15 personality traits that indicate you’re a wise person

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1. You know how and when to apply your knowledge: a wise person has a great deal of knowledge and, importantly, they know when that knowledge is useful and how best to apply it to their current situation.

2. You are open-minded: a wise person knows that their knowledge and beliefs are but one viewpoint, and they appreciate diverse perspectives, going so far as to seek them out to ensure they have a more balanced understanding of the world.

3. You engage in reflection of yourself, of situations, and of the wider world: a wise person knows that there is something to be learned from every experience, so they reflect on things regularly to glean the lesson or understand something better.

4. You are willing to do what is right, even when it is difficult: a wise person is a righteous person whose integrity never comes into question. They never shy away from a difficult choice if it is the fairest and most honorable choice to make.

5. You make as few assumptions as possible: a wise person knows that when you assume something, you are just asking to be proved wrong, so they stick to the facts and take things and people as they see them.

6. You seek to understand and accept the ramifications of your actions: a wise person knows that every action has a consequence, and that it’s not always immediately clear what that consequence is. But they seek to predict what might happen as best they can and accept responsibility for whatever action they take.

7. You demonstrate a balanced and thoughtful approach to decision-making: a wise person gives due consideration to each choice available to them when deciding a course of action. Of course, they can act quickly when required, but they don’t make rash decisions when time is on their side.

8. You are humble: a wise person knows they don’t know everything, and they are happy to admit this to others. They also don’t brag when they do know something, but graciously share their perspective or experiences when required.

9. You are patient: a wise person understands that good things often come to those who wait. They know that learning or achieving things of worth often requires hard work over a prolonged period rather than having them drop into their lap.

10. You don’t seek to control that which is out of your hands: a wise person understands the limit of their own influence and doesn’t waste their energy trying to control something which is beyond their remit.

11. You live to learn: a wise person is full of curiosity and wonder about the world around them and the people and things in it. They enjoy expanding their knowledge and they are always keen to listen attentively to others’ stories or advice.

12. You embrace change: a wise person understands that change is the only constant in this world, and they embrace it when it comes rather than trying to fight against something that will happen whether they want it to or not.

13. You make the most of bad situations: a wise person doesn’t seek out hardship, but they do try to approach it with a resilient and adaptable mindset, knowing that you can either make the most of what you face or add to your own suffering by giving in.

14. You are aware of your own limitations: a wise person doesn’t put themself on a pedestal and claim to be “better than” others. On the contrary, they are just as aware of their weaknesses as they are of their strengths.

15. You are comfortable with uncertainty: a wise person accepts that they cannot know for sure what awaits them around the next corner, but rather than brace for the worst and live in fear of it, they take a confident step forward in the knowledge that they have what it takes to cope with whatever the future holds.

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