What Exactly Should You Be Asking The Universe For?

From our earliest times as sentient beings, we’ve looked to the umbrella above our heads for guidance. The sun, the moon, the stars, they all seem to have answers, if we only knew how to listen and what to ask.

In those early days of humanity, survival was our first priority, so appeals to the universe likely followed a predictable course, even without language: food, warmth, alleviation of pain, return of someone or something lost, and the promise of seeing another day.

…which isn’t entirely different from today, except now we have very specific names for things: lottery winnings, fame, job promotion, life partner. And most of the time we think the universe isn’t listening, but maybe it is. Maybe we’re receiving without knowing we’re asking for what we truly need.

Here are seven things that you may wish to ask the universe for:


It’s so easy to feel lost these days, which is ironic considering how reliant the modern human is on GPS. In days gone by, an existential crisis was thought to be the territory of philosophers and poets, but it’s all of us. It’s always been all of us.

What is my purpose here?” is a universal question, but it’s one that too often gets pushed aside by “What things will give me purpose here?” It’s important to keep in mind that a house, love, and prosperity are the fruits of purpose, not the roots.

We should seek guidance by digging deep beneath the surface soil of our lives to see what we, as individuals within the All, exist as at the root. Once we’ve uncovered our root selves, we can move forward with purpose and in light.

Love (of Self)

If we pulled every star from the galactic sky, the number on hand still wouldn’t exceed the number of times a plea for love went heavenward. We are a species that craves connection.

Very often and very easily we look to the universe and ask, “Please reveal my soulmate to me.” Cosmic guidance, however, might be better served with “Please reveal my soul to me.”

We spend far more time hoping the universe will locate the puzzle piece that locks with us, rather than taking the time to look within and examine the shape of our own.

“Who am I when I am alone?” is just as important as “Who am I when I’m joined with another?”


A show of hands of people who’ve asked the universe for wealth and prosperity would appear to someone looking at the planet from space as if the Earth’s surface was made up of nothing but fingertips. We ask the universe for wealth all the time, but it’s always to escape something, isn’t it, not necessarily to grow or build for others?

Wealth to escape terrible living conditions; wealth to live a dream rather than a spirit-draining job; wealth to escape what the world says we are so that we can finally be the person we know ourselves to be.

We may not necessarily equate wealth with happiness, but we know it means escape.

The thing is, prisons are malleable. Even ex-convicts will tell you that being on the outside still feels like being on the inside. Our prisons travel with us unless and until we develop the patience to dismantle them stone by stone.

Seeking guidance on why we are where we are and how we keep ourselves there provides a means toward soul-freedom greater than any amount of financial manna ever will.

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As stated regarding love, humans are a connected species. Our senses are attracted to the energies and appetites of others. Often we’ll beseech the universe to expand our social range via friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

But what about connection to the soil? To plants, air, water, energy, the very essence of Life itself?

There are over 7 billion people on this island Earth, each in some way feeling isolated within a bag of connective tissues, fluids, autonomic systems, and desires. Each asking the universe to help them feel a part of something.

The universe gives each of us a trillion stars to count, but do we do that? Grasses grow beneath our feet but are greeted with rubber soles more often than bare skin.

The universe gives us the ability to imagine, empathize, and co-exist across multiple planes of interaction. We’re quick to ask that our eyes be opened to the wondrous. How ironic that we forget to include ourselves among the wonders.


Asking for guidance, love, connection, and prosperity is fine… but we have to know what we’re truly asking for. Definitions are important.

Do we want romance, or do we simply want to feel more confident in ourselves and our ability to be outgoing? Would instant cash really light fires of ambition under us? Do we want the universe to reveal our soulmates to us, or is our true desire to come to the realization that we need peace more than love?

Life can be a cloudy swirl of confusing, conflicting impulses. Asking the universe for clarity is the best way to make sure the questions we ask match the effort needed to begin to answer them.


Ask for forgiveness, because sometimes we screw up. We screw up so badly that we’re reluctant to ask even the people we screwed for forgiveness, but we need a soothing hand to come from somewhere.

Ask the universe to forgive that thing we carry around as “identity,” that encapsulating, defining bundle of squirming things we take out and hold to others as “me.”


Ask to learn from mistakes; ask for less ego; ask to exhibit more compassion and less reaction; ask for the grace to sing without a whiff of self-consciousness.

Ask for time. Time to create. Time to reflect. Time to cherish. Time to grow.

Ask this wonderful universe to help the Earth become a wonderful Earth for everyone. Ask that wounds be healed, damage be repaired, and injustices be reversed.

Ask to commune with nature because nature misses us. Ask for the ability to deliver a warm, single kiss that feels as if it lasts a year long.

Ask for the ability to exist as giving rather than taking.

They say the universe is constantly expanding at an amazing rate. No reason we can’t do the same.

A man said to the universe:
“Sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”
– Stephen Crane: A Man Said to the Universe

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