50 Romantic Things To Do As A Couple

Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been with your partner for years, it’s important to do things together as a couple.

We’ve put together a list of romantic things to do with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife so that you can keep that spark alive! 

1. Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage – preferably on a warm summer’s evening, just as the sun is setting over a beautiful city. Perhaps as part of a romantic getaway…

2. Have a DIY date-night – cook at home together, light a few candles, and dress up for the occasion. Stick on your favorite playlist and have fun on your DIY date. 

3. Have a duvet day – spending the day in your pyjamas, cozied up under a duvet with a Netflix binge and snacks is a pretty great way to spend some one-on-one time with your loved one.

4. Picnic in the park – make up a little hamper of both of your favorite foods, find a sunny spot in a park, and chill out. Get comfy on the picnic blanket with a good book and enjoy just being around each other.

5. Hike somewhere beautiful – a sweaty, challenging hike might not sound that romantic, but it’s the stunning view/waterfall/open space that will be the real prize here! What’s more romantic than sharing something beautiful, after all?

6. Go dancing – whether it’s a local dance class or a night on the town, dancing up a storm with your partner is a great way to feel closer to them – literally! 

7. Cozy up in front of the fire – grab a glass of wine and enjoy the warmth of the fire together. Camping, in your home or at a pub if needs be…

8. Spa day – one of our personal favorites! Wind down, get a couple’s massage, and sip a glass of fizz in the hot tub. We get so caught up in the busyness of life that we sometimes forgot to just relax and enjoy having some downtime with each other. 

9. Old-school cinema date – often forgotten once you’re past the first couple of dates, cinema trips are a romantic way to spend time together! You might not be able to talk, but you can hold hands, share popcorn, and you’ll have plenty to chat about afterwards…

10. Go for a fancy dinner – book that posh place in town that you’ve both wanted to go to for ages. Get dressed up, go to a bar for cocktails beforehand, and make a night of it. 

11. Breakfast in bed – surprise your partner with pastries, fresh coffee, and juice in bed for the two of you. Rather than rushing out the door like you do most mornings, take the time to relax and have a nice lazy morning in bed together. 

12. Watch the sunset – sunset is probably the most romantic time of day! Find a good spot to watch it and take it all in together. Take a book, a camera, or a blanket and get comfy. 

13. Hit a yoga class – it might not feel it at the time, but bonding together through something like yoga is really romantic! Maybe book a meditative class rather than a dynamic one if you’re new to it, or try couples yoga…

14. Go on a photography walk – take your cameras and go for a wander together. You’ll have so much fun snapping cute pics of each other and all the beautiful nature or architecture around you.

15. Go wine tasting – book onto a tasting session at a local bar and have fun learning more about wine. And drinking it, of course…

16. Go through old photos – get your photo albums out (or head to your social media of choice) and laugh at your old haircuts, reminisce over your first date, and share memories. This is a very sweet way to relive the early days of your relationship and bond all over again. 

17. Go for coffee and cake – find a new cafe or go to your usual spot. Treat yourselves to something delicious, take a book, and read in a cozy corner together. Or make time to actually just talk to each other… life gets in the way of great conversations sometimes, so use this quality time to really catch up. 

18. Organize a camping trip – being out in nature, with no distractions, is such a great way to bond and have fun as a couple. You’ll spend the days in the fresh air and the evenings under the stars – what could be better? 

19. Book a getaway – everyone loves going on holiday, so book something special for a long weekend away together. It can be in a new country, an old favorite spot you’ve been to many times, or even a staycation. A change of scenery is always fun…

20. Throw a BBQ – you don’t need to be strictly a twosome to have romantic fun as a couple! Invite a few friends over for a BBQ, turn the music up, and enjoy hosting together as the amazing power couple you are. 

21. Have a games night – let your competitive streak shine through in a games night. Invite people to bring their favorite board games over, crack open a bottle of wine, and let the good times flow…

22. DIY spa day – take it in turns giving each other a massage. Buy some nice lotion, light some candles, and find a chilled playlist. 

23. Go to a gig – choose one of your favorite bands or take a chance on one neither of you have heard of! Let your hair down and have a wild night out, just like old times…

24. Homemade cocktails – find some tasty recipes online, stock up on ingredients and cute cocktail umbrellas, throw on your finest Hawaiian shirt, and get mixing…

25. DIY Come Dine With Me – choose 2 courses each (canapes, starters, mains and desserts) and rate each other’s dishes out of 10. Choose a fun prize for the winner! 

26. Buy each other a book – head to a bookstore and each choose something you think the other would love. Then spend the day reading your new novel in the park, a cafe, or at home on the sofa. 

27. Attend a pottery class – get messy! Make each other a mug, make a big bowl together, or just enjoy doing something new together. It doesn’t really matter if you’re good at it or not, it’s about bonding and doing something fun together. 

28. Head to a stand-up comedy night – sure, it might be awful, but that’s half the fun! Stick your names on the list if you’re brave enough to do a double-act…

29. Hit the karaoke bar – sing your hearts out, either as a couple or with a bunch of friends. Sometimes, the most romantic thing to do together is just being silly!

30. Switch off from the world – have a day with no phones! Agree not to check your emails, Instagram, or Facebook for the day and just enjoy each other’s company instead. 

31. Visit a gallery – find an exhibition and make a day of it. Hold hands as you wander around, share your thoughts on the artwork, and buy each other something silly in the gift shop.

32. Head to a museum – find one you both love, whether it’s history, science, or a tiny museum of a local village! 

33. Go stargazing – wrap up warm and find somewhere comfy to watch the stars. Drive out to a field or set up a blanket in your garden. Either way, take in the beautiful night sky and see what you can spot…

34. Drive somewhere new – point your finger at a random spot on a national map and drive there! You’ll find something fun to do, whether it’s a new walk, a locals’ bar, or exploring a buzzing city. 

35. Make a scrapbook – have fun reliving your memories together. Stick in photos, movie tickets, menus from your favorite restaurant, or a dried flower from the first bouquet he gave you. 

36. Go foraging together – go for a stroll in nature and find exciting things to take home. It could be herbs, beautiful flowers, or mushrooms to cook with! Check online for safe (and legal) places you can do this in your local area. 

37. Create a bucket list – share your dreams for the future and make a big list of all the things you want to do together. Daydreaming of your future lives together is super romantic and is a big commitment that you’ll both appreciate. 

38. Go for a cycle – rent a bike if you don’t have one and head out on a sunny day. See where you end up…

39. Recreate your first ever date – this is such a romantic idea and will really bring back some amazing memories for the both of you!

40. Find a drive-in movie – make your car as cozy as possible, take a bunch of snacks, and enjoy this old-school date. 

41. Visit your hometowns – sharing your history with each other is a lovely way to feel closer together and really bond. Show them your old school, the park you used to hang out in, and the cinema you watched your favorite movies at as a teenager. 

42. Binge a movie marathon – maybe you both love the same movie franchise or series. Line them up on Netflix, make a huge bowl of popcorn, and get cozy on the sofa for the next 8-12 hours!

43. Have a midnight feast – there’s something so cute about doing things at midnight! Wake each other up for a sweet indoor picnic as a special treat. 

44. Host a fancy dress/ themed evening – decorate the house together, design a themed menu, find matching or silly outfits, and invite your friends over for a fun evening. 

45. Play crazy golf – embrace your competitive edge in a fun way! Go as a couple or with a group of friends and have fun putting (pun intended) the world to rights.

46. Go to IKEA – sharing a life with someone is pretty romantic in itself, and what better way to show that commitment than buying furniture together? 

47. Read poetry to each other – it might sound silly, but there’s a reason this is in so many rom-coms! If you’re feeling a bit embarrassed about it, crack open a bottle of wine before you start reciting some Keats. 

48. Buy plants – again, this shows some commitment to each other, which is romantic in itself. You can also make a fun day of it – grab a coffee, go for a wander to a local plant nursery, and have fun picking out some new plant babies for your home. 

49. Have a bath – light some candles, put on a nice, mellow playlist, and have a bath together. You can throw in a bath bomb, take a glass of wine with you, or set up your laptop and watch a movie while you soak. This is a lovely, intimate way to spend some romantic time together as a couple. 

50. Just be with each other – sometimes, the most romantic thing in the world is just being around the person you love. Whatever you get up to, spend a day just appreciating each other and expressing how much you love each other. Spending quality time together is so important when it comes to having a strong, healthy relationship – so embrace it!

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