistry as they can stand to be around each other for long periods of time.

They must be well-matched in order for this to work, which also means there’s a good balance to their relationship.

They might still hang out with groups of mutual friends, or introduce each other to their friendship groups, but they’ll be very much together as two people as opposed to two people who just so happen to be in the same place at the same time.

5. Their body language is very open.

You might notice that they’re always very open with each other – they don’t cross their arms or face away from each other very often.

Instead, their feet and bodies are angled toward each other and they’re very communicative with their hands.

They might be quite expressive physically with each other, staying close by and really engaging with each other through their body language.

They may also be giving off certain signs to each other through their body language, like flicking their hair, licking their lips, or finding excuses to lean in closer.

6. There’s a lot of eye contact going on.

Two people who have good chemistry will often share a lot of eye contact. You may notice that they watch each other a lot, or are intensely looking into each other’s eyes while they talk.

This is a sign that they are immersed in the other person and interested in what they are saying or doing, and also shows a different kind of closeness – one that goes beyond friendship.

Eye contact may sound like a small thing, but it shows emotional and physical intimacy, and suggests that these two people have an intense, fiery, and flirty relationship.

7. They really pay attention to each other.

We all communicate differently, and often look at how people talk to each other when we’re establishing chemistry.

However, a key aspect of communication is listening. If you notice that two people genuinely listen and pay attention to each other, there’s a deep connection and chemistry there.

They value what the other has to say and are ready to really focus and give their attention to the other person – a sure sign they’re interested and committed.

8. They’re openly flirting.

Not only are they flirting with each other, but they’re comfortable enough to be doing it openly.

A lot of us like to avoid any kind of public flirtation before we’re really sure of how things stand with a potential partner.

If two people are happy being openly flirtatious, it’s probably because they both know how they feel and don’t feel like they need to be hesitant or hold back.

9. They’re in their own world.

When two people are really into each other, they lose track of the time and of those around them.

They might almost become unaware of what’s going on and just be completely absorbed by each other.

This can be slightly frustrating to an outsider who wants to spend time with the two people, but it’s also exciting for the people who are clearly very into each other!

They might genuinely seem shocked to be brought back to earth when you interrupt them, or might laugh along when they realize how soppy and in love they’re acting.

10. They only have eyes for each other.

If you know these two people, you’ll know how they normally act. Maybe they tend to check out those who walk past them, or are flirty with wait staff.

If you’ve noticed that they no longer act this way and are committed solely to this one other person instead, they’ve clearly realized how intense the chemistry is with them and don’t want to sabotage it at all.

They’re obviously invested in making things work, which is a sign that they have genuine feelings and a strong connection.

11. They can’t stop smiling.

If two people are constantly grinning around each other, they clearly have a good thing going on.

This is a sign of great chemistry between them and a solid connection and foundation for a relationship.

12. They laugh together a lot.

Ever noticed that they’re laughing at each other’s jokes more than anyone else? You might have found the joke funny, but they’ll have found it hilarious.

This is a sign of strong chemistry with someone, and shows that there is more going on than just friendship.

13. They remember the small things.

They might be really good at remembering small details about each other – this shows that they are really paying attention to each other and taking on-board information.

It’s a sign that there’s a lot of communication going on, which is a key component of chemistry.

14. They communicate openly.

You might notice that they’re very good at talking to each other, listening to what the other has to say and really engaging in the moment with each other.

Open communication comes from feeling comfortable with someone, and like you can let your guard down and allow yourself to be more vulnerable with them.

Again, this signifies a deeper connection and a whole load of emotional, and intense, chemistry between two people.

15. They find ways to be alone together.

Maybe they somehow always go to the bar together, or are always in the same place at the same time.

They’re probably doing this on purpose and just want an excuse to be around each other all the time. This shows that they enjoy spending time together and have really bonded.

16. They look for each other in a busy room.

We all have one person in the group that we’re happier to see than anyone else. If they’re always looking for each other in a crowded room, or trying to catch each other’s eyes, there’s clearly some chemistry between them!

This is partly because they’re naturally drawn to each other, and also because they feel comforted and confident in each other’s company.

This shows a deeper, more emotional connection that goes beyond purely physical attraction.

17. They seem to have known each other forever.

Some couples just instantly seem to really know each other very well – they might talk as though they’ve known each other forever, or just be familiar with each other in a really lovely way.

This is a clear sign that there’s a lot of intimacy and chemistry between them. They’re comfortable with each other and have clearly spent some time and energy really getting to know each other.

18. They talk about each other a lot.

It might be when one of them has gone to the bathroom, the other instantly talks about how great they are!

It might be sending texts to you while you’re all in a group, letting you know how much they fancy the other person.

Whatever it is, they can’t stop talking about each other and how excited they are about how things are going.

There’s obviously some strong chemistry between the two of them if they’re on each other’s minds all the time!


Ultimately, you’ll be able to just tell if there’s chemistry between two people. There’ll just be a tension in the air and a clear sign that they’re into each other. They might not tick every box on this list, but you’ll be able to tell very quickly if there is something going on between two people. You’ll know it when you see it…

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