21 reasons life is boring AF (most people will relate to at least one of these)

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1. Every day feels the same: it’s just the same story, again and again, day after day, and you’re sick and tired of the monotony. You yearn for some variety, something a bit different.

2. There’s a distinct lack of meaning in your life: you just can’t see the point of it all. Your existence feels hollow, like nothing really matters, and that bores you to tears.

3. Your life is a constant struggle: when you are always trying to get through the day or to the next paycheck, it can drain you physically and emotionally, leaving you feeling unfulfilled.

4. Your relationships aren’t doing it for you: whether it’s your friends, family, or intimate partners, your relationships aren’t providing the kind of stimulation or connection you desire.

5. Nothing challenges you: you might be coasting through life in a stable job and a healthy relationship, but you don’t feel challenged by anything. You are forever living inside your comfort zone, which is pleasant enough but lacking in excitement.

6. You have no passions and no real hobbies: there’s not a lot you feel compelled to do through sheer innate motivation, no real passion for anything to keep you driven and determined. Nor do you have any regular, meaningful hobbies you get enjoyment from.

7. You just can’t find the time for your passions and hobbies: maybe you are full of passion and have hobbies you really enjoy, but due to time constraints, you aren’t able to indulge in either passions or hobbies very often.

8. There’s no risk in your life: if you enjoy taking risks but your life is lacking in that department, you might equate your everyday safety and security with having a mundane existence.

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9. You feel like you’ve done it all, seen it all, got the t-shirt: you’ve had various goals and ambitions in your life, but you’ve already achieved those to a large extent. And you feel like there’s little on the horizon to get excited about.

10. Your dreams are left unfulfilled: you might still have dreams, but they are so far from being realized and with little hope of ever achieving them that you just feel defeated and bored by the whole experience.

11. You’ve stagnated as a person: we are all on our unique journeys through life, and we grow and change a lot over the years. If you feel that your development has stalled—or worse still, reversed—that lack of progress can make life feel ever so dull and disappointing.

12. Your expectations of life are unrealistic: you want adventure, you want excitement, and you want lots of it. But because the reality of life doesn’t live up to your expectations, everything feels more than a little bit grey and lackluster.

13. You are depressed: depression literally depresses your emotions and can suck all the joy out of life. There is a big overlap between chronic boredom and depression, so it might be worth considering this link in your own life.

14. You just don’t have the energy: you may want to do things, engage in hobbies or passions, strengthen your relationships, or be spontaneous, but if there is a reason why you don’t have the physical or mental energy for those things, life can become uninspiring.

15. You feel stuck: if there is something you’d like to change in your life, somewhere you’d like to be in the near future, but you cannot see a path to get there, then you might be stuck in a rut and hopeless of ever getting out.

16. You are passively hoping that life will become exciting: you’re not the type to go out and make things happen and infuse your life with fun and excitement. Instead, you wait for things to happen. And when they don’t, you feel a deep sense of boredom.

17. You feel a lack of control: you don’t feel you have the autonomy to direct life where you want it to go. That could be due to circumstances you have no say over such as a chronic illness or financial restrictions. Whatever it is, you have no zest for life because of it.

18. Technology has altered how you think: 24/7 access to technology and mental stimulation can have the unforeseen consequence of reducing your attention span and making it more difficult for you to engage in meaningful and engaging activities.

19. You are living inauthentically: you’ll struggle to get full enjoyment from life if you hide your true self behind a mask or false identity. If you spend all day being someone you’re not, you will find it exhausting and unfulfilling.

20. Your surroundings don’t inspire you: the environment you spend most of your time in can greatly influence how you feel about life. If that environment is a boring office cubicle, subway train, and cream-walled rental property, it’s no wonder you feel uninspired and restless.

21. You don’t care about much at all: if you are apathetic about everything, you probably struggle to see what there is to be excited about in life. Your indifference leads to utter and chronic boredom.

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