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13 Seemingly Minor Things That Mean The World To Women

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Making a grand gesture of love may be a welcome thing from a woman’s perspective, but, in truth, it is the little things that tend to matter more. Showing her how much she means to you by paying attention to the more minor details on a daily basis will win the heart of any girl.

The following 13 acts do NOT require a special occasion, but should, instead, become a natural part of any relationship. After all, love is a 365 day a year thing, and not something that only needs saying and showing on Valentine’s Day.

1. Try to remember details when she tells you things.

There’s no way you’ll be able to memorize every single thing that she tells you, but you ought to try your best to get a firm grip on the most important details. Having to repeat herself might make her think that you’re not really paying attention when she speaks and this can make her feel less valued.

A memory champion you may not be, but showing a willingness to remember things will go down well with her.

2. Communicate your feelings – the good and the bad.

Most women enjoy an inclusive relationship, and a significant part of this is feeling included in your emotions. While it may be easier to demonstrate your happiness and joy, you shouldn’t forget that she also wants to know when you are anxious or sad.

Being so open with her makes her feel special; it shows that you trust her and that you are not afraid to appear vulnerable in front of her.

3. Hug her daily.

However manly you may think you are, a good hug is definitely not something to shy away from. Women really appreciate the closeness it provides and the comfort it brings and it shows that physicality needn’t be reserved for the bedroom.

What’s more, hugging is a proven way to boost the connection you feel thanks to the bond-strengthening hormones that are released.

4. Cook up a storm for her in the kitchen.

It doesn’t matter how accomplished you are when it comes to cooking, you should be capable of knocking up a meal for her at least once a week. She will welcome the effort that you go to and most women find it a turn on to see their man preparing a fresh and delicious dinner for them.

If you can master her favorite dish then even better!

5. Surprise her with flowers once in a while.

As old fashioned as it may sound, a bunch of flowers always brings a smile to a woman’s face. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to stop off and buy a bright, welcoming bouquet to greet her with.

Off the cuff gestures such as this remind her that you think of her throughout the day.

6. Be silly together.

Being able to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously is a trait that women typically value in a man. It means that they can be silly with you and not worry about what they look like or sound like.

So let your inner child loose on a regular basis and share some laughter with your partner.

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7. Take extra special care of her when she’s feeling unwell.

Showing extra care and consideration for her when she’s not feeling 100% will score you lots of brownie points and make her feel truly loved. Taking care of anything that needs doing and generally being at her beck and call may not seem like much to you, but it will mean the world to her in her hour of need.

8. Watch what she wants to watch.

You may not enjoy watching the same shows as her, but TV time is not something that you should dictate. Sitting down together to watch something she enjoys is a good way to demonstrate your willingness to learn more about her and your desire for equality. After all, how many times do you get to watch what you want?

9. Show her spontaneous signs of affection.

Aside from the hugs we spoke about earlier, you should surprise her with impromptu signs of affection on a daily basis. And we’re not talking about the kisses goodbye in the morning that happen anyway, but those that occur without any expectation or warning.

Spontaneity such as this serves as a reminder of how much you care.

10. Get her whatever you’re getting.

Going to the kitchen to get a drink? Get her one too. Grabbing a slice of cake while out and about? Buy a second piece and take it home to her. It’s the smallest of things, but it will fill her heart and make her smile.

11. Give her a massage or stroke her hair.

After a long hard day, there is little a woman is likely to enjoy more than a nice massage or some hair stroking. Not only will it help her relax and unwind, but it will make her feel special.

You can do it while snuggling up on the couch or while lying in bed, so there really are no excuses not to do this one.

12. Keep the place tidy.

It doesn’t matter whether you live together, or stay at each other’s places occasionally, you should always do your bit to keep your shared space clean and tidy. It is no longer common nor desirable to let her do all of the housework, even if you don’t mind a little bit of mess yourself.

13. Hold her hand when walking in public.

While over-the-top public displays of affection might not be appreciated, the simple act of holding her hand while walking around in public can mean a great deal to her. It shows to her that you are proud of her and the relationship you have together and that you are not afraid to let the world know.

These and other simple gestures can go a long way in showing your partner how much you love, respect, and appreciate them. They don’t take much, but they mean an awful lot, so take note and put them into practice starting today.

We want to hear from you – both men and women – and find out whether you agree with this list and what else you’d add to it if you could.

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