12 No Nonsense Ways To Live A More Interesting And Exciting Life

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Your life isn’t exactly what you’d call exciting. Things are a bit monotonous and predictable, and the way you’re living your life doesn’t fulfill you.

You’re a bit bored by it all.

You’re not necessarily thinking of completely reinventing yourself or transforming your life beyond all recognition.

But you do need an injection of interest and excitement to chase the boredom away.

You want to take control of your life and actually live it, rather than just passively sitting back and letting life happen to you.

You want to have some new experiences and make some memories.

And that’s great. We only get one shot at this thing called life, so it’s wonderful that you want to start making the most of it.

Here are a few tips for spicing up your life.

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1. Consistently step out of your comfort zone.

Comfort zones feel safe, warm, cozy and, well… comfortable. They’re nice places to be. But they can also feel restrictive and boring at times. And being stuck in one can mean you don’t have the guts to take risks.

The fact is, interesting things are far more likely to happen to you when you step out of your comfort zone, even if you only poke your nose out.

Make a deal with yourself that you’ll do something that takes you out of your comfort zone at least once a week, however insignificant that thing might seem.

Even small things like striking up a conversation with a stranger can be enough to make life a little more interesting and varied.

Start by exploring the area around your comfort zone. As your comfort zone gets bigger, you’ll feel more confident to push yourself further and further.

2. Set yourself challenges.

If you want to mix things up but you need a little motivation, setting yourself mini goals and challenges can be a great way to get some momentum. 

Set challenges for each week or month, or even set yourself some big goals for the year.

Just make sure you break those big goals down and get clear about the steps you need to take to make them happen, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

And remember to look for challenges that are outside that comfort zone of yours – sure, it’s nice to get better at something you already do and really excel at it, but it won’t necessarily make your life any more interesting or exciting.

3. Look for adventures on your own doorstep.

An interesting and exciting life doesn’t have to involve international travel or extreme sports. There are adventures to be had everywhere you look.

Think about the area surrounding your home and what you could do that you have never done before.

Is there a new restaurant you haven’t been to that serves some kind of exotic cuisine you’ve yet to experience?

Has a new climbing wall opened up? Is there a lake you could skinny dip in, even in the middle of winter?

On a clear night, could you go stargazing somewhere near you? Or take a walk by the light of the full moon? Could you have a winter BBQ? A fire on the beach?

You’ll be amazed at all the fun you can have and all the new things you can try without going very far at all. I wouldn’t mind betting there are all kinds of things for you to discover within just a 5-mile radius.

4. Don’t go through life on autopilot.

Many of us are guilty of just plowing through life without truly being present in the moment, worrying about yesterday or tomorrow and never focusing on the now.

If you don’t consciously take a moment to stop and look around you, then you can be missing all kinds of interesting and exciting things that are happening to you all the time.

Make a point of bringing your attention back to the present.

Noticing the tiny things like birdsong or the flavor of food can make you appreciate that there are actually wonderful things happening around you all the time, even if you don’t tend to see them.

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5. Get creative.

Having a creative outlet can be transformative.

Try out different ways of expressing yourself creatively, whether that’s in the shape of writing, knitting, painting, dancing… whatever.

You could surprise yourself with the results and how much you enjoy yourself in the process.

Give that creative thing you’ve always been curious about a try, and don’t let the fear of not being very good at something hold you back.

6. Be ‘interested’ to be interesting.

If you want to lead an interesting life, the first step is to be interested in the world around you.

Ask questions. Read books. Go to museums. Listen to podcasts. Have debates. Follow interesting people that think differently to you on social media. 

Visit tourist destinations that are off the beaten track – perhaps less Instagram-worthy but probably more interesting for it.

Look around you and don’t just take the way things are for granted. Question things, rather than taking them at face value.

You never know what you might discover.

7. Learn something new.

Life is one long learning curve, but some people forget that.

If you’re bored, then you probably need to learn something new.

Whether it’s something active like a sport, something creative like pottery, or it’s all study-based, like learning about your country’s history or learning a language, it’ll relight your love of learning.

There’s so much for us to learn in this world, and if we can only recognize just how little we actually know and commit to expanding our minds, then our lives can become one hell of a lot more interesting.

8. Say yes to things.

Saying yes to the world can bring some incredible experiences your way. Say yes to invitations. Help people out. Be spontaneous.

Be open to new experiences. Saying yes to new things won’t always work out perfectly, but it’ll definitely teach you a lot and might mean you make some amazing discoveries or meet some fascinating people.

9. Say no to things.

I hate to contradict myself, but there are always two sides of the coin.

Saying yes isn’t always a positive, especially if it means you’re spreading yourself too thin, or if your heart isn’t really in it.

There’s also a lot of power in saying no to things you don’t want to do and setting boundaries.

That can free up the time you need to get out there and have the exciting, interesting experiences you’re craving.  

10. Be open to new friendships.

The people we spend the majority of our time with can do a lot to shape our lives.

There’s no need for you to cut people out of your life just because they’re not the most exciting person on the planet, but there might be room for some new relationships in your life.

Be open to meeting new people. Get out and about and smile, strike up conversations with people and just be friendly. You never know who you might meet.

11. Explore different cultures.

Traveling to new places and experiencing new ways of life that are very different to your own is a great way to get more excited by life.

But you don’t always need to go far to explore different cultures. Most towns and cities these days are fairly multicultural and these communities will have their own events that you can get involved in.

Maybe they celebrate different traditions throughout the year, or perhaps there are elements of their religious or spiritual beliefs that you could learn more about.

We’re not saying that you need to make these things a big part of your life, but by exploring them and enlightening yourself, you’re sure to have some interesting experiences.

12. Adjust your mindset.

The fact is, what counts as something interesting and exciting is entirely a matter of perspective.

You need to make a conscious choice to be interested in and excited about life. If you do, you’ll be amazed at how many interesting and exciting things there suddenly are around you.

Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

As you can see, making your life a little more interesting needn’t be hard or expensive.

Just make sure you’re doing this for yourself. If you’re happy with your life, then don’t feel pressured to live it differently to impress someone else.

Your heart really needs to be in all the things you do, and if you’re happy with a quieter, more low-key existence, don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that.

Stay safe.

This is just your friendly reminder that interesting and exciting definitely doesn’t have to mean dangerous or risky.

Sure, try an extreme sport if you like, but make sure you take all the right safety precautions and are with someone who knows what they’re doing.

Interesting and exciting doesn’t have to mean radical, and you can even spice up your life from the comfort of your own home.

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