16 Good Signs Your First Date Went Well: How To Know For Sure

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Ever been on what you thought was a great date, only to be confused and disappointed when it doesn’t go anywhere?

It can be hard to read the signs, especially these days when people are so focused on swiping on dating apps and moving onto the next person!

Here are 16 foolproof signs your date went well, just in case you needed a hand figuring it out…

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1. They gave you their full attention.

If they were in the moment, the date went well – it’s really that easy.

They weren’t staring at their phone or checking out other people. Their eyes were on you and they made it clear that they were interested in what you were saying.

If they weren’t really bothered, they’d have found an excuse to avoid talking or interacting much, like chatting to other people around you, making a phone call, or nipping to the loo/ outside/ to the bar to check on your drinks, etc.

2. They flirted with you.

Sure, this one is pretty obvious, but it’s worth remembering! If the vibes were good and you felt like they were trying to hit on you, the date was successful and you can be pretty sure it’s going to lead somewhere.

3. They complimented you.

Again, it might seem silly to even mention it, but a lot of us get so flustered on first dates that we can’t put all the pieces together.

If they told you how good you looked, or complimented your outfit, it’s because they wanted you to know they’re interested in you and find you attractive.

4. They asked lots of questions.

If your date was keen to get to know you better, it’s pretty obvious they’re looking for something more serious than a one-off date.

They might have asked your opinion on things that matter a lot to them, or dug into your past more. If they asked about your hopes and dreams, they’re a keeper!

5. They stayed for a second (or third!) drink. 

If the date didn’t go well, you’d have been able to tell by the fact that they were quite keen to leave!

If they stuck around for another drink or two, or even suggested going for dinner, they enjoyed your company and wanted to keep spending time with you.

The longer the date went on and the more time they committed to you, the better the first date went.

6. There was great banter.

If there was a great atmosphere and you got on really well, the date was obviously a success!

There will have been lots of laughter, good vibes, and fun conversation. You might have even teased each other, shared funny stories, or watched silly videos together. The sparks were flying and you both had a lot of fun.

7. Your phones stayed in your pockets.

If they ignored their phone and kept their attention on you, it’s because they wanted to know more about you and wanted you to know that they care about that.

They did their best to make a good impression and show you their best selves.

It’s possible that they answered a text or picked up the phone, but don’t take it personally if they did! However, if they weren’t casually scrolling away on their phone, they like you.

8. The conversation was two-sided.

The only thing worse than listening to someone drone on and on about themselves is feeling like you have to carry the entire conversation.

It’s awkward having to make all the effort and it can make you feel pretty rubbish if they don’t seem interested in talking to you!

So, if the chat was two-sided and there was a good balance of listening, laughing, and answering/asking questions, you can be pretty certain your date went well.

9. You learned more about each other.

If you felt like you were really getting to know each more deeply, the date was a hit!

Some first dates can feel like an awkward job interview, so if things were more relaxed and you found out what makes each other tick, well done – you had a good first date.

You don’t need to come away knowing their middle name and childhood best friend, but you should have a deeper understanding of them and their life, hobbies and interests. As should they about you.

10. You couldn’t stop laughing.

How amazing is it when you meet someone with the same sense of humor as you?

If you were both having a lot of fun, and laughing at the same things, there’s definitely something there and you can expect a second date.

Some studies suggest that people who laugh at the same things will be a great romantic match, so this is definitely something to look out for! 

11. There was lots of eye contact and positive body language.

If they made an effort to hold your gaze and communicated with open body language, they’re into you.

People avoid eye contact if they’re feeling uncomfortable and will often physically withdraw or shut themselves off – angling away from you, crossing their arms, or clenching their jaw/fists.

If your date held eye contact, faced toward you, pointed their feet at you, and mirrored your body language (copying you!), they’ll be very keen to see you again!

12. There was some physical contact.

It might be as subtle as footsie or a knee bump, or something sweeter like a hug and kiss goodbye. Either way, people don’t tend to touch people they don’t like, it’s just common sense!

If they made a move on you or reciprocated when you went in for a kiss, they like you and will want to see you again.

13. They suggest a second date.

Again, this is an easy one to understand, but it’s such a nice feeling when someone says they want to see you again.

Bonus points if they suggest somewhere they think you’d love, based on how much they’ve gotten to know you during the course of the date.

If they suggest somewhere specific they want to take you, they’ve thought about it properly and are invested in seeing you again.

14. You’re out for longer than you thought.

When you’re on a great first date, time can fly by. You might end up being out for much longer than you’d thought!

It’s a bit of a cliche, but you might have ended up being the last couple in the restaurant while the wait staff were closing down around you – you know it’s good when they kick you out because you got so immersed in your date you didn’t realize the time!

15. They message you afterwards.

If they drop you a text to say they enjoyed meeting you, you’re onto a winner.

They could easily just phase things out and not bother to get in touch again, so if they make an effort to get in contact after seeing you, the first date went really well and they’re interested in seeing you again.

They might not send a text within 10 minutes of saying goodbye to you, but if you got good vibes on the date, hold out for a few days before you give up hope – or drop them a message! You’ll either get a lovely response or you’ll know where you stand…

16. They follow up on the second date.

If you’re not sure their off-hand comment about hanging out again meant anything, the text they send to follow-up on a second date should clear things up!

If they pursue a second date, suggest a time and date to hang out, or mention a bar they want to go to with you, you know the first date was successful.

Still not sure whether the date went well, or just want some advice on how to get it to the relationship stage? Chat online to a relationship expert from Relationship Hero who can help you figure things out.

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