20 Sources Of Inspiration To Help You Get Inspired In Your Daily Life

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Looking for a little inspiration to get you through your day?

Inspiration can be found all around us if we just take the time to stop, look, and truly appreciate everything that life has given us, even in our toughest moments.

Mindfulness is centered around being present and in the moment. If you are in the moment, you can find daily inspiration in so many places – big or small.

Here are 20 sources of inspiration to get you started, though, in truth, they are the tip of the iceberg.

1. The Sunrise

When was the last time you really sat down and watched a sunrise? Or maybe a sunset, depending on your life and schedule?

Take a few minutes to set aside any distractions and really bask in the wonder and beauty of daybreak or nightfall and truly appreciate the wonder of life.

2. Past Achievements

Past achievements can serve as a reminder and a springboard for what you can accomplish in your present and future.

Nothing worthwhile is easy. There are so many things that started off as just small ideas that were built on over the course of time. Reflection can be an important reminder that there are still great things ahead for you in your life.

3. Progress

Achieving small goals on a regular basis is a fantastic way to build momentum toward larger successes.

It can be hard to navigate through the work that goes into building anything great, whether that be something as simple as a quiet life or as major as a career change. Regularly making progress can keep you motivated and moving forward.


There are times when we hear or read just a snippet of speech that resonates so deeply that we feel compelled to keep it with us.

Maybe it was a truth written by a philosopher from days long gone, or maybe it was something a grandparent used to say to us regularly that became a part of us. Inspirational quotes can give us great, actionable truths that we can go back and draw upon at any time.

5. Speeches

Great orators have long compelled and moved people toward action. The beauty of the internet is that you can tap into speeches, lectures, podcasts, and videos to capture a bit of that inspiration for yourself.

Not only are there deep messages to contemplate, but one can feel the force and weight of a speaker’s passion and conviction.

They might even compel you to write and give your own inspirational speech.

6. Art

Where would our society be without art? It doesn’t matter if it is a traditional painting done in a classical style, or a modern piece that thumbed its nose at traditional conventions at just the right time and place.

Art has helped instill emotions and inspire since humanity was living in caves. Make art. Appreciate art!

7. Music

Need to get pumped up or in the right mental space?! Music is an excellent way to shift one’s mood and slip into another perspective, amp up one’s energy, or simply lose oneself in the beats.

Music is an essential part of so many peoples’ lives, whether they are making or consuming it.

8. Poetry

Poetry can resonate deep in one’s soul when the poet is in tune with our own emotions and perspectives.

There is so much to be said about the human experience, to express one’s emotions in a way that can either help the writer process them or resonate deeply within the reader. The emotions of the poet can move us to our own progress and action. Embrace it.

9. Family

A loving, supportive family can serve as a regular form of inspiration.

Life is often full of tedious tasks, but it is much easier to shoulder those tasks when you know it will make the people you love happy or comfortable.

Appreciation, gratitude, and encouragement can serve as fuel to keep a person’s fires burning when the going is difficult.

10. Pets

A person’s pets are often their most cherished companions. After all, when a pet gives you a hard time, it’s often adorably frustrating in nature.

But there are so many times when one can look forward to arriving home to the excitement, joy, and unconditional love of a cherished pet after a hard day on the grind.

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11. Nature

There are so many places to find inspiration in nature that we could probably create a list of just those.

But, beyond the sunrise and sunset, there is also the peaceful solitude of time in the forest, watching wild animals scamper and play, seeing the beauty of flowers blooming, or listening to the sounds of water lapping at a shore.

12. Laughter

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Sharing a laugh with friends or coworkers can help relieve stress, facilitate joy, and provide energy for tackling more difficult projects.

Laughter can make somber and painful situations much easier to overcome because you know there will be joy that follows whatever challenges you face. Laugh often, laugh daily.

13. Spirituality

Are you a spiritual person? Meditation, prayer, and contemplation can all be a quiet source of peace and inspiration.

The ability to practice faith in the face of adversity or difficulty can help you find peace and strength in your overall journey. Studies have shown that it really doesn’t matter what you believe, but that believers are often happier and more driven than those who are not.

14. Goals

Goals are important. They are building blocks to success. Setting small goals that you can readily attain not only provides a bit of a dopamine boost from the celebration, but they provide tangible evidence that things are progressing as planned as you tick them off.

Just be sure to break large goals down into smaller ones, or you might find that they overwhelm and stifle inspiration instead.

15. Friends

A quality circle of good friends can make the difference between an inspirational day and a bland day.

Surround yourself with positive people that not only want you to succeed, but that you want to succeed as well. It’s important to give just as much if not more than what you receive to the people you call your friends.

16. Affirmations

A mantra or affirmation can serve as not only a grounding tool, but a source of inspiration.

You may want to sit down and write a brief statement that you can repeat to yourself when you feel like you are getting burned out or you’re facing a difficult challenge.

An affirmation that you’re on the right path and a valuable person can help shift your perspective.

17. Exercise

It is a well supported scientific fact that regular exercise provides great benefits to a person’s mental and physical well-being. Get out there and exercise!

A little bit of work for your body can reap great rewards day by day. It’s small, incremental changes that lead to much greater gains over a long period of time.

18. Kindness

Kindness is an easily accessible source of inspiration. The trick is to practice kindness with no expectation of what you will get out of the situation.

Not everyone will appreciate that, and some people will be suspicious that you are working an angle, but you can practice kindness and take solace in the fact that you put something positive into the world.

19. Change

A person can find so much inspiration in positive change. Change leads us to new things, allows us to become new and better people, and spurs us on to ever greater growth.

Embrace the process of change and learn to love the daily journey that comes with it. In doing so, you can be your own inspirational story and uplift yourself in the process.

20. A Conscious Rethink!

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