9 Things Empaths Are Best At Doing

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Empaths have one of the most unique sets of abilities and talents on the planet.

They just do.

They can do certain things better than anyone else.

Things like…

1. Putting themselves in other people’s shoes.

Empaths are great at putting themselves in other people’s shoes. By viewing a situation from someone else’s perspective, empaths can access the feelings, thoughts, and emotions of those around them.

This skill is akin to shoe-shifting, a term borrowed from the world of fantasy and sci-fi, where characters can actually transform into other beings. Empaths possess a somewhat similar power—the ability to perceive the experiences of others as if they were their own.

Empaths have a heightened sense of awareness, which allows them to read the nuances of body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions more accurately than most people. This gives them insights into the emotions and motivations of others.

Ultimately, an empath’s ability to put themselves in other people’s shoes allows them to connect and understand those people intimately.

2. Listening actively.

Empaths excel in the art of active listening. This involves more than just hearing the words spoken by others; it requires paying full attention, understanding the context, and perceiving the emotions behind what’s being said.

Like a sensitive antenna, an empath can skillfully pick up on the emotions and energies around them during active listening, enabling them to empathize and relate to the person they are engaging with.

Moreover, empaths understand the power of silence and know when to pause during a conversation. They give speakers the space and time they need to process their thoughts and emotions, making them feel comfortable and respected.

3. Reading emotions.

Empaths possess a remarkable ability to read and understand the emotions of others. They may be able to gauge others’ feelings just by being in their presence or by noticing their tone of voice and body language.

It’s as if they have a built-in emotional radar, which helps them pick up even the subtlest emotional cues with relative ease.

Think of an empath like an emotional sponge, soaking up the feelings and energies around them. They may even experience physical sensations or emotions in their own body that mirror what the other person is going through. This heightened emotional awareness allows empaths to empathize deeply with others.

4. Knowing when someone is lying.

Empaths can detect dishonesty like a CIA interrogator. They can often sense when someone is lying, even when others around them are oblivious.

This skill comes from their heightened sensitivity to emotions and energy, allowing them to quickly pick up subtle changes in a person’s behavior, body language, or tone of voice that might indicate deception.

Let’s say, for example, that someone is telling a story and it feels rushed or disjointed. An empath may be able to spot the inconsistencies and instinctively know that the person is lying or embellishing their story.

5. Being in tune with nature.

Empaths can connect with their natural surroundings in a way that most people can only dream of. This deep connection to nature allows empaths to derive strength, solace, and inspiration from the natural world.

In fact, many empaths find their well-being is greatly enhanced by spending time in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

In nature, empaths feel a sense of harmony and belonging that they may not experience in everyday life. The gentle sound of rustling leaves, the beauty of a waterfall, or the serenity of a remote forest provide a natural sanctuary for empaths.

Furthermore, empaths have an intuitive understanding of the interconnectedness of all living beings. This profound insight fuels a deep respect for the natural world, and they often feel compelled to advocate for its protection and preservation.

6. Loving deeply.

Empaths are known for their incredible ability to love deeply and unconditionally. In relationships—whether they are romantic, platonic, or familial—they give their whole heart and soul to make the bond strong and nurturing.

Thanks to their heightened emotional intelligence, empaths can sense and understand the emotions of others, often before the person even knows what they are feeling themselves. This intuition allows them to truly connect with others and develop genuine empathy.

An empath’s love often extends beyond their closest relationships, as they genuinely care for all living beings, including animals and even plants.

7. Calming others by their sheer presence.

Empaths are gifted with the unique ability to ease the emotional turmoil of others simply by being in their presence. It’s no wonder that people often feel a strong sense of peace when in the company of a genuine empath.

Because they can pick up on subtle emotional cues, empaths can maneuver through challenging situations and provide comfort to those who need it.

For example, imagine a young child who is struggling with an overwhelming fear of the dark. An empath’s nurturing presence would help the child feel embraced and understood, offering relief and imparting a sense of security.

Empaths also use their innate emotional intelligence to help others feel validated and heard. When individuals encounter an empath, they often feel seen and appreciated, as empaths have a natural ability to comfort without being intrusive. It’s similar to a warm blanket wrapping around someone, providing warmth and solace in their time of need.

8. Being trustworthy.

Empaths do a fantastic job of building and maintaining trust. Again, their emotional intelligence helps them to offer support in ways that make a person feel heard, and their genuine desire to help makes others trust them implicitly.

When someone is seeking a confidant or a shoulder to lean on, they often turn to empaths because of their non-judgmental and open-minded nature. They know how to create a safe space for sharing and deeper conversations.

Empaths are genuine and sincere in their interactions. They don’t have hidden agendas or ulterior motives, which means they can be counted on to have others’ best interests at heart. Their honesty and transparency make it easy for people to trust them with sensitive information or personal matters.

9. Maintaining harmony.

Empaths are skilled at creating and maintaining harmony within their social circles and environments. Because they can understand and connect with the emotions of others, they can balance the emotional atmosphere, creating spaces where everyone feels comfortable and understood.

An empath’s intuition allows them to anticipate situations or conflicts that might disrupt the balance. They can then step in to offer help, support, or a listening ear, helping to resolve issues before they escalate.

What’s more, their diplomatic approach enables them to easily mediate between conflicting parties, encouraging open communication and reassuring those involved that their feelings are valued.


So as you can see, empaths have a range of things that they truly excel at. These things come naturally to them and no other personality type can lay claim to being good at them all.

Empaths are amazing creatures that we should celebrate more than we do. Without them, the world would be a less welcome place.

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