100 Examples Of Personal Mantras (+ How To Create Your Own)

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When you speak, your words carry meaning and power.

You can use this to your advantage by saying personal mantras.

A mantra is something that you repeat either aloud or in your mind to focus your thoughts and energy.

These affirmations have been used for thousands of years, and they work. Mantras can be used in all sorts of situations.

This article will briefly look at what a mantra is and how to create one, before listing 100 examples that you can use or adapt for yourself.

Mantra Vs. Motto: What’s The Difference?

Mantras often get confused with mottos, but they are two different things that serve different purposes.

A mantra – the focus of this article – is a word or phrase designed to help you change your thinking in the present moment.

A mantra is used when your mind has drifted off course and you want to steer it back to more positive waters.

A mantra can be used to help overcome an obstacle that stands in your path or deal with a difficult situation.

A motto, on the other hand, focuses on the wider picture of your life and the type of person you wish to be.

A motto is an overriding theme that you wish to embody in everything that you do.

How To Create Your Own Personal Mantra(s)

Now that you know what a personal mantra is for, let’s discuss how you go about creating some for yourself.

Because you aren’t restricted by how many mantras you can have. You can have lots, each one best suited to a particular situation or thing that you struggle with.

Whilst there are no rules for writing a mantra, to help you find one that works for you, it is a good idea to keep these guidelines in mind:

Begin your mantra with “I” or “My” – mantras are for you, so you give them maximum power and effect by starting with these personal statements. Sometimes this is not possible, however, so this is a soft rule than can be broken if the right words come together.

Make your mantra short – you’ll get the most out of a mantra if you can easily remember it and easily repeat it again and again in your mind or out loud.

Make your mantra specific – again, for a mantra to be effective, it must focus on a particular issue or challenge that you are facing in the here and now.

Make your mantra positive – the way you word things matters, and a good mantra will always use positive words. For example, rather than saying “I will not let X defeat me,” you might say “I will triumph over X” instead. This way, you avoid the double negative “not defeat” and replace it with the positive “triumph.”

Now that you know how to make your own mantra, here are some examples for you to use or tailor to your own needs and style.

10 Mantras For Love

I am loveable. I am loved.

I am destined to find love.

I deserve to find true love.

I deserve a partner who loves me and treats me with respect.

My life partner is waiting for me to find them.

I wish to share my life with someone special.

I wish to give my heart to someone special.

My heart is open to love.

I will find true love when the time is right.

I wish to receive love and to give love.

10 Mantras For Inner Peace

I am at peace in the present moment.

My inner being is untouched by the outer world.

I am still.

I forgive others. I forgive myself. I am free.

I release the past. I trust in the present.

I am one with the world, now and always.

I accept that which happens in the present moment.

I am light and free having let go of my burdens.

My current circumstances are a gift to help me grow.

I choose serenity. I choose peace.

10 Mantras For Motivation

I act today to improve my life tomorrow.

I breathe in. I breathe out. I am ready.

This is the moment to begin.

I take one step, then another, then another.

I have the courage to do what is necessary to move forward.

I wake up with a fire in my belly.

My passion pushes me into action.

I bring my mind back into focus to get the job done.

I make progress with every second that passes.

I build unstoppable momentum with every step I take.

10 Mantras For Happiness

I choose happiness right here, right now.

I recognize all that I have to feel happy about.

My happiness is within me and I can access it anytime.

I look inside myself and I am happy with what I see.

I am happy with the life I lead.

I receive the gift of happiness gladly and with an open heart.

I give myself permission to be happy.

I am happy for others and their happiness.

I am happy to have such wonderful people in my life.

My happiness will return. Always.

10 Mantras for Self-esteem And Self-love

I deserve all that is good.

I accept who I am in my entirety.

I am worthy of the respect and kindness of others.

My body and my mind are uniquely beautiful.

I feel beautiful. I am beautiful.

I am enough. I have enough.

I feel good about the person I am.

I am capable and competent.

I am uniquely gifted and I share those gifts freely.

I love the person I am today.

10 Mantras For Self-Confidence

I can do this! I will do this!

My conviction is unwavering. I can achieve anything.

I believe in myself and my abilities.

I am braver than I think.

I am powerful. I am confident.

I can handle whatever life throws at me.

I will get through this with courage and determination.

I overcome my fears and take action.

I am free from the limits of my doubt.

My confidence rises with every breath I take.

10 Mantras For Success And Prosperity

My goals and my values align. I will succeed.

I take my vision and turn it into reality.

I see and take the opportunities that present themselves.

I accept this challenge in the knowledge that I have what it takes.

I create the life I wish to have.

My actions lead to a life of abundance.

I am one with abundance. Abundance is one with me.

I am grateful for all that I have, have had, and will have.

My wealth, in all its forms, increases day by day.

I develop and grow in ways that help me succeed.

10 Mantras For Healing

I make my health and well-being a priority.

I give myself time and space to heal.

I relinquish the emotional hurt that I’ve been holding onto.

I grow stronger with every passing day.

I am thankful for the healing taking place in my body.

I allow myself to feel so that I may heal.

I trust what my body is telling me and align my actions to its messages.

My vitality returns a little more each day.

My pain does not define me.

I honor my body and mind with what I choose to consume.

10 Mantras For Positive Energy

I put positivity into the universe. I get positivity back.

I surround myself with positive people.

I let go of things that no longer bring me joy.

My vibration is high. I attract good energy.

Each breath I take fills my body, mind, and spirit with positive energy.

I radiate positive energy. I attract positive energy.

I feel so alive! I feel so blessed.

My life is filled with good vibes and positivity.

The universal river of positive energy flows through me.

Today will be an excellent day!

10 Mantras To Help You Sleep

I leave my worries at the bedroom door and rest soundly tonight.

My mind calms, my thoughts slow, I am ready for sleep.

I relax my body. I relax my mind.

I accept today for what it was. It troubles me no more.

I gently drift into a restful sleep, deeper and deeper with every breath.

My bed is a place of peace and tranquillity.

I feel calm. I feel relaxed. I feel safe.

My day has ended. I deserve to sleep well.

Now I sleep. In the morning I will wake.

I release myself into the comforting arms of sleep.

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