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10 Things Every Woman Wants To Feel In A Relationship

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For a woman to fully commit to a relationship, for her to throw her heart and soul into it, she must experience a number of distinct feelings.

These are the essentials that provide the foundations for her belief in the relationship.

Without them, she will be unable to be truly herself; to show her untethered, unmasked soul.

There are 10 such feelings in all, and they form part of one whole, like pieces of a puzzle that need to be in place before the complete picture can be viewed.

1. She Wants To Feel Safe And Secure

A woman wants to feel safe with her partner.

This not only refers to her physical self, but also her emotional wellbeing.

She wants to know that no part of her person will be attacked in any way; this includes her body, confidence, self-belief, identity, views, morals, and choices.

When she feels confident that no harm will come to her from being in the relationship, she can begin to let her true self shine through.

The security aspect comes from knowing that her partner is invested in the relationship too, but this mostly stems from the nine other points that follow.

2. She Wants To Feel Appreciated

As one half of a couple, a woman wants to know that her partner is truly appreciative of her and all that she brings.

She wants to feel wanted; to be in no doubt that her partner values her for who she is; to know that they are grateful to have her in their life.

This stretches all the way from the little thank yous in everyday life, to the more deliberate and grand declarations of gratitude.

3. She Wants To Feel Respected

Today’s woman wants to be seen as an equal partner in a relationship and, to this end, she wants to be treated with respect.

Her views are just as valid as her partner’s, and her responsibilities are no less important.

She wants to be listened to – properly listened to – where her opinions count and where decisions are made together through reasoned discussion.

She needs to believe that her partner views her as an equal and does not merely pretend to do so.

4. She Wants To Feel Trusted And Trustful

Trust goes both ways in a relationship, and a woman wants to feel both that her partner trusts her and that she can trust her partner.

This can be a difficult hurdle to overcome for a woman who has had her trust broken in the past, but it is one of the most crucial of all feelings when it comes to relationship success.

This trust has to grow inside of her, driven by her partner’s actions and not just their words.

Equally, she can’t be dealing with mistrust from her partner; if they get jealous or suspicious every time she speaks to someone else, the relationship is doomed to fail.

5. She Wants To Feel Cared For

Without necessarily wanting to be financially supported or looked after, a woman needs to know that her partner cares deeply for her.

She wants them to be attentive to her changing needs, responding in a way that makes her feel special.

When they show a sincere concern for her feelings and wellbeing, she knows that they are prepared to go out of their way to try and help.

This is the kind of caring she desires most.

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6. She Wants To Feel Vulnerable And For That To Be Understood

Every person – man or woman – has times when they feel vulnerable.

Showing this vulnerability is a big deal, and for a woman, it is necessary to feel able to do so in the knowledge that it will be met with understanding.

She wants to be able to express her sadness, pain, and anguish openly and receive a shoulder to cry on, an ear to speak to, and a comforting hug of reassurance.

She does not want to be told to “get over it” or to “put on a brave face” because these do nothing but feed into the root cause of her vulnerability.

7. She Wants To Feel Validated

The previous point about vulnerability can be extended further to the validation of all a woman’s thoughts and feelings.

Whether or not her partner feels the same way, it is necessary for them to accept that this is how she feels and that this is not something they can change or object to.

If she feels angry, she wants her partner to recognize this as a valid emotion, and the same goes for any other feeling she may have.

8. She Wants To Feel Prioritized

When she enters a relationship, a woman wants to feel that she matters.

She understands that she can’t always come first – there will be times when family and work have to be taken care of – but she wants to know that, for the most part, her partner prioritizes her.

This doesn’t mean cutting ties from all other friends, hobbies, and responsibilities; it does mean choosing her over the alternatives more often than not – and especially when she needs him to or asks him to.

9. She Wants To Feel Certain

Doubts are corrosive things – they have the ability to eat away at a relationship, even causing issues that didn’t previously exist.

So a woman wants to feel certain that her future lies with her partner.

She wants to look at them and instinctively know, deep in her heart, that they are someone she could happily spend the rest of her life with.

Not only that, she has to be confident that they feel the same way as she does and that there exists an unshakeable, shared commitment.

10. She Wants To Feel Loved

It almost goes without saying that a woman wants to feel loved by her partner; she wants to experience that indescribable essence that only comes from a true, heartfelt bond between two people.

Really, though, love comes when the previous nine feelings have been attained.

If one of them is lacking, love will struggle to flourish, but as soon as they are all present, love is almost inevitable.

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