15 Of The Best Hobbies For Introverts

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There’s a huge, misguided stereotype that all introverts are shy and hate spending time with other people.

This is definitely not true!

A lot of introverts simply look inwards for support and comfort, while extroverts often reach out to others when they’re feeling in need of those things.

Because introverts tend to be at ease with themselves, there are some great hobbies that make the most of that character trait.

Here are our 12 best hobbies for introverts – company optional! 

1. Reading.

Introverts tend to look to themselves for comfort, which makes reading such a great hobby for them.

Reading is all about the story. It gives you a chance to spend some peaceful time alone while immersing yourself in another world.

Get absorbed in something exciting or romantic, or solve crimes with your favorite fictional detective.

Whatever you choose to read, make a cup of tea and get settled into enjoying time on your own, in your own little world.

2. Creative writing.

Creative writing gives you the chance to explore all of those imaginary worlds your mind comes up with when you’re alone.

Being an introvert means that you’re often pretty comfortable in your own company, so explore that and use this as an opportunity to get creative.

Other people can sometimes stifle creativity, or are a distraction when you’re really just in the mood to be alone and get creative.

Write about all those things your imagination comes up with when you’re enjoying your own company and see where it takes you.

3. Journalling.

Introverts often self-soothe rather than reaching out to others for help. This can mean they sometimes get caught up in their feelings.

Using yourself for comfort and support is a great skill to have, but don’t forget that there are ways to deal with your feelings that can be halfway between yourself and another person!

Journalling is a fantastic outlet if you’re feeling a bit anxious or upset.

It’s a way of letting all of those emotions out in a safe space, without having to interact with anyone. 

4. Baking.

One of the best things about enjoying alone time and being your own support system is that you get to eat all the raw cake mix!

Baking is so much fun, and is a lovely way to unwind after a tough day, or to enjoy on a lazy Sunday morning.

Search for some recipes, stock up on chocolate chips, and grab your apron.

Bake for yourself, take some to work for your colleagues, or surprise your neighbor with a fresh batch of muffins.

5. Yoga.

Being an introvert means you’re probably pretty good at sitting with yourself, acknowledging how you feel, and reflecting on how you can move forwards with things that may be troubling you.

Yoga is such a great tool in this kind of situation – you don’t need to talk about how you feel or reach out to others, you can just use this time and space to process.

If you like the idea of practicing alone, look at YouTube for some tutorials (Yoga With Adrienne is our favorite channel for at-home classes!).

Heading to a studio for a class is also great – everyone is there to unwind, work up a sweat, and get out of their heads, so you won’t be bothered by small talk. 

6. Crafting.

Crafting is such a lovely way to spend your spare time. Mainly because you end up with something cute or funny at the end of it!

Search Etsy for some easy at-home craft kits and get making, order an adult coloring book to work on, or give knitting a go and see where it takes you.

These creative activities, amongst others, are great for introverts as you’ll easily become absorbed by whatever it is you’re working on.

7. Cooking.

Having the kitchen to yourself is such a blessing – and something many introverts already love.

If you’re looking for a new hobby, cooking is a great place to start.

You can search online for recipes online to suit your needs – low-cost, healthy, vegan, gourmet, whatever you’re in the mood for.

Make it an event and stick on some great music, crack open some wine, and have a boogie while you cook.

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8. Floristry.

Again, getting a bit creative is such a good way to spend your downtime, and floristry is something you might never have considered.

You’ll have something beautiful to look at once done, and you’ll have some time to really get out of your head and focus purely on what you’re doing with your hands.

If you’re after a low-budget option, head to your local craft store for some oasis or a wreath and head to a supermarket for cheaper flowers.

If you can afford to, visit your local florist, support your community, and splash out on some beautiful blooms to play around with. 

9. Netflix.

Okay, this might sound too lazy to be a hobby, but, sometimes, it’s exactly what you need!

Not every hobby has to end with you gaining some muscle or having a new piece of homemade artwork, after all.

Spending your spare time binging on your favorite series or swotting up with a new documentary is still valid.

It’s something you enjoy doing, it helps you unwind, and it helps you learn. Friends is educational, right? 

10. Podcast and chill.

I love nothing more than heading out for a walk and plugging myself into a new podcast.

Or listening to one in the bath, or having one on in the background while I cook.

Listening to podcasts is so great – especially if you live alone and sometimes get a little bit lonely (yes, introverts get lonely too!).

Find a topic you’re interested in, Google the 10 best podcasts to do with that topic and get listening.

It’s a great way to engage in an interesting (if one-sided) conversation and get some fresh perspectives on things.

There are also some amazing self-help podcasts out there if you prefer to process things on your own rather than talking to a friend about them. 

11. Running.

As an introvert, you’re pretty used to solo activities, and running is another one to add to that list.

Running is a great hobby – it helps you get out of your head after a long day, it gives you heaps of energy (even if it also takes heaps of energy!), and it’s great for your health.

Plan a route on Google Maps or download an app like Couch to 5k if you’re new to running. Track yourself with a FitBit or app like Strava and enjoy it. 

12. Gardening.

Gardening is such a great way to spend your spare time. You don’t need a huge garden – any space you have to grow some plants is enough.

Get some little windowsill plants, hang a planter on your balcony, or buy some potted plants for your yard.

Whatever you choose to grow, immerse yourself in choosing the plants, painting the pots yourself, watching them grow, doing some weeding, and getting stuck in!

Getting closer to nature and using your hands is never going to be a bad thing.

13. Get musical.

Learning a new instrument might sound a bit intense, but it doesn’t need to be.

Head to a music store to see what feels right, or search online for a second-hand instrument if you want to experiment a bit before you really invest.

Playing music and learning a new skill is such a great hobby and will also help to improve your self-esteem. 

14. Learn a new language.

What better way to spend some downtime than by learning a new language?

There are so many websites, videos, and apps available to support you along your linguistic journey!

Choose the language of the country you love the most and set up a virtual school in your living room.

Pro tip – watching Netflix shows in the language, with English subtitles, is a good way to get more familiar with vocabulary/accents. 

15. Hiking.

As mentioned above, getting out in nature is always going to be a solid foundation for a new hobby!

Hiking is a great way to leave behind any stress and just enjoy being outdoors.

The fresh air is amazing for your body, and you’ll be able to explore some beautiful areas around your home and beyond.

Plan out a route, pack up a little rucksack, and set off on an adventure.

Spending some time with yourself like this is so healthy, but, if it feels weird, take a friend’s dog with you – you’ll be helping them out if they’ve got a busy week, and you’ll get comfortable with being out on your own more.

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