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The best ever relationships are with someone who does these 20 things

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This is a #inbrief article, which means it is shorter, easier to take in, and quicker to read.

1. Celebrates your individuality and never tries to change who you are: it feels good to live authentically and be your true self, so imagine how great a relationship will be when your partner brings out your authentic side through their acceptance of you, ALL of you.

2. Gives you the attention you deserve: a strong bond and truly wonderful relationship is on the cards when your partner is attentive and puts their whole focus on you often. We’re not talking clinginess; we’re talking recognizing you as a person of great worth.

3. Supports your dreams: you’ll never tire of hearing supportive and encouraging words from a fantastic partner who wants you to succeed in whatever way matters to you, and who believes you have what it takes to do just that.

4. Handles conflict with maturity: it’s never nice to fight with someone you love, but when that person can approach conflict in a calm, respectful manner, the whole experience becomes a lot less horrible for all involved.

5. Shows appreciation for all the ways you contribute to the relationship: a great partner is one who recognizes your contributions of all shapes and sizes and thanks you for the effort you put in. You’ll never feel taken for granted while they’re around.

6. Treats you how you wish to be treated: it makes a huge difference to a relationship when you have a partner who truly gets you and treats you in ways that matter to you, rather than acting in the way they would like someone to act toward them. If you know, you know.

7. Supports you when you need them to: sure, you can stand on your own two feet, but it’s nice to know that when you need someone to lean on for emotional and practical support, your partner is there, ready and waiting to take some of the load.

8. Speaks honestly with you: even a hard truth is more palatable than a comforting lie, and you’ll appreciate the sincerity of someone who doesn’t feel the need to hide things from you but respects you enough to trust you with the truth every time.

9. Validates your feelings: your feelings matter, and not just to you but to the wonderful partner who knows how to make you feel heard and supported. Even if they feel differently, they respect your right to feel the way you do, no questions asked.

10. Makes you feel loved: however you like to receive love from others, you’ll enjoy an abundance of it with a standout partner who understands what makes you tick, what matters to you, and how to show you that you mean the world to them.

11. Shows you their vulnerable side: there’s a certain connection that can only be felt when a person isn’t afraid to display vulnerability around you. It’s a mark of complete trust and faith that their openness will not be used against them.

12. Demonstrates reliability: it’s tremendously fulfilling to feel as though you can depend upon someone to keep their word and whose actions prove that they can be relied upon to be there when you need them most.

13. Recognizes and apologizes when they are in the wrong: it’s a mark of maturity when someone can own up to a mistake they have made and sincerely apologize for the harm caused by their actions. It’s refreshing to experience in a world where the opposite is more common.

14. Makes time for fun and laughter: you’ll often be found with a smile on your face with a partner who ensures there is never too big a gap between moments of joyful experience and expression.

15. Makes you a priority: even if you can’t be #1 on their list all the time, you feature highly as much as possible because they know that you matter, and they want you to know just how much they know this.

16. Continuously invests in the relationship: a great relationship involves a lot more give than it does take, and you’ll see this through your partner’s actions as they keep putting more of themselves into maintaining a strong and healthy bond.

17. Stands by you during life’s ups and downs: you’ll never feel alone with someone who stands by your side, holds your hand, and faces whatever life throws at you as though it is being thrown at them too.

18. Provides a safe space for you to express yourself: there’s no judgment from this fantastic someone who listens attentively when you need to speak your mind and doesn’t feel the need to lecture you or fix everything for you when all you need is to vent.

19. Knows when and how to find the middle ground: you’ll feel as though your opinion matters when you’re with someone who actively seeks to find a sensible compromise when you and they have different views, needs, or desires.

20. Shows their commitment through their actions: you won’t have to question how they feel about you because it will be evident in how they behave and the energy they put towards making the relationship a lasting and happy one.


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