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100 Hobbies For Couples To Do Together: The Ultimate List!

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Hobbies are important for all of us – they give us a break from our daily lives and offer an opportunity to get to know ourselves better and have some fun, or expand our minds and learn something new.

They are also so great when it comes to relationships.

Enjoying a hobby with your partner is a great way to continue learning about each other, keep that spark alive, and have a lot of fun together.

Here are 100 things to do as a couple:

Creative Hobbies For Couples

1. Creative writing classes

Creativity is important in relationships. So, head to a writing class and bounce ideas off each other.

You’ll end up having a lot of fun and you’ll probably learn something new about your partner.

Writing isn’t something a lot of people tend to do, making this a fun and interesting thing to try as a couple.

2. Ceramics workshops

Whether you’re a pottery pro or have never been before, ceramics classes or workshops make great dates, as well as hobbies.

It’s always fun to see another side to your partner, and you’ll both have a lot of fun making a collection of mugs and dishes to take home.

Plus, every time you use them in your home, you’ll be reminded of what a brilliant time you had together.

3. DIY

It’s important to make some boring tasks more fun and interesting!

Make DIY a hobby and tackle all the bits around your home and garden that you need to get done.

This is a good way to build up your own skill set and share ideas with each other

Teaching someone you love something new is always a nice feeling, so you’re bound to discover a new side to each other.

4. Knitting

Knitting is the perfect hobby for couples as it’s so laid back and easy to do. Choose a few balls of wool and get cracking.

Because it doesn’t need too much concentration, you can knit together while catching up on your day, or in front of the telly if you need some downtime.

5. Photography

This is a good couple’s activity as it lets you both show off your creative side.

Take sweet photos of each other or go out on day trips. Either way, you’ll end up with some beautiful photos to show around your home.

6. Floristry

Floristry is a wonderful way to combine creativity with a bit of romance.

Go to classes and learn how to make all sorts of decorations, or buy flowers and build bouquets together at home.

This will bring you closer together as you’re doing something stereotypically romantic and sweet.

7. Theatre group

Theatre group might seem a bit weird, but it’s actually a lovely way to find out more about both yourself and your partner.

You’ll see a different side to each other and will probably end up getting pretty caught up in your improv/ play/ directing skills.

8. Painting

Painting is an amazing way to bond with your partner, making it a lovely activity for couples to share.

Take it in turns to suggest themes or just let your imagination run wild. You could even paint portraits of each other and make things a bit more romantic.

9. Life drawing classes

Life drawing classes might be a bit awkward at first, but you can either do them in your own home of each other or head to a local class.

The naked aspect adds a bit of a different vibe, so it’s bound to end up being fun!

10. Learning an instrument

Learning a new instrument together is a good way to bond and keep each other motivated at the same time.

There are so many to choose from that you don’t even need to go for the same one. This leads us on to our next suggestion…

11. Starting a band

Now that you both have strong musical talents, why not start a band?!

It doesn’t need to be anything serious and you’ll both enjoy being silly around each other.

Release your creativity and have fun making up songs and teaching each other guitar riffs.

12. Crafting

Work on the same crafting project or choose your own activity. You can make something for the house or surprise each other with a personalized piece of art.  

13. Make your own clothes

You can find endless YouTube videos and blogs that offer advice on making your own clothes, or customizing ones you already own.

If you and your partner are pretty savvy with a sewing machine, why not try making a skirt, or jazzing up some old jeans?

14. Upcycling

This is a great hobby for couples who’ve just moved house or simply fancy a bit of a change.

Source out old furniture or chose bits you already own and want to freshen up.

You’ll have so much fun planning and then actually doing the upcycling – and you get a brand new (kind of!) piece of furniture for your home.

15. Silver-making courses

Again, ideal for creative couples, silver-making courses give you both the chance to try something a bit new.

Find one at your local arts center and learn a new skill together.

You never know, one of you might end up working on a wedding ring…

Adventurous Things To Do As A Couple

16. Kayaking

Kayaking is really brilliant fun and is potentially out of one of your comfort zones. Pick somewhere safe and launch off!

The best bit is that you can choose to do this in separate kayaks or share one and really work on your communication skills as a couple.

17. Canoeing

Similar to kayaking, you’ll have the chance to go solo and drift alongside each other, or hop in the same boat and develop some strong team-working skills together.

Outdoor adventures offer a fab way to explore nature while bonding together.

18. Mountain biking

If you fancy an element of exciting risk, mountain biking could be just the thing for you.

This is a fantastic activity for couples as you may not feel confident enough to do it on your own. This may remind you that you do rely on your partner, and how nice it feels to be able to do that.

19. Surfing

Surfing feels incredible, whether you’re paddling along or catching the big waves.

For couples, this is the perfect opportunity to see your partner really in their element.

You’ll head home feeling proud of yourselves and each other, which is really important in relationships.

20. Camping

Camping gives you both the chance to get off-grid and really have some time away from the real world.

Make it a regular occurrence and set some rules, e.g. no phones at bedtime so that you can enjoy stargazing.

This will add an element of romance to your relationship and bring you closer together.

21. Wild camping

Similar to camping, this activity means you have to go out of your comfort zone and truly explore.

Find a beautiful spot and pitch up your tent. This will help you both work on your communication and collaborative skills.

22. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is amazing for your body, and challenging enough that you’ll feel really accomplished when you reach the top, however much your arms end up hurting!

Cheer each other on and share how proud you are of each other.

23. Bouldering

This is similar to rock climbing, so another ideal couple’s hobby.

It’s a bit less intense, so better suited to newer couples who don’t want to be too uncomfortable in the early days.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in!

24. Travelling

Probably the best hobby of all time, travelling gives you and your partner the chance to explore the world.

You’ll learn so much about each other and face a lot of new things, whether you’re on a city break or a trip round Asia.

25. Sailing

Sailing requires quite a lot of concentration at times, so you’ll have to take it in turns to do the serious bits.

This is good for bonding as a couple as you’ll get to see a few different character traits in one activity.

26. Scuba diving

What better way to explore something new than scuba diving with your loved one?

Either learn from scratch, work up to a new certificate or opt for snorkelling if that feels easier for you both.

You’ll be so busy marvelling at the underwater world than any stresses will melt away and you’ll both feel chilled and happy.

Date Night Hobbies For Couples

27. Movie night at home

Movie nights at home are a great hobby to share.

They don’t cost any money and you can easily fit them in around other things.

Watching movies as a couple is a really lovely addition to life and gives you some time to unwind and focus on something other than work or the kids.

Get some popcorn, snuggle on the sofa, and just enjoy being close to each other.

This is also a good option if you want to spend time together but are both too tired for interesting conversation!

28. Cinema date

Lots of people love heading to the cinema, so this is a fantastic hobby in its own right.

Including your partner and having this as a couple’s hobby is a nice way to get out of the house and escape real life for a few hours.

It may just be something you both enjoy doing, but it also feels more like a date as you’re out as a twosome.

29. Cooking class

Cooking classes are a really lovely way to make something otherwise mundane really good fun.

You’ll get to make a lot of new dishes – there are speciality menus that you can choose if you fancy learning the art of sushi, for example.

This is a perfect hobby for couples as you’ll get to eat your meals on the day and take home some new ideas for dinner times.

30. Museum trips

Want an easy way to bond with your partner? Head to a local museum and make it a regular activity.

Find nearby museums with exhibitions that you’re both likely to enjoy. Make a scrapbook of the tickets and immerse yourself in your new hobby.

31. Gallery trips

There are always exciting opening nights and gallery exhibitions going on, making this an ideal activity to do with your loved one.

Share your opinions about the work and have a giggle at the awful ones! You never know, you might get inspired…

32. Open mic nights

You might sing or you may just watch, but regularly going to open mic nights is a really sweet bonding activity.

These kinds of events often feel more like dates than hobbies, so they’re wonderful for couples who need some alone time together.

33. Slam poetry nights

Again, you might be watching or participating, but you’re bound to have fun.

Poetry nights often bring up a lot of questions or opinions, so you’ll have plenty of new things to talk about.

34. Massage classes

Massage is a brilliant way to strengthen your relationship.

Massaging each other and learning techniques from an expert combines intimacy and trust, and you’ll both feel a renewed love and passion for each other by the end of it.

35. Ice skating

Sure, this is often a bit of a seasonal hobby, but it’s so much fun that we couldn’t leave it off our list.

It gives you the chance to be like kids again – showing off and falling over and enjoying a huge mug of hot chocolate afterwards.

36. Crazy golf

This is for those who feel like golf is a bit too serious for them.

Find a local crazy golf course – some have hilarious themes and some are just good fun. There are even indoor ones for when the weather is rubbish.

37. Spa trips

Most people love spa trips, so why not enjoy them with your partner?

Go for a couple’s massage every couple of months and enjoy feeling close to each other.

Chill in your spa robes and have fun just switching off from the real world and unwinding.

Outdoor Activities For Couples

38. Hiking

There’s nothing quite like getting out and enjoying the fresh air.

Hiking is physical enough that you’ll both feel like you’ve accomplished something by the time you reach the top of the mountain or the end of the trail.

It’ll give you both a chance to help each other, too, which is a really healthy way to strengthen your relationship.

39. Fishing

The satisfaction of catching a fish is hard to beat, so why not share that joy with your partner?

This is a lovely hobby for couples as you’ll get to sit out, relax, and, hopefully, catch your own dinner together.

40. Gardening

Being outdoors is so good for your mind and body, so why not enjoy that with your loved one?

Planning out what to do with your garden is always good fun, as is plant shopping!

Make it a monthly hobby and get really stuck in.

41. Geocaching

Did you know that there are millions of geocaches to be located around the world. So unlike Pokémon, you’ll never catch them all!

But you can find yourself on some amazing adventures when you go in search of these hidden containers. And with some locations being more challenging than others, you can decide for yourselves the difficulty rating each time you venture out.

42. Bird watching

This is a hobby that encourages patience. You and your partner will have to be calm and quiet, which may not happen often in your busy lives.

Enjoy this downtime and use it as a chance to connect on a deeper level.

43. Dog walking

Whether you’ve got your own dog or sign up to walk dogs at your local shelter, this is a lovely way to bond with your partner.

Without the distractions of TV or your phone, you’ll be able to really engage in some serious conversations.

44. Roller-skating

We love this as a regular activity for couples – it’s fantastic to get outside and get those endorphins racing.

You might end up falling over each other, but it’ll bring that fun, giddy element back to your relationship.  

45. Paintball

Another good activity for outdoorsy couples who need to let off some steam.

You can enjoy this as a twosome or get some friends involved. Either way, it’s a fun, different hobby if you fancy mixing things up a bit.

Active Hobbies For Couples

46. Gym

We all know fitness and physical well-being is important, so having someone by your side to motivate you is ideal.

You can both encourage each other to get stronger and fitter, as well as having some fun while you work out.

Plus, this is time you may normally spend apart from each other, so you’re killing two birds with one stone – working out and enjoying each other’s company.

47. Cycling

Cycling is great for your body and it also gives you the opportunity to get out there and go on some adventures.

Hit the road with your partner and travel somewhere new, or spend the day cycling around your local park.

It’s a great stress-reliever, so you’ll both end up feeling amazing!

48. Yoga or Pilates

Working on your physical wellness as well as your mental health is really crucial to having a balanced lifestyle.

Doing this with a partner can strengthen your relationship and might highlight more ways you can help each other in life.

49. Running

Running is a wonderful hobby for couples!

You get to spend time with each other, but there’s no pressure to entertain each other or talk the whole time – ideal for new couples who are getting used to their relationship together.

50. Swimming

Swimming is a fun couple’s activity – whether you decide to hit the lanes and get some serious mileage in or just splash around and spend more time in the sauna!

It’s a good way to unwind and have some fun together.

51. Zumba classes

If you fancy getting hot and sweaty, this is the perfect hobby for you.

Most gyms and community centers run Zumba sessions. Your sense of rhythm doesn’t need to be great for you to have a fun time, don’t worry!

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Quirky Things To Do As A Couple

52. Citizen science

Something for the slightly geeky couples out there. Why not get involved in some scientific research and make a difference to the world.

From ecological observations to helping to categorize images taken from telescopes, there’s a range of activities that you and your partner can try your hand at.

53. Competitive dog shows

If there’s a four-legged friend of the canine variety in the family, why not try to train them so that they can take part in dog shows?

You’ll not only have to work on their behavior and skills, you’ll need to learn how to groom them so that they look their best for the big occasions.

54. Car boot sales/ yard sales

This might sound a bit odd, but loads of couples love heading to yard sales!

There’s something fun and a bit mischievous about scouting out the best bargains.

You’re likely to find some really wacky bits along the way, which makes it even funnier.

55. Thrifting

Set yourselves a new challenge each time you go thrifting – who can find the cheapest, best outfit?

Who can try on the weirdest pair of shoes and look good in them?

Thrifting is a fun couple’s activity and is something pretty cheap and easy to do.

56. Herbology

Herbology is fascinating and is a great hobby for anyone to have.

Explore the world of healing plants together and head out for a day of foraging.

You’ll be amazed at what you can find right on your doorstep.

57. Tarot

Tarot cards hold an interest for a lot of people, so why not learn more about them with your loved one?

Have fun learning more about each other and confirming your faith and love in one another.

58. Palm reading

Whether you take it seriously or not, palm reading is always entertaining!

Plus, you spend the whole time holding hands – what could be more romantic?

59. Beekeeping

This is a very random hobby, but it sounds so fun that we couldn’t resist including it.

It goes without saying, but get started with a trained and experienced beekeeper so you can learn the ropes safely!

You might end up not enjoying it, but trying new and slightly scary things with your partner is a good way to bond and strengthen your relationship.

60. Astronomy

Not only is astrology interesting, it’s got a pretty romantic side to it too!

Set a day each month to enjoy stargazing and share fun facts you’ve each found out about constellations or planets.

Holding hands under the stars is the perfect way to spend time with your loved one.

61. Get weird

Find the weirdest event in your local area and sign up – that’s the only rule here!

Sign up to random flash-mobs, join a butchery course and learn to make your own sausages, whatever you find.

You’ll end up having so much fun that you’ll forget how weird it is, or you’ll at least have a good story from it all.

Sporting Hobbies For Couples

62. Golf

This is a perfect hobby for couples as you’ll be outdoors all day, taking things slowly.

A bit of competition is good in a relationship, and this gives you the chance to joke around with each other and have some downtime.

63. Skiing

This kind of hobby gives you a great opportunity to get a workout in and book a holiday every so often (assuming you don’t have slopes on your doorstep).

Challenge yourself and better your existing skills in a fun, supportive way.

You’ll also have a lot of fun off the slopes and meet heaps of new people!

64. Snowboarding

Similar to skiing, snowboarding is great for couples who like a challenge. Bond over having fun with each other and don’t be afraid to get a bit silly.

65. Horse-riding

Horse-riding is perfect for couples who like a bit of adventure.

Either sign up for lessons together or head out on casual hacks, which let you enjoy the nature around you and relax in each other’s company.

66. Group sports

If you’re feeling like you need a hobby that involves other people, join a local sports team.

There are loads of sports groups who play casually and are always looking for new players.

Try netball, basketball, football, ultimate Frisbee – whatever takes your fancy!

The competitive-yet-friendly element is great for relationships.

67. Squash

This is one of the best anger management tools out there, and it’s so good for your fitness.

That doesn’t mean you need to get angry at each other or that there’s anything wrong with your relationship if you need to let off some steam – it’s just a healthy way to get rid of any negative feelings either of you might be experiencing.

68. Martial arts

Need another way to blow off some steam? Take your partner to a martial arts class and work up a sweat.

This is a good way to see your partner take on a physical challenge and will bring you closer together through the competitive element of it all.

69. Tennis

Tennis is literally designed for two people to play, making it a fantastic hobby for couples.

You’ll get all fired up on the court and can give each other pointers on how to improve your technique.

Find a local club and give it a go!  

70. Badminton

Another two-person sport, badminton helps you stay fit while working on your relationship.

You can even find another couple to play with so that you and your partner are on the same team.

71. Water sports

There are so many fantastic water sports to choose from and they’ll all end up with you splashing around and having a good time.

Make it a bit flirty or go full-on sporty.

72. Stand-up paddle-boarding

This is such a fun couple’s activity, whether you share a board or go solo. Race each other across the water and be prepared to get wet!

We can pretty much guarantee that it’ll feel like you’re on a first date with your partner again, so it’s well worth taking the time to try.

73. Watching sports

Whatever takes your fancy, book some time to watch sports live and in the flesh.

Head to a local baseball game or fly to another country to follow your home team.

Being united in your mutual love for a team is a nice way to bond as a couple.

Social Activities For Couples To Do

74. Book club

Be honest, when was the last time you read a book?

Book club is a great hobby whether you’re going alone or with a partner, as it forces you to actually read rather than scroll through Instagram while you watch Netflix!

Commit to reading a chapter together one night a week and have fun sharing your opinions and ideas with each other.

Creativity is a lovely aspect to keep alive in your relationship, and this will ensure you have that.

75. Dancing

Dancing is good for couples who want to bring a bit more romance and spark to their relationships.

The body contact, fun music, and lively atmosphere will make it all feel like a first date again, however long you’ve been together.

76. Young Farmers’ Club

This may not be for everyone, but a lot of people who live in the countryside struggle to find sociable activities.

Joining a club like this helps you bond not only with similar people, but your partner, too.

77. Music festivals

Potentially the best hobby of all time, going to festivals is so fun to do as a couple!

Enjoy the music, taste some fantastic street-food, and really get involved in the freeing aspect that living in a field for a few days gives you.

Food And Drink Activities

78. Cooking

Cooking can often feel like a really practical part of daily life, but it needn’t be!

Plan some time to cook together and spend an evening talking and reminiscing about your shared experiences.

It’s a great way to schedule in some downtime together, so pick a date and drop the kids off with a babysitter.

This is time to enjoy each other’s company, so choose a meal you both love, get a nice bottle of wine in, and have fun!

79. Baking

This is another really good way to make the kitchen a fun place. Research recipes together on Pinterest and get messy.

Flour fights are cute and you’ll end up with a basket full of delicious muffins or a cake to enjoy together after dinner.

80. Brewing

Whether you love beer or not, brewing is a really fab way to bond with your partner.

It’s something a bit different and it tends to get a bit messy and silly. Plus, you normally get a fair amount of end product to enjoy.

81. Gin tours

One for gin lovers, heading to a distillery is the perfect hobby for couples.

You’ll learn about different botanicals and processes and will probably meet some really friendly people on your course.

Bond over your love of G&Ts and let your hair down!

(Of course, you can swap gin for many other spirits, too, if you’d prefer)

82. Wine tasting

If you’re often out as a couple heading to bars, why not learn something along the way?

Booking on to wine tastings is a wonderful way to spend time as a couple.

You’ll get to try many a tasty tipple as you explore the different growing regions of the world one by one.

83. Cocktail classes

These kinds of classes have something for everyone, from sweet and fruity to bitter and strong.

Bond with your partner while you get creative and have fun meeting other couples in the same boat as you.

Game-based Hobbies For Couples

84. Bowling

Bowling brings out most people’s competitive edge, so makes a really fun hobby.

It’s a great way to get rid of those everyday stresses and just let your hair down.

85. Boules

This is the more grown-up version of bowling, so better-suited for couples who find it hard to be silly!

It’s still a nice way to spend time together and is more sociable, giving you the chance to chat.

86. Puzzles

A quiet night in is just what some couples need, which is why puzzles are a really great hobby if you’re in a relationship.

They use a portion of your brain and concentration, but are also good fun and let you spend time together in your own home.

87. Games nights

Again, games nights are nice, mellow hobbies to do at home.

That said, you can invite friends or other couples over to make a bigger event of it and really challenge that competitive streak in you.

88. Chess

Chess is a good way to challenge each other and get some mental stimulation at the same time.

You’re using your brain but still able to have fun and push each other in a positive way.

It’s designed for two people, making it an ideal bonding activity for couples.

89. Card games

Card games tend to be either very silly or nicely competitive. Whatever option you go for, you and your partner are bound to have fun.

Think of some cute ways to bet – use kisses instead of poker chips and have some fun!

90. Video games

Teach each other new skills on your favorite video games or find new ones that you both enjoy.

Join an online adventure with other players and form communities to complete quests.

Staying home and being silly with each other is sometimes the best thing for a couple.

Intellectual Things To Do With Your Partner

91. Open lectures

Learning new things is a key part of being in a relationship.

By going to local lectures and talks, you’ll find out about a range of subjects and a lot more about each other in the process.

The talks are bound to spark conversations between you that you may not have otherwise had.

92. Debate club

Regardless of whether or not you debate (read: argue) much in your relationship, debate clubs are an interesting hobby to take up.

You’ll end up discovering a lot of new information and bond over shared experiences.

 93. Learning a language

Whether you’re planning a trip abroad or just want to learn a new language, this is a fun and challenging thing to do together.

Choose the same language and make up some silly games and tests to help support your learning.

Your accent might never be incredible, but your relationship will go from strength to strength.

Other Hobbies For Couples To Try

94. Volunteering

If you want to feel closer to your partner, volunteering is surprisingly effective.

Show your compassionate side and get stuck in with something you both care about.

There are so many charities that need support, and you’ll see the softer side of each other.

95. Blogging

Start a couple’s blog! Take time each week to sit down and write about all the fun you’ve had recently, or about your plans for the future.

This is a wonderful way to remind yourselves of the reasons why you love each other, and will help you feel confident and secure – having things written down is great for making them feel realistic!  

96. Vlogging

Choose something you’re both interested in and start making vlogs.

It may be your upcoming wedding or an interest in gardening, but talking about how excited and passionate you are will bring you both closer together and remind you of your shared goals.

97. Setting up a (side-) business

Setting up a business together may sound risky, but it doesn’t have to be.

It can be anything, from selling your artwork to freelancing as a graphic designer.

You’ll get to share in things you’re good at and give each other an ego boost, and you might be able to start saving for a big holiday from your profits.

98. Collecting

Collecting is a bit of an old-fashioned hobby, but it’s still an interesting activity to do with a loved one.

You can both build up the same collection or choose different ones. It’s nice to see your partner interested in something and a good feeling to help them with it.

99. Meditation

Meditating together will help you strengthen and deepen your relationship.

It gives you the chance to really focus on yourself and your union on a spiritual level.

Do this as a regular hobby and you’ll feel much closer to each other, as well as much more grounded.

100. Journaling

This is a good opportunity to open up about your feelings. You don’t need to share everything you’re writing down, but it’ll facilitate honest and open discussions.

Talk about what’s bothering you as well as what you’re looking forward to in the future. You’ll feel much closer!

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