14 habits that make independent people so very successful

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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to handle life’s ups and downs without needing much support, encouragement, and motivation from others?

Whilst others rely on anyone and everyone to help them make decisions, face even the simplest of daily tasks, and find solutions to their problems?

Of course, we all need a little help and guidance sometimes, but these 14 habits are what independent people do that make them so successful in life.

1. They are passionately driven and fiercely self-motivated.

Independent people certainly don’t need any help getting out of bed in the morning!

They are self-reliant and know that to be successful means ‘just cracking on with it,’ without needing praise, encouragement, and validation from others that they are on the right track.

The buzz they get from knowing they can do the job themselves is what drives them to keep going. 

2. They prioritize their goals and dreams.

And they make those dreams happen.

Some people allow their hopes and dreams to be just that, and they pay too much attention to the naysayers who tell them it’ll never happen.

Self-sufficient people don’t get distracted or discouraged by those who put a downer on their ideas.

They know the path to success may not be easy, and that there may be setbacks along the way, but they believe in what they can achieve, because…

3. They know themselves well.

Independent people are self-assured.

They are aware of their strengths and their weaknesses and don’t need constant advice or pick-me-ups from others.  

Of course, it’s nice for people to think highly of you, but independent people don’t need this approval in order to think highly of themselves.

They just do.

4. They are decisive.

Even if that means taking risks and making mistakes.

Independent people are not in the habit of dithering to and fro trying to decide on the right course of action and seeking hundreds of different opinions in the process.

They trust their instincts and make bold, confident decisions, and they are often rewarded with success.

Sometimes though, these decisions don’t bring about the outcome they’d hoped for.

But rather than letting it bring them down and knock their self-belief…

5. They learn from their mistakes and don’t see them as failures.

Just like all of us, independent people get things wrong.

The only difference is that those who are self-sufficient don’t need any reassurance when things don’t go as planned. They just dust themselves off and try again.

They maintain a growth mindset and know that challenges and setbacks are part of the learning process.

They also know that to succeed doesn’t always mean getting it right the first time. But the mistakes of the first, second, or third time might allow them to succeed at the fourth attempt.

They make a habit of perseverance and don’t give up at the first hurdle.

6. They are problem-solvers.

Self-starters don’t need to run to others to find solutions or seek approval for their ideas.

They think outside the box, and they don’t worry whether others think their solutions are a bit wacky.

They don’t give up easily and, more often than not, they are rewarded for their creative thinking and self-belief with a successful outcome.

7. Change doesn’t faze them.

For some, an unexpected interruption to their day can derail them. They lose their focus and need to offload to others before they can get back on track.

Not so for independent people.  

Change doesn’t get in the way of their success, and they even find a way to thrive from it, turning an unexpected challenge into an opportunity for growth and learning.

8. They are good time managers.

Independent people know how to prioritize tasks both at work and in their personal lives, and they manage to find a perfect balance between the two.

They are not in the habit of getting distracted by the latest office drama.

And in their personal life, they don’t let work emails creep in and take over.

They don’t need to be micromanaged at work or home, and they are most successful when they are left to figure things out for themselves.  


9. They know that there is always a time to ask for help.

Even those who are self-supporting know that everyone needs help sometimes, and they are never embarrassed to ask for it.

A truly successful independent person knows when to accept help, and when to turn it down…politely.

They also know that independence means letting go of some things and delegating tasks where necessary. Leaving them to focus on the things that need their attention most.

10. They are true to themselves.

Self-achievers are self-believers.

They hold their values and beliefs dear, and they stay true to them in all they say and do.

This doesn’t mean that independent people aren’t receptive to alternative views, but if something doesn’t sit well with them, they won’t conform just because it’s considered popular or trendy.

Staying true to themselves reinforces their self-belief, confidence, and ultimately their success.

11. They don’t blame others.

Being successful means taking responsibility for the good things you achieve…and the bad.

Those who are self-reliant know when they’ve made a mistake, and they own it.

But even when someone else is in the wrong, independent people accept responsibility by choosing how they react to the situation.

They don’t let negative feelings and blame get in the way of their success.

12. They can regulate their emotions.

Autonomous types are not in the habit of taking on the stress and emotional drama of others.

That’s not to say they don’t help others—independent people want their friends and family to be successful too—but they don’t let other people’s bad moods or emotional outbursts bring them down.

They keep it cool, calm, and collected, and in turn, help others find their heads too.

13. They are effective communicators.

Communication is paramount to success.

When you consider yourself self-reliant it can be easy to forget this.

But independent people know that effective and assertive communication is key to getting the job done successfully.

They also know that being receptive and open to useful feedback from colleagues, friends, and family is a great habit to have.

And finally…

14. They build strong and empowering relationships.

Being independent doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from relationships.

Even those who are self-sufficient need the bond provided by strong social ties.

But independent people know that a good relationship should help you grow and improve as an individual, not make you needy and insecure.

They form strong and empowering relationships with people who are not afraid to share in their success.


Independent people just don’t seem to need as much input from others to make a success of life. They make bold decisions, without needing to seek advice or approval from elsewhere, and they always learn from their experiences.

They stand firm in their beliefs, and they don’t let others get in the way of their goals and dreams.

Maybe you recognize yourself as a self-reliant success, but if you don’t and you want to, working on these 14 habits is a great place to start.

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