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50 Funny Jokes To Tell Your Boyfriend That Will Make His Face Hurt With Laughter

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Want to make your boyfriend laugh? Want to tease him, poke fun at him, or simply cheer him up?

Whether over text or face-to-face, a silly one-liner can be just the thing to put a smile on both your faces.

From the cheesy to the cute to the flirty, we’ve got 50 unique jokes to tell your boyfriend. Which will you tell today?

1. Boyfriends are like sporks. They can do more than one thing, badly.

2. Moses was said to lead his people through the desert for 40 years, over 1,000 years B.C. That’s how long men have avoided asking for directions.

3. Why is it a bad idea to laugh at your girlfriend’s decisions? Because you’re one of them!

4. Boyfriends are like new cars. They start out smelling great but it doesn’t last.

5. Boyfriends are like the Bermuda Triangle, a mystery!

6. Why are men so immature? They’re stuck in ele-men-tary school.

7. Men love DIY, especially when it comes to looking foolish.

8. Do you know the average engagement lasts 15 months? I think we’re above average. 😉 😘 💍

9. Why shouldn’t you date a guy who wears briefs? Because they don’t last long.

10. Why are men so sensitive about their height? Because they’re worried about looking grown up!

11. Did you know that people with similar levels of attractiveness often end up together? We must be an anomaly.

12. Are you a pie crust? I’ve got fillings for you!

13. I know you love a bargain, so tonight my clothes will be 100% off.

14. What do me and your PC have in common? We’re both going to crash at yours tonight.

15. What is empty, but full of potential? That spare drawer you should let me use!

16. How do you take your coffee? I take mine off of the most handsome man in the world.

17. Are you a French baker? You make me baguette my problems!

18. Are you a dinosaur? Because I’m raptor round your finger!

19. Are you a mojito? Because we’re mint to be together and lime all yours!

20. Do you buy and sell used products online? Because you’re my e-bae!

21. Do you like Star Wars, because Yoda one for me!

22. Are you into role-play? I could be a baker, you could be a bread roll.

23. I made you this salad because I love you from my head tomatoes.

24. Why do women always steal their date’s fries instead of ordering their own? Reparations.

25. Knock knock. Who’s there? Juno. Juno who? Juno how much I love you?

26. Do you want to be the little spoon, or would you rather fork?

27. I love Italian desserts and I cannoli think about you!

28. How do telephones propose? With a ring, obviously!

29. Are you a potato? Because I find you a-peel-ing!

30. Have you ever been to South America? Because you’re one in a Brazilian!

31. Sorry if something seems fishy, I’m just being koi!

32. Are you a geologist? Because you rock!

33. What do you call a list of potential partners? A men-u!

34. Let’s have a date at the owl sanctuary – it’ll be a hoot!

35. What has bristles and goes unnoticed? The toothbrush you didn’t know I left at your place!

36. Can you guess what my favourite part of dinner is? The inter-course!

37. What’s your favourite dish? Mine is you!

38. You must be a bulb, because you light up my life!

39. Are you a tattoo artist? Because I’m ink-lined to buy you dinner.

40. I’m not a pastry chef, I’ll never dessert you!

41. Are you a volcanologist? Because I lava you!

42. I might be a fish because I’m hooked on you!

43. Relationships are like roses. They always look great but if you handle them wrong they can really hurt.

44. Are you predictive text? Because you autocomplete me!

45. You’ll never hear me wine about being bored-aux around you!

46. You must be a drum machine because you make my heart beat!

47. Why are girls worried about men loving them if they were worms? Because we know the secret that men are worms!

48. You’re like a car driven by a lion. You drive me wild.

49. Are you caramel? You’re too sweet!

50. Are you an astronaut? You’re out of this world!

If you wanted a joke to make your boyfriend laugh, you’ve hopefully found a few in this list. We’re especially keen on funny puns, but you probably realized this about halfway through.

Don’t stop here, though. The best jokes are the ones that have a special meaning for the two of you, so if you can think of an inside joke that will have you laughing harder than anything you’ve seen here, go for it.

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