30 Fantastic Ways To Show Your Appreciation To Your Partner

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You appreciate your partner.

You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise.

But you’re wondering what the best way is to show them your appreciation.

There are so many great ways to let them know how thankful you are to have them in your life.

The following suggestions confirm that you see them, you hear them, you know them, and you truly love and care about them.

1. Tell them.

Sometimes it’s best not to overcomplicate things.

Whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, the easiest way to show your appreciation is to find the right words and say them.

A simple “Thank you” is a good place to start, but you may want to add a little more, such as:

“Thank you, I am really grateful for that. You didn’t have to do it, but it reminds me what a kind and loving person you are.”

Just speak from the heart.

2. Write them a thank you note.

A really sweet way to say thank you to your loved one is to write them a little note and leave it somewhere they will see it.

Perhaps you could drop it in their packed lunch or alongside the bookmark in whatever they are currently reading.

A note allows you to say more than you might when speaking to them and it gives you time to think about what you want to say rather than fumbling for the right words in the moment.

3. Spend time with them.

Nothing screams, “I’m taking you for granted!” more than spending all of your free time away from your partner.

But few things say, “I appreciate you.” more than spending some quality time with them.

It’s great that you have friends and hobbies of your own, but you must make sure that the two of you have ample time to maintain your personal and romantic connection.

4. Focus on their hobbies and interests.

If you want to show someone you appreciate them, ask yourself what they really enjoy most and then make that a part of what you do for them.

Are they an active person who loves the countryside? Hire some bikes and plan a route that takes in some local beauty spots.

Do they have a favorite sports team? Buy tickets for an upcoming game and go along with them.

If they love graphic novels, take them to a convention.

This shows that you know them well and that you like how passionate they are about these particular things.

5. Be affectionate.

Most people like hugs, but when was the last time you gave your partner one?

Showing them affection shows them appreciation too.

It says, “I want to be close to you because you are important to me.”

Make time for hugs, kisses, holding hands, or a gentle caress of their neck/back/bum.

6. Take care of their chores.

Relationships often involve a sharing of chores, but you can show how grateful you are to have someone in your life by taking on their duties too every so often.

If they usually clean the bathroom or sort out the dishwasher, just do these things yourself.

This gives them that little bit more free time to relax and enjoy themselves.

It also communicates that you don’t take what they do for granted.

7. Buy them flowers.

Yes, it’s the most classic of ways to thank someone, but it’s also very effective.

Giving your partner flowers – and without wishing to be sexist, it probably has the biggest effect on women – is a wonderful surprise.

Flowers are beautiful and they reflect the beauty you see in your partner (that’s a nice thing to say, too, if you’re wondering).

8. Compliment them.

People like to hear nice things spoken about them – that’s universal.

It makes us smile and it boosts our self-esteem.

So compliment your partner – not only for how they look, but for who they are and the traits you most like in them.

Praise them for the things they have been successful at, whether that’s work related or lifestyle changes they have been trying to make.

And, if you think they wouldn’t feel too awkward, say these nice things about them in front of other people to show how proud you are of them.

9. Let them have a lie in.

This one is particularly meaningful for parents of young children.

If you normally take it in turns to have a lie in at the weekend, take one for the team and get up early with your kid(s) on both Saturday and Sunday.

The fact that you are willing to give up some precious duvet time is proof enough that you appreciate them and everything they do for you and your family.

10. Make them breakfast in bed.

This one links up with the previous point.

If you let them stay in bed a little while longer whilst you get up, why not make use of that time by putting together a yummy breakfast?

Think about what they would most like – perhaps poached eggs on toast and a fresh fruit salad.

Or fry up some bacon, put it in a nice roll and squeeze on some ketchup!

Then take it to them in bed.

11. Take an interest in their life.

It feels nice to have someone ask how we are and what’s going on in our lives.

It’s even nicer when that person remembers things we’ve told them previously and asks us about them.

Do these things for your partner and they will know that you care about their well-being in a wider sense.

12. Listen to their problems attentively.

Part of the previous point will involve being an outlet for them to vent or rant or pour out their issues.

When they have things they are dealing with or working through, they will need someone to listen to them.

They want to feel heard and to know that their problems matter to you too.

Try not to minimize their feelings by downplaying the issue, but do reassure them that you are there to support them through this.

13. Surprise them with a night out.

Couples will often fall into routines, and this is not a bad thing be any means.

But it’s good to break out of these sometimes by doing something a little more special.

Every so often, why not treat your partner to a night out. This might involve dinner, drinks, a show, a movie, a concert – whatever you think they’d enjoy most.

It needn’t be a too regular occurrence or it might lose its effect, but every now and again, show them that you appreciate them by organizing a night (or a day) out.

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14. Cook their favorite meal (or order takeout).

If a night out is something to keep up your sleeve for just a few times a year, putting their favorite food on a plate is something to do more regularly.

If you cook, make it yourself (if you don’t, you could always give it a try anyway).

If it’s easier, just order takeout. You can get pretty much every cuisine you could imagine delivered to your door these days.

This shows that you know them well and that you want them to enjoy themselves because they deserve it.

15. Put on a movie you think they’d like.

Sticking to the theme of knowing them and wanting them to have fun, why not select a movie to watch one night that you know they’d enjoy.

Or give them a choice of a few if you’re not sure what they’ve already seen.

Again, you are prioritizing their enjoyment which is a clear sign that you appreciate them.

Or if you don’t have time for a movie, let them pick what to watch on TV even if it means you have to endure something you don’t personally like that much.

16. Put on their favorite music.

On a similar note, if the two of you are just pottering around the house, why not put on some music they love?

The same goes for road trips – if you have to drive somewhere, you could create a travel playlist of songs they can jam to in the car.

It’s the little things such as these that really make a person feel cared for.

17. Give them a massage.

If they’ve had a stressful day or are feeling a little under the weather, cheer them up by giving them a massage.

Neck and shoulder massages are great to relieve tension and can help with headaches too.

A foot massage will work wonders if they have been on their feet all day.

Or go the whole hog and give them a full body massage as they lay there and relax.

18. Tell them that you miss them.

Whenever you are apart for more than a day or two, don’t be afraid to tell your loved one that you miss them.

This communicates to them how much you value having them in your life.

It shows them that you don’t take them for granted and that your life is improved by their presence.

19. Believe in them.

Your partner is bound to have many goals and dreams. These matter to them, so they should matter to you.

Support them as they seek to achieve things, whether that’s in their career, their health, or something else.

Tell them and show them that you believe in them, their abilities, and their conviction.

20. Ask them for their advice.

If you are not sure what to do in a particular situation, ask them about it.

By going to them for advice, you are demonstrating your trust in them. You are saying that their opinion matters a lot to you.

This shows your appreciation for them by placing a value on their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

21. Reciprocate.

When your partner does something nice for you, no matter how small, take the time to think of a way that you could repay the favor.

That doesn’t have to be straight away, but by reciprocating one kind gesture with another, you are building a circle of appreciation for one another.

You might want to revisit some of the points above if you’re stuck for ideas.

22. Send them off with their friends occasionally.

Sometimes the best way to show someone how appreciative you are of them is to respect their need to have a life of their own.

This means suggesting to them that it’s about time they went out and let their hair down with their friends.

This is particularly effective if you know your partner prioritizes you and your family over everything else.

It’s saying, “Thank you for all that you do for me/us, but it’s time you put yourself and your friends first for once.”

23. Put away your phone.

When you’re with your partner, be with them – fully.

That means putting any potential distraction to one side and focusing on them, what they are saying, and often what they are not saying.

Turn your phone/tablet/TV off and put down anything else you may be looking at.

When you talk to them, be there in the room, not somewhere else in your head.

People can tell when someone isn’t listening properly, so try your best to really engage with them as they speak.

24. Make them feel secure.

Your partner may sometimes doubt themselves, their worthiness, and even your love for them.

Reassure them often that they are the person you see a future with, that you accept them just the way they are, and that you know how great they are, even if they don’t always see it.

25. Trust them.

Trust is one of the key foundations of a successful relationship.

Trust is also a great way to show your appreciation for your partner.

When you trust them and make this clear to them, it shows that you believe in them and their judgment.

You know that they will do what’s right and what’s best for the both of you.

26. Phrase your requests politely and respectfully.

Sometimes you’ll have to ask your partner to do things. Perhaps you need their help with the chores or to plan a journey somewhere.

If you want them to feel appreciated – and not nagged – make your requests in a polite way.

It shows respect for their time and energy and makes them more likely to agree happily rather than begrudgingly.

27. Help them care for themselves.

People don’t always make their health and well-being a priority. Life is often busy and the things we need to do to stay happy and healthy fall by the wayside.

Finding ways to encourage them to look after themselves is a real demonstration of your appreciation of them.

You are basically saying to them, “Look, I need you in tip top form because you are my rock.”

Whether it’s being the driving force behind healthy eating plans or putting their mental health higher up the priority list, do what it takes to help them help themselves.

28. Work on yourself and your bad habits.

A great way to show how grateful you are to have your partner in your life is to work on your own shortcomings.

We all have aspects of our personality that we might like to change. We also have bad habits.

Some of these things might be a source of irritation to your partner.

So to show them how much you care about them, why not try to address these things?

29. Be willing to apologize when you upset them.

No relationship is perfect. You will do things that upset your partner.

But this is where respect comes back into the equation. If you truly appreciate someone, you’ll be willing to swallow your pride and admit to any wrongdoing.

By saying sorry, you are acknowledging the hurt you caused. It also conveys the desire not to do it again.

30. Cut them some slack.

On the flip side of the previous point, you have to accept that your partner is not perfect and they will upset you from time to time.

They will annoy you, make you angry, make you sad, and many things in between.

Accepting someone as a flawed human being, but loving them anyway is a big show of appreciation for all of their positive points.

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