20 Ways Your Partner Is Unconsciously Saying “I Love You”

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Hearing someone say “I love you” means a lot.

But don’t forget that actions speak louder than words.

Your partner might be telling you that they love you without using the L-word. You’ve just got to look for the signs.

The thing is, people show love in different ways. A lot of things your partner does for you could make you feel more loved than if they’d say those three little words.

Everyone likes to give and receive love in a different way, and this is what’s known as their love language. There are five of them and you can learn more about them here.

While your partner might not be the best when it comes to verbally expressing their feelings, they might do things that demonstrate their true feelings. They might show you love through acts of service, physical touch, quality time together, or gifts.

Sometimes, even something as small as asking “How are you feeling?” could mean the same as saying “I love you.”

So, listen to what your partner is telling you. Their actions might be filled with affection toward you, you just need to notice it.

Here are the ways your partner is unconsciously expressing their love for you:

1. They are affectionate.

If your partner is falling in love with you, they will become more affectionate. They’ll want to spend more time with you, and they’ll often compliment you. They’ll give you all their attention and engage in intense eye contact.

You’ll notice that they’re more affectionate by the way they treat you and behave around you. They will want to kiss and hug you. All in all, they’ll try to express their feelings and make you feel their love.

Even if they don’t use the L-word, you’ll sense that they want to and that the feeling is there. They’ll show you their affection in small, tender ways that will make you realize how much you mean to them.

2. They are respectful and appreciative.

Respect and appreciation are important aspects of loving someone. Your partner treats you with respect and shows appreciation for the things that you do for them. They don’t mind saying “Thank you” or “I’m sorry” and that is, in a way, saying “I love you” too.

When you do something nice for them, they make a point to acknowledge it and show gratitude. They would never take you for granted and they notice even the smallest things that you do. They praise you and offer their help when you’re doing something.

What’s more, they brag about you to their other loved ones who can’t stop hearing about how great you are. They behave in a grateful and respectful way and it shows that they care about you.

3. They can’t get their hands off you.

Your partner will always try to be close to you, whether you’re alone together or among other people.

They will use every opportunity to touch you. They’ll put their hand around you, hold your hand, play with your hair, and use other ways to show physical affection. These touches will often be spontaneous and even subconscious.

When we’re falling in love with someone, we want to be near them, and we feel the need to touch them. Sometimes, we don’t even notice that we’re doing it, but it shows affection.

Your partner often wants to cuddle with you, passionately kisses you, and uses every chance to hug you. These things show that they’re in love with you, even if they’re not ready to say it yet.

However, keep in mind that physical affection sometimes indicates lust, not love. So, make sure to look for other ways your partner might be showing affection as well.

4. They take care of you.

Your partner will show you that they’re really there for you by taking care of you when you get sick. They’ll nurture you back to health, and it shows that they care about you deeply.

When you’re sick, you’re vulnerable, dependent, and in need of support. If your partner is there for you at times like that, it shows that you can rely on them.

They don’t wait for you to get better when you’re not feeling well. Instead, they come over and say that you look beautiful even if you’re in a pile of used tissues.

They’re not only there for you when you’re physically sick. They take care of you when you’re feeling blue, and they offer a shoulder to cry on when you need one.

Maybe they do your chores for you or buy you a gift to cheer you up. Whatever it is that they do, you know that you can count on them and that they’ll take care of you. It’s a sign of love!

5. They help you out every chance they get.

Your partner will be more focused on your needs than on their own if they love you. They’ll do boring errands with you just so that they could be with you a bit longer.

When you need help, you know that you can count on them. They’ll give you advice and do things for you to impress you and show how much you mean to them. Most importantly, they’ll always have your needs in mind.

That awareness of your emotional and physical needs means that they love you. They’ll put those needs ahead of their own and selflessly love you. They’ll want to make you happy and make your life easier in every way they can.

6. They watch your favorite shows and movies.

Maybe your partner hates horror movies, but you like them. So, they sit through every scary scene just for you. They are interested in what you are interested in, so they make compromises and fulfill your wishes. These things show that they love you even if they aren’t ready to say it yet.

Your favorite things are important to them, and they want to like them too. Or at least to understand what it is that you like about them. Watching TV shows and movies together is an important part of being a couple. It’s not something that makes or breaks a relationship, but when you can make compromises in what you watch, it’s a good sign.

When your partner wants to know all about your favorite things and doesn’t mind watching genres that you like, it shows that they love you.

7. They say “we” instead of “I.”

If your partner talks about the two of you as a unit, they are unconsciously saying “I love you.”

“Maybe we could travel somewhere this summer” or “We could adopt a dog” means that your partner wants to have a future with you.

They will use “we” instead of “I” when talking about you to other people too. Responding with “We don’t have plans for the summer yet” or “We might adopt a dog” shows that your partner loves you.

They always think about you and consider your needs and plans. They want to plan a future with you, and they’re ready to act like a couple.

8. They give you gifts.

Your partner says that they love you by surprising you with small gifts. This could be your favorite candy, flowers, good wine, or anything else. The point is that it is something that they know that you’d like.

By surprising you with a gift, they’re showing you that they were thinking about you, but not just that. They’re also letting you know that they were paying attention to your likes and know what kind of gift you’d like.

Some people prefer to give and receive love by giving and receiving gifts. Even if this is not their preferred love language, gifts are an important part of a relationship. Simply picking up your partner’s favorite chocolate when you’re at the store is a great way to show that you care about them.

9. They can’t stop looking at you.

A person who loves you will stare deeply into your eyes and glance at you every chance they get. Someone who loves you thinks that you’re beautiful and they want to look at you as much as possible. Whether they’re making intense eye contact, glancing, or staring at you, they tell you that they love you with their eyes.

A lot can be said with a single look. After all, they say that eyes are the windows to the soul. Your partner might be unconsciously telling you that they love you simply by not being able to take their eyes off you.

They won’t even be aware of it, but their eyes will be on you most of the time when you’re around. The way you lock eyes can also make you feel loved, and you’re probably not wrong if it feels that way.

10. They only have eyes for you.

Other men or women don’t exist for your partner. They are entirely focused on you, and they don’t even notice other attractive people.

People can still look at other men or women when they are in a relationship. However, this often indicates that they might not be fully committed. When someone is looking, it’s often because they’re searching.

If your partner loves you, they will only have eyes for you. They’ll be able to talk to other attractive people without making you jealous because you’ll know that they want only you. A person can see that someone is attractive without looking at them in a way that would make their partner jealous. As already mentioned, a lot is in the eyes.

11. They give you their full attention.

Someone could make you feel like you’re the only person in the world simply by giving you their full attention. You could get lost in a conversation to the point that you forget where you are and that there are other people around you. They could make you feel like every word that you say is important for them to hear.

Instead of looking at their phone while they talk to you, they’re focused on you and the words that you’re saying. They make you feel important and special, maybe even loved. They’re engaged in the conversation and often ask you questions to learn more about you.

In a way, they are saying that they love you by putting all their attention on you, even when you’re around other people.

12. They try to make you happy.

Your partner frequently compliments you and says nice things about you. They make you laugh and get silly around you. They help you out and make your life easier. They’re not afraid to say “Thank you” or “I’m sorry.”

Ultimately, they try to make you happy, and it shows that they love you.

They care about your passions and give you support. They bring out the best in you and motivate you to be even better, grow, and pursue your dreams. When these things describe your partner, you have found a keeper, and the best part is that they already love you.

A person could say that they love you by giving you endless support and treating you with kindness. They do all these things to make you happy because your happiness is important to them, and that is love.

13. They make you a priority.

To them, you and your relationship come first. They make you a priority and want to spend most of their time with you. They even choose to spend time with you as a couple over doing other things that they enjoy doing. Instead of canceling on you, they cancel on their other plans.

Your needs are important to them, and they try to meet them all. You are more important to them than other things in their life, and they are focused on your relationship.

These things are them unconsciously saying that they love you. You won’t be an option to the person who loves you, you’ll always be a priority.

14. They tell you all the big news.

When something new happens in their life you’re the first one to know, whether it’s good news or bad news. They don’t mind being vulnerable with you, and that’s a great sign.

When important things happen to us, we share the news with the people who are important to us. If your partner keeps you updated about big events in their life, they are saying that they love you without actually saying it.

They want you to be the first one to know, whether they need someone to celebrate with or a shoulder to cry on. Instead of keeping secrets from you, they’re open and honest, and that’s a great sign.

They also want to know about the big events that happen in your life, and they’re there for you when they do. You celebrate the good times and go through the bad times together as a couple.

15. They really listen to you.

Healthy communication is not just about talking, it’s about actively listening as well.

A lot of couples don’t really listen to each other. They just wait for their turn to speak.

Your partner makes you feel heard instead. They actively listen when you talk and ask questions to understand you better and keep the conversation going.

Your partner wants to know more about what you think, what you want, what you are like… The focus is on you when you talk, and they want to learn more about you and your inner world. They want to know your secrets, your passions, your likes and dislikes.

So, they carefully listen when you talk about those things and make an effort to remember the details that you tell them. They later use these details to surprise you with gifts or just remind you that they were listening and that they know you.

16. They put effort with your loved ones.

If your partner loves you, they’ll try to love your other loved ones and make your loved ones love them.

Our partners don’t always get along with our family and friends. But, when they are in love, they’ll at least try to get along with them.

Your family and friends mean a lot to you, and your partner knows that, so they mean a lot to them too. Even if your loved ones are being difficult, your partner will be patient and try to keep the peace.

That’s how much you mean to them, and it’s all because they love you, even if they can only say it unconsciously.

17. They always make time for you.

Your partner might be showing you how much they care by always making time for you in their busy schedule. People can be busy, but when someone is a priority to them, they make time for them.

Your partner always has time for you and doesn’t mind canceling other responsibilities if you need them. They want to spend time with you whenever they can, and even when they can’t. So, they find the time for you.

When someone doesn’t have time for you, it just means that you’re not important enough to them to make time. If you are their priority, they’ll always find time for you, and that’s how they’ll show you how important you really are.

18. They stay in touch.

You often get cute little texts as your partner’s way of reminding you that they care. They ask about your day or just send an emoji. The important thing is that they stay in touch and regularly check up on you.

They often initiate texting or call to see how you’re doing. You get in touch every day, at least through messages. They don’t leave you waiting for their response, and they reply in a timely manner.

You always feel like you’re connected to them and it makes you feel loved. Your partner shows you love without saying it by making sure that you know that they’re thinking about you when they’re away.

19. They let their guard down.

You can get silly with your partner as well as talk about deeply personal things.

They let their guard down around you and aren’t afraid of being vulnerable. They share their deepest fears and secrets with you. They talk about their childhood and their plans for the future.

When a partner opens up to you like this, it often means that they love you even if they haven’t said it yet.

They feel comfortable being themselves around you. They don’t mind being silly and playful. Most importantly, they let you meet the real them. They show their true colors, accept you the way you are, and ask you to accept them the way they are.

You are not just partners, you are friends. You have a deep connection that can only happen when people let their guard down. Your partner trusts you, and you know that you can trust them with anything.

20. They make you feel loved.

In the end, any way in which your partner makes you feel loved is a valid way of saying “I love you.”

Not everything needs to be said out loud. Sometimes, you just have to rely on the feelings and the vibes in the air.

But it’s not just that. It’s the actions that are the proof of love. So, even if your partner hasn’t said that they love you yet, or in a while, you can rest assured that they do if they show it with their actions.

Words can easily be deceiving, but not a lot of people will fake actions that usually come from the heart. If your partner makes you feel loved, in whichever way, know that they probably do love you with all their heart.

Still not sure if your partner loves you? Even if you see some of these signs, it can be a worry when they can’t or won’t come out and say that they love you. So why not chat online to one of the experts from Relationship Hero who can help you figure out their real feelings. Simply click here to chat.

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