15 Ways The Beautifully Broken Girl Loves Differently

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You might not always be able to see them, but her eyes will hide scars that run deep and true.

She has fought off heartache and despair to get where she is today, and even though the wounds may not yet be fully healed, the beautifully broken girl still has love within her.

She just loves a bit differently to others…

1. She Knows Her Own Worth

She might not have always thought it, but she has come to the realization that she is worth so much more than how others have treated her in the past. She won’t settle for anything less than what she knows she deserves.

2. She Knows Her Own Strength

She’s been emotionally bruised and beaten, but she’s come through it with steely grit and determination. What she’s been through previously has shown her just how strong she is and how capable she can be when needed.

3. She Keeps Her Guard Up

After facing her dark, hurtful past, she is unsurprisingly cautious and maintains a protective barrier between herself and others when she first meets them. This guard is for her own wellbeing and she makes no excuses for keeping it up.

4. Meaning She’ll Take A Little Longer To Open Her Heart To You

She takes small, tentative steps on the path to love because she understands the dangers of falling too quickly. With time she’ll begin to soften and the door to her heart will open wider, a fraction at a time, until you’re able to step through.

5. But Then She’ll Share Her Full Story With You

She’s been through rough times and she isn’t keen on sharing these with any old person. But when she finally feels ready, she’ll tell you everything; her voice may tremble and she may have to fight through tears, so be ready to wipe them away and hold her tight.

6. She Is Challenging

She’s battled against adversity and sorrow, but the war might never be over. Her past is not suddenly going to be forgotten, and she will sometimes struggle with it, so don’t expect life with her to be one, long walk in the park. She will challenge you from time to time, but the rewards are certainly worth it.

7. She May Retreat Into Herself When Hurting

When she feels hurt, either by you or another, she’ll find a nice dark corner within herself and hide in it for a while. This is her natural defense mechanism and one that allows her to heal and rebalance. She may appear outwardly distant or moody, but this time is essential for her.

8. And She May Be A Little Paranoid

Given her past experiences, it is little wonder that she carries a little paranoia around with her. She’s not keen on a repeat performance, so she maintains a heightened sensitivity to any potential threats.

9. So She’s Forever Worrying About How You’re Feeling

She knows that discontent can lurk quietly in the shadows for long periods before showing its ugly face. So she’ll always be slightly concerned about how you are feeling – especially towards her. She will worry when you’re stressed, sick, sad, or struggling and she will want to do everything in her power to help you.

10. After All, She Knows The Extremes Of Joy And Despair

Having been broken into pieces before, she understands how dark life can be and how far away the light at the end of the tunnel can seem. But thanks to these low times, she has also experienced absolute joy and bliss unlike that felt by those who haven’t suffered like she has.

11. She Has Kindness In Her DNA

She would never wish her suffering on anyone else; instead, she seeks to spread kindness as far and wide as she can. She knows the positive effect that one small gesture can have on another person and she won’t pass up the opportunity to try and put a smile on someone’s face.

12. But She Knows How To Fight For You

She’s battled hardened and ready to fight when it is required. She will defend and protect you in any way that she can; she’s a warrior and she’s not afraid to bear arms to stand by those that she loves.

13. She Seeks Substance Over Style

She has heard her fair share of cheap, meaningless words and isn’t impressed solely by good looks or a flash lifestyle. She knows that true value is hidden beneath the surface, where actions show how a person really feels. The morals and values of a partner mean so much more to her than the promise of being wined and dined.

14. Although She Does Appreciate The Little Things

She can’t be swayed by grand gestures, but she is truly grateful when someone pays attention to the little things in life. To her, it shows far more care and affection than the staged, infrequent declarations of love that some people prefer.

15. She Isn’t Afraid To Love Again

However many broken pieces she may have, she hasn’t turned her back on love completely. She can love as much as the next person; it might just scare her a little more.

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