How To Break Free When You Feel Imprisoned By Your Circumstances

More often than not, the feeling of being trapped and imprisoned by your circumstances is built by your own fears and doubts. Perhaps they were fears and doubts constructed by family, friends, or co-workers that were subsequently imposed on you. Nonetheless, one thing’s for sure…

There are options and possibilities when you’re willing to step outside of the arbitrary feelings you’ve attached (or were taught to attach) to your circumstances.

Feelings are feelings – coming from you and working through you – creating a world defined by you. This is your belief system…your mindset.

If you want to experience an improved feeling and an improved experience…

If you want to break free from the feelings of imprisonment…

Perhaps it’s time to reframe your thought process and create a new belief system and experience something new and improved.

1. The Art of Surrender

How often are you managing, manipulating, forcing an agenda, and controlling everything around you? By doing so much, you’ve not given space for something new.

Surrendering can give you the ability to reframe your mind almost immediately. Switch from the experience and circumstances happening to you and consider why it’s happening for you.

What is it teaching you? Give yourself the time and space to consider what you don’t like about your circumstances. Make a list and write it down. Then immediately turn around and think about the extreme opposite of everything on that list. Write it down.

By surrendering to “what is” and giving it space to teach you, you’ve created a list of things you want (which is the opposite of the things you don’t like). These are the qualities and experiences you can work toward.

2. The Magic of 3

From your list of things you want, select three qualities you want to experience more of – is it joy? Patience? Confidence? Wealth?

The list can be long but select 3 and make it the 3 things you most want to experience and embody; make these your theme for the next 3 months. So, for example, if it’s confidence you want more of, then use that word and make it available for you to see and remember every day.

Use calendar reminders and alarms to go off every few hours reminding you about confidence. Use post it notes on your mirror (or where you spend a lot of time), so you are continuously reminded about confidence.

When the opportunity arises, you have a choice to either fall into old habits of reacting and doing, or ask yourself, “How would a confident person reply?” or “What would a confident person do?” and then do it.

3. Routinely Nurture Yourself

Create a space just for you. A room or a corner of a room with a chair. Make it a space that is comfortable for you and pleasant for you. Make sure it’s clean and clutter free (a cluttered environment also clutters the mind).

Practice a daily ritual of “me time” without distraction. If you can, make it the same time every day (early morning is usually best). Keep your journal handy to review the list of things you want. Journal your positive experiences as you practice The Magic of 3.

Read a book on personal development, meditate or practice positive affirmations. A daily routine of nurturing yourself sets the foundation and energetic inner strength and momentum for you to stay the course for the long-term.

Most important, know that passively going through life will never get you where you want to go. If you continue to play the blame game and continually point to others as the cause of your circumstances, then you’ve given the responsibility of your life to others, too.

Commit to better living and take action (even if initially it’s a small action…it’s action toward what you want). Doesn’t that feel better already? It’s empowering to take responsibility for your life. It’s empowering to know that you have the ability to change your story at anytime.

Finally, don’t be fooled into thinking it’ll be smooth sailing. Life is life and it has ups and downs. The choice to stay down, however, is yours. Learn to love what hurt has taught you, and let it help you unlock your potential, your talents, and your passions because of it.

Do you feel imprisoned by your circumstances? Or have you in the past? Leave a comment below and let us know whether this article has helped you to see a route beyond them.

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