6 Resplendent Reasons To Keep Going And Never Give Up

Remember, a bend in the road is not the end of the road – unless you fail to make that turn.-Helen Keller

We’ve all felt like giving up; I know I have on many occasions. There have been times when I’ve wanted to cease writing and blogging, give up on my dreams, my ambitions and give up on wanting to do something special.

There have been moments when I’ve wanted to stop all these wonderful extra things I do, and just go for a standard, easy life. I’ve coveted a simple job to pay the bills, and then just wait for retirement to come and wash over me.

There have been occasions when the above has sounded divine, and yet something intrinsic, has not, and just will not allow me to give up! No matter how much I’ve tried to quit, something has kept pulling me back, and pushed me to stay on track.

Whatever it is in life you would like to do, I believe you should keep going. The journey you feel deep down is a part of your grander destiny. All those exciting ideas, those wonderful projects and flashes of inspiration that have come your way, have done so for a reason. I believe they are a part of your inner calling. If you don’t see your journey through, you run the risk of looking back in life and always wondering ‘what if?’

Even though the ride hasn’t always been smooth, I’m glad I have pushed forward, and I believe you should too. Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Often, the point at which we give up, is exactly the moment when things are about to take off. The truth is, of course, that you can never be sure of that. However, the other important truth is once you stop, you lose the momentum that you’ve gathered so far.

So if you truly believe in yourself and what you’re doing, then keep going. When you keep going, one day, you will look back and be glad that you did!

2. It takes time to build something up. When we see success, our minds often depict the spontaneous emergence of that success, as if out of the blue. We usually don’t see the whole story. Just like a pop star who’s suddenly got to number 1 and you’ve never heard of them before. However, if you examine their back story, often you’ll find years of hard work and grafting.

So know that your level of success will come when the effort is put in. It cannot and will not happen on its own. It’s up to you to put in the hard work, and if you do, one day you will see the fruits of your labour.

The time will come when you will take a step back and feel a great deal of personal pride in what you’ve achieved through your amazing persistence.

3. You will massively build your resilience if you keep going despite any setbacks. It’s a great exercise in building personal fortitude, which is something you will take with you your entire life.

When you keep going, you will get stronger. You will be able to withstand whatever life decides to throw at you. You will take on the kind of soft skills where other people will look at you and wonder how you’re doing it. The longer you keep going the stronger your determination to complete the project.

4. Remember, while you keep going, others are falling by the wayside. When they do, it means new windows of opportunity will be showing up which were not there before.

There was a day when everyone had decided to become a life coach. I didn’t give up and now all those people who were doing it back then, have mostly disappeared, and what remains are the people who were truly committed to their cause. They are now the ones who lead the market and are the lynchpins of their industry.

When you don’t give up, when you carry on, you become a source of authority in your niche and others will seek your guidance.

5. It is about the journey and not just the destination, and we all understand that on an intellectual level; however the grandest truth is that it is actually about both. The journey is for the enjoyment, but the destination is for the lessons.

To enjoy the journey is wonderful, but not to complete it is to never receive the imperative life lessons that the whole process has come along to teach you. Keep going until you get that answer and until the cycle is complete, because this is what true fulfilment is; it’s about completing the cycle.

6. Last, but not least, whether you fail, succeed, prosper, crash and burn or whatever the outcome may be, you did it! You can say to yourself ‘I did it! At least I tried.’ You can say to yourself that you gave it a shot and dared to be bold, where others did not because they allowed their fear to hold them back. Keep going for this reason alone. No one can ever take that away from you.

I remember years ago, when I was just a young man of 13 years old, a friend and I made a rap song and a rap video. We called it: “We got the soul rock and roll.” We didn’t become superstar celebrity rap icons, however, I look back on that memory with such fondness that we were able to make a song and video from scratch. Just for the record, Vanilla Ice was our inspiration.

So, I say to you, keep going. Don’t give up just yet, because your next attempt could be the one where you break through the ceiling!

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