20 Signs The Guy At Work Likes You (How To Tell If He Fancies You)

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That guy at work.

You know the one.

Does he have a crush on you?

How can you tell?

Here are some sure signs that a male coworker likes you.

1. He’s acting weird around you.

No, not the creepy kind of weird.

The kind of weird where his behavior around you has changed enough for you to notice.

He might have a nervous energy to him.

He might act differently around you compared to your other colleagues.

He might not be quite sure what to say to you.

It may even feel a little awkward between you now.

2. He finds ways to be alone with you.

It’s more than just a coincidence if he happens to get a coffee at the same time as you.

Or if he needs to print something off just as you do.

He wants to share time together where it’s just the two of you, and he goes out of his way to make that happen.

Maybe he asks for your help setting up the meeting room, or if you can show him where a particular item is in the store cupboard.

He might even ask if you’d like to sit in the park and eat lunch together – so long as it’s just you and him.

3. He wants to be your problem-solver at work.

Whenever you hit a snag at work, you can be sure he’ll be the first one to lend a helping hand.

Nothing is too much for him and he goes above and beyond his own duties to make sure you find a solution.

He hopes that these favors will earn him a place in your heart one day.

4. He sits near you in meetings.

Trying to remain in close physical proximity to you is a clear sign that a male coworker likes you.

He may sit next to you whenever he can, or on the opposite side of the table so that he can gaze longingly at you and it not seem too strange.

If you’re not in an office setting, he still tries to stick close by you in whatever way he can.

He hopes that by always being nearby, you will think about him more often and grow a bond of familiarity that may then become more.

5. He switches shifts to match yours.

He stands zero chance of being near you if you are working opposite shifts.

So, if your work involves varying shifts of any kind, he will try to arrange it so that you and he are working at the same time as often as possible.

He may make excuses as to why he has to work a particular shift, even if his reasoning is rather far-fetched.

6. He wants to be your friend on social media.

Not all coworkers are close enough to connect on social media, but he has added you on Facebook and is following you on Instagram.

What’s more, he regularly interacts with your posts and even brings up what he has seen on your profiles in conversation.

He’s hoping to widen your relationship from colleagues to friends and then, hopefully in his mind, to something more.

7. He agrees with you on work stuff.

Whenever there are different opinions on work things, he almost always agrees with whatever you say or do.

He doesn’t want to oppose you for fear of annoying you, so would much rather silence his own view and just go along with you.

What’s more…

8. He praises you in front of colleagues.

He’s not as subtle in his admiration for your work as he might be in his admiration for you.

He openly praises you or your contribution to a project.

He wants it to be known that he thinks you’re great at what you do.

Again, this is his way of currying favor with you.

9. He defends you in front of colleagues.

Should you ever come in for some criticism, he tries his best to defend you.

He may put a positive spin on a negative situation or point out the incredible pressure you were under and how you’ve done well given the circumstances.

You probably see the pattern here – he does this to make you think positively of him.

10. He often compliments you.

Compliments are clear signs that a guy at work likes you.

If he often says nice things about how you look or smell or the clothes you’re wearing, he is hinting to you that he finds you attractive.

The only caveat here is if he generally likes to dish out the compliments to everyone, in which case, that’s just a part of who he is and it might not mean so much on its own.

11. He’s flirty.

If the compliments on their own don’t give it away, if this guy flirts with you and give lots of banter, it’s kind of obvious that he has a crush on you.

Compliments are one thing, but flirting isn’t usually something coworkers do, so if he’s trying some smooth lines or being overly playful, it’s a big sign.

12. You share some inside jokes.

Do you and he have some little things that only you understand or find funny?

Maybe you have given each other nicknames, or perhaps you have some code words that allow you to talk about other people without them knowing.

If only the two of you are ‘in’ on these things, it’s probably because he likes you and wants you to have a more special connection than regular colleagues.

13. He’s always asking about non-work things.

Does this guy regularly ask you how your evening or weekend was?

Is he curious to know more about who you are outside of work?

Do these questions go beyond the usual workplace pleasantries?

If so, he’s definitely interested in you.

He’s asking because he wants to form a deeper bond and understand you better.

14. He maintains eye contact (or can’t).

As a sign of attraction, eye contact can go both ways.

If he locks your gaze for long periods when speaking, there’s a good chance he’s interested in you.

Alternatively, if he struggles to look you in the eye at all, it could be because that level of intimacy with someone he likes makes him uncomfortable.

If you notice either of these slightly unusual levels of eye contact, there’s something going on there.

15. He always makes an effort with his appearance.

If this guy dresses to impress and purposefully styles himself well, he might be trying to attract you.

After all, it’s not so likely that you’ll think of him ‘that’ way if he turns up looking scruffy each day (unless that’s your thing).

This is an even stronger sign if he has only recently started to put in the effort and you’ve noticed the change.

16. He’s changed how he talks to you.

Does this guy now seem to talk to you as if he’s hitting on you?

Has his voice deepened? Has he adopted a smooth tone?

He’s unlikely to be aware of it, but when a guy likes you, he may naturally begin to speak in a more alluring manner.

17. His body language tells a story.

There are lots of ways that a man’s body language can be a sign of attraction.

Some of the most common are he stands tall with a straight posture, he raises his eyebrows at you, and he parts his lips when looking at you.

Another important one is that…

18. He mirrors you.

Is he doing things the way you do them?

Maybe he has started to sit like you, walk like you, or even talk like you.

This is a classic sign that a guy likes you.

He wants to be familiar to you so that you are more inclined to like him, and so he mirrors what you do and how you do it.

19. There is real sexual tension between you.

Regardless of any signs, you can just feel the sexual tension in the air whenever he is with you.

It’s a combination of all the above plus more, and it creates a powerful pull between you.

You know that he feels it too, just because it wouldn’t be so palpable if it were one-sided.

20. Your coworkers have said as much.

It’s hardly a sign, more of an outright admission that this guy at work likes you when your colleagues confirm the fact.

Perhaps he has told them so, or maybe they have picked up on the clear signs he’s giving off.

Either way, if it’s gotten to this point, you should be in no doubt.

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