13 absurdly awesome traits of highly intuitive people (that can’t be faked)

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What makes someone an “intuitive person”?

Einstein once said that “the only real valuable thing is intuition” while Marilyn Monroe is quoted as saying “a woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself,” but what makes intuition such a valuable thing to possess? And what is it about intuitive individuals that sets them apart from the rest of us?

While it is nigh-on impossible to give a definitive set of characteristics that all intuitives embody, there are some common traits that can be identified to provide a window into their world.

The following 13 qualities describe some of the ways a highly intuitive person thinks, acts, and lives differently.

1. They listen to and obey their inner voice.

Perhaps the most obvious trait of an intuitive person is the extent to which they listen to the little voice inside of them and actually act based upon what it says. They don’t question the advice being given, but simply know it to be the most appropriate course to take at any given moment.

2. They closely observe their surroundings.

In order for their gut to provide sensible and effective recommendations, they will keep a watchful eye on their environment and the situation at hand. All of this observation means that they have the necessary information required when a decision needs to be made. They can act on their impulses safe in the knowledge that they have assimilated all of the relevant intelligence available.

3. They pay attention to their dreams.

Intuition forms a link between the conscious and unconscious minds which is why a highly intuitive person recognizes the importance of dreams. They know that what they think about during sleep can be a metaphor for their underlying desires and fears. They also understand that dreams can provide solutions to the problems they face or other forms of inspiration.

4. They are acutely aware of their feelings.

Whereas many people attempt to numb their feelings or ignore them altogether, an intuitive person values the feedback provided by them. They know that their feelings have valuable messages for them that can help shine a light on the path they should take. They don’t just feel a feeling, they think about what it is trying to tell them.

5. They can quickly center on the now.

In order to help them hear and comprehend what their intuition is saying, they have a remarkable ability to refocus their mind entirely on the now so as to block out any unnecessary thoughts about the past or future. Only when they have achieved a state of mindfulness can they be aware of the full message being communicated.

6. They are typically optimistic souls.

Being more closely aligned with their feelings than most, intuitive people are better equipped to process anything negative that may arise from within before detaching themselves from it. They are able to quickly learn lessons from their mistakes and this generally makes them optimistic about the future. They know that good can come out of bad and that progress can be made no matter how bleak the outlook appears at any given instant.

7. They have a strong sense of purpose.

Without necessarily knowing what it may be, highly intuitive individuals tend to feel a strong sense of purpose in their lives. They believe they have a calling that they are destined to answer, and they like to move forward with gusto as if to uncover the full meaning of this feeling.

8. They are deep thinkers.

You may imagine that a person who is guided by their intuition has little need for deep thought and contemplation. But the opposite is closer to the truth; they find it extremely helpful to focus their minds on their values and core beliefs. This allows them to further educate and refine their intuition so that it provides them with better counsel.

9. They take note of signs provided by the universe.

An intuitive being knows that there is more to this world than meets the eye. They are acutely aware of the various messages being conveyed by the universe at any given time. Coincidences, fateful meetings, and other apparently random events are all seen as significant and are taken as signs by which they navigate their path through life.

10. They can sense what others are thinking/feeling.

Intuitive people commonly have very good empathetic abilities, meaning they can sense what others are thinking and feeling. Their minds are highly attuned to the vibrational frequencies given off by those around them and they use this information to further refine the way they act in a situation.

11. They can easily build trust with others.

With such a good grasp of how other people are feeling, they are well equipped to choose the most appropriate responses. They can instantly tell how open someone is and tailor the way they behave so as to progress at a speed the other person is comfortable with. This non-threatening approach makes them very likeable.

12. They are creative and imaginative.

No idea is too far-fetched for a highly intuitive person and this freedom gives their imaginations and creative sides full scope to imagine and create. They let their minds take them wherever it wants to go which results in thoughts and ideas packed with unique points of view.

13. They make time for peaceful relaxation.

They know that for their intuition to operate at peak efficiency, rest and recuperation are paramount in order to let other energies that may create noise to settle and disperse. They make sure to schedule sufficient periods of relaxation and often find that some of their most brilliant thoughts come about during these moments.

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