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30 Signs A Woman Is Sexually Attracted To You

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Whether she gives away subtle hints or practically turns into a billboard sign in front of your face, it’s pretty obvious when a woman is sexually attracted to you.

It’s a bit harder to notice these things when your attention is elsewhere, but rest assured that a woman will show you that she is feeling lustful toward you.

Being sexually attracted to you doesn’t necessarily mean that she is generally interested or wants to pursue a relationship.

But does she feel the physical attraction? If she shows these signs, she’s definitely got the hots for you.

How To Tell If A Woman Is Sexually Attracted To You

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1. She frequently checks you out or secretly stares.

Just like guys check out girls, girls check out guys. She might do this subtly or openly, instantly or gradually, but rest assured that she will eye scan your entire body. She will be drawn to what she sees, so she’ll frequently do this, or secretly stare at you when she thinks that you’re not looking.

The expression, “Someone caught your eye” is really how it is. If she’s attracted to you, her eyes will constantly look for you and want to rest on your face, even if she’s trying to stop herself from doing that. Long, lingering looks are hard to hide!

You caught her eye, she got hooked on your look, and she wants to keep looking and admiring your appearance! That’s a great sign, however, keep in mind that this might be purely about physical attraction, not a desire to do anything about it.

2. She holds your gaze when you make eye contact.

A girl might check you out without the wish to pursue a relationship with you, however, when she holds your gaze, she is usually determined to do something about it or at least let you know that she’s interested.

If she maintains eye contact for longer than necessary, she might be trying to soak in everything, read your eyes for a response, or tell you something.

Intense eye contact is a sign of passion, so you could communicate your feelings back this way. However, keep in mind that the girl might not be aware that she’s staring into your eyes or want it to happen, so she might shy away or quickly look elsewhere.

If she maintains eye contact and even gives you a smile or an eyebrow flash, she is not hiding her feelings for you, and yes, there might be feelings, not just the sexual attraction.

3. She dresses up frequently and sometimes provocatively.

A girl who notices that you look good will want to look good for you, and hopefully even better than you. So, she will dress to impress and flaunt her beauty in front of you like a peacock.

She might even dress provocatively to get your attention and wear clothes that put her attributes on display. This is not a sign that applies to women in general. Some women frequently dress provocatively or are overdressed every day. However, if this girl does not usually put this much effort into looking great and causing attention by dressing that way, she is likely doing it just to get your attention in particular.

She will try to present herself in the best possible light. So, even if she’s the kind of girl who usually wears sweatpants, you will see her in a dress and full makeup.

4. She pays extra attention to how she looks.

Paying extra attention to her looks doesn’t happen only while she’s getting ready. It happens while you’re around as well. When you are near, she will try to fix her hair, put her lipstick on, pull or push her skirt up or down, touch her jewelry, or fix her blouse.

Your presence has reminded her that she needs to look good for you, and she is making sure that that’s the case by acting that way.

Her attention to her physical appearance can be noticed through body language as well. You will notice that she is more self-aware of how she walks and moves, and she will do this either seductively or a bit awkwardly whenever she knows that you see her.

This depends on how shy or open about it she is, so pay attention to her body language and know that she’ll definitely notice yours.

5. She pays attention to your body language.

A woman who is sexually attracted to you will want to make you happy, so she will look for body language cues and react accordingly. She will mirror your body language or react to it by, for example, changing the topic of the conversation or moving slightly nearer or further away.

Her body language will be open, and she’ll use it to give you cues as well. She might touch your leg with hers, brush something off your shoulder, or lean in to get closer.

6. She wants and tries to be close to you.

If she wants you, she’ll want to be near you in every sense of the word. In a literal sense, this means that she’ll always try to sit or stand next to you or move closer if you’re already next to each other.

She will also lean forward while you talk, touch you, or simply stand a bit closer to you than normal.

She will try to get closer to you in a metaphorical sense, which means that she’ll want you to open up and share things about yourself, so she’ll use every opportunity to sit next to you and chat.

7. She plays with her hair.

This is so old that it’s practically a myth, but it’s true. A woman will subconsciously feel the need to play with her hair if she’s attracted to you. However, this could mean that she’s just feeling the attraction at the current moment, not that she’s interested in pursuing anything further.

Since women usually aren’t aware of it when they do this, you can’t consider it a green light of any sort, but it’s definitely a sign of sexual attraction, even if just in the moment. Some women play with their hair when they’re bored too, but if she’s doing this while looking at you, it’s pretty much proof that she’s thinking about how hot you are at that moment.

And it’s not just hair that a woman might touch; she might also brush her neck, shoulders, face, or chest to signal her interest in you.

8. She bites her lip.

Another well-known cue (especially since Fifty Shades Of Grey came out) is that a woman will bite her lip when she’s sexually attracted to you. Lip biting doesn’t happen as frequently as in the previously mentioned book, but women can do it both subconsciously and on purpose.

Instead of biting her lip, a woman might draw attention to her lips in other ways, such as licking the upper lip, putting on lipstick, or pouting. Of course, she could also bat her eyelashes, but—since this has with time gotten very transparent—women rarely do it anymore.

9. She frequently touches you “by accident.”

You have a need to touch someone you’re attracted to. A woman attracted to you will also want to know how you respond to her touch, especially if she’s interested in pursuing you. She might touch your arm, hand, or shoulder, or even put her hand above your knee.

She might play footsies under the table, brush off you as she’s walking by, put her palm on your back, or simply get near you to the point that your knees are touching.

When she frequently touches you “by accident” it’s probably because she’s interested in you as well, not just to build sexual chemistry. However, people can also do this subconsciously when they’re attracted to someone, without even realizing it. The difference is usually clear though.

10. Her tone of voice becomes lower and softer.

People’s tone of voice often changes around a person they’re attracted to. If a woman is sexually attracted to you, her tone of voice will likely become lower and softer. She might even use a seductive tone or just speak in a quieter, gentler voice.

She might talk slower and make sounds that can be interpreted as arousing at the moment. She could use an opportunity to whisper something in your ear and gently touch your shoulder in an attempt to let you know she’s interested.

11. She gets excited when she sees you.

If she gets excited and giddy when you walk into the room, you made her day just by showing up. She is sexually attracted to you if she’s always happy and smiling when you are around, as long as she’s showing other signs from this list as well. Fidgeting is also something to look out for that demonstrates how excited she is.

This could also be a sign that she has fallen in love with you, or it could simply mean that she likes you a lot and enjoys your company without wanting it to progress into something more.

Always look for signs to see if, or how much, a woman is sexually attracted to you. This will offer clues so you can better understand if she is interested in pursuing that attraction.

12. She offers to help you or gives you gifts.

A person who likes you will offer to do things for you and/or offer free things to you. Women sometimes do the same thing when they are sexually attracted to someone.

They try to win your attention by offering their help or giving gifts. This is a way of showing you how much you could benefit from this relationship, so it’s probably an attempt to push things further, and not just plain attraction.

If she is often offering favors (or frequently asking for them) she’s probably into you. To make sure that she is not just a very friendly and generous person in general, always compare how she treats others to how she treats you. Like many of the signs on this list, it’s all about context.

Has anyone else gotten so much help from her or a small token of appreciation? Maybe she brought you your favorite coffee to work or she offered to clean your apartment after a party. That’s a window of opportunity opening up right there.

13. She asks you personal questions and wants to know more about the things that you’re passionate about.

Most women aren’t looking for “just sex.” So, when she feels sexual attraction, she will try to explore whether there could be a potential relationship.

You’ve passed the test based on looks, but do you check all her boxes when it comes to your personality? To find this out, she will ask you about things you’re passionate about. If she’s into you, she’ll want to show you that she shares or at least gets your passions.

In an attempt to create a deeper bond and learn more about you faster, she’ll ask you personal questions and want you to open up to her so that she can decide whether there’s something more than sexual attraction in the air.

14. She finds you hilarious.

You’ve never thought of yourself as much of a stand-up comedian, but suddenly, there’s always at least one person in the audience who finds you hilarious. She laughs at basically anything you say—even if it’s not that funny.

In her eyes, you’re amusing, entertaining, and intelligent, and you have a great sense of humor. This might be true, or she pictures you that way for now, but she’ll definitely laugh at all of your jokes if she’s sexually attracted to you.

15. She frequently compliments you.

A person who is sexually attracted to you wants you to feel good when you’re around them and maybe feel the same way about them too. So, they’ll frequently compliment you both on your physical appearance and your personality. Some girls will approach this differently and tease you instead of complimenting you.

If she is playful and finds little ways to “insult you” in a joking manner, it could be her way of letting you know that she finds you appealing. So, whether she’s frequently complimenting you or frequently doing the opposite, it’s a good sign she’s sexually attracted to you. To know whether that’s the case, or she’s just like that, see how she acts around others. Always look for more signs than one.

16. She hints that she’s available.

Someone who is attracted to you sexually wants you to feel the same way about them, even if they’re not interested in having sex or starting a relationship. So, she will hint that she’s available and make it as clear as possible that you are free to pursue her.

She will mention that she is single, looking for a partner, or currently not seeing anyone. If she is interested in a relationship with you, she will definitely do her best to make you aware that you can have that with her if you want to.

However, she might instead give subtle hints that she’s emotionally available if you happen to be interested.

17. She’s the one who regularly initiates the conversation.

Maybe you talk a lot, but have you noticed who always initiates the conversation? If a girl is sexually attracted to you, she’ll want to know more about you, so she’ll definitely want to talk to you as much as possible.

She’ll usually be the one who initiates the conversation while you do it rarely or maybe even not at all. This applies to communicating in real life as well as through text messages. Who texts who first has always been important in the dating world, and so is how long it takes to respond to a message.

These two things can be clear indicators of whether or not someone is interested, not just attracted.

18. She instantly replies to your messages.

If she has been waiting for your message, she will respond to it as soon as she gets it. You won’t ever have to wait for a response from her, and she’ll even send follow-ups to keep the texting going.

However, she might be aware of this entire game and do the opposite by ignoring you on purpose. Taking too long to respond to a message is just as odd as responding to it instantly. So, these are often signs of interest.

19. She is nervous around you and distracted by you.

Odds are, this girl behaves somewhat strangely around you. She gets clumsy, bumps into you, blurts out random stuff, or even embarrasses herself in an attempt to gain your attention or impress you. And blushing, there will likely be lots of blushing involved.

This is because she is nervous around you; she is distracted by the thoughts that the attraction is creating in her head. If she is shy, this might be only one of the very few signs she gives when she’s sexually attracted to someone.

20. She wants to be alone with you.

What if she is interested in what might happen next? She will probably try to find a way to have some alone time with you, without it being an official date. She might call you out to take a walk when you’re in a group of people or invite you to rescue her when she’s in an emergency.

She will think of many excuses for why you should get together and have some alone time, and they might be so clever that you can’t really tell whether she’s bluffing or not. On the other hand, she might simply invite you over to her house and openly suggest taking things further without actually saying it.

21. She flirts with you.

When someone is sexually attracted to you, basically their natural instinct will be to flirt with you, even if they’re not interested in moving things forward. This is why it’s important to recognize when a woman is innocently flirting and when she is purposely suggestive because she wants to move things forward.

While it’s not always easy to tell if someone is flirting with you, women are not as reserved anymore, so don’t be surprised if she takes the lead and flirts with you in more obvious ways, not just to be friendly or polite. Unless you are sure (based on some sort of actual consent), take this as a sign of sexual attraction, not a promise that she wants to pursue a relationship.

22. She invites you back to her place.

Why don’t you ever have coffee when a woman invites you over to her place for a drink? You always end up thirsty… Well, sometimes an invitation back to her place isn’t an invitation for sex. It’s most definitely a sign of sexual attraction if there are other signs as well; however, it shouldn’t be taken as a guarantee for wanting a sexual relationship.

Always respect her boundaries. Sometimes, an invitation to her home is an invitation for something more, but don’t be quick to conclude that, and let her give you cues before initiating something.

23. She talks or jokes about sex.

Some women will literally talk about sex with you because they’re sexually attracted to you. They might talk about personal things related to sex or joke about sex while they’re actually trying to tell you something. Talking about sex could make you both feel awkward, so it’s a much better choice to simply flirt if you’re interested, or gently let her down if you don’t find her that appealing.

24. Her eyes are round, and her pupils are dilated.

Her eyes pop when she sees you. They’re big and glossy as if she’s jumped out of anime. Her pupils are dilated because she’s into you and her eyes are big because she wants to soak in every detail of your body and personality.

Often, you can tell a lot by a simple look. The way someone looks at you could tell you all about their feelings for you without a word ever being spoken. So pay attention to her eyes and know that they really are the window to her soul. Others might even notice the way she looks at you and mention it to you.

25. She tries to prolong the conversation.

She’ll like talking to you, and she’ll want to talk to you more if she’s attracted to you, both sexually and maybe in a deeper way. This is why she’ll try to prolong the conversation to have as much time talking to you as she possibly can. She’ll frequently ask questions and send open-ended messages that require a response from you just to keep the conversation going.

26. She lets you know that she’s into you.

She might simply tell you that she’s into you or let you know by hinting at it in some way. This obviously means that she’s sexually attracted to you, but not just that. Maybe she wants to see how it goes and is hoping for a relationship.

On the other hand, maybe she wants a sexual relationship, a no-strings-attached arrangement if you like. Don’t assume this, though. Ask if you can’t figure it out in any other way. Your best bet though is to take a hint and ask the girl out on a date.

27. She stares at your lips.

When a girl is imagining kissing you, she stares at your lips and maybe licks her lower lip afterward. Either way, she is focused on your mouth and is drawing attention to hers. Some women who are sexually attracted to you might even dare to lean in for a kiss.

Finding your way out of a situation like this if you’re not interested can be challenging. However, learning to recognize the signs right away can help you prepare for the way you’ll react if you are not interested in a woman who is sexually attracted to you.

28. She sends you sexy stuff.

A woman might send you a provocative picture or try sexting with you. Either way, if it gets heated online or via text, she is definitely sexually attracted to you. Whether that attraction exists in the real world and not just a virtual one can be determined by other signs.

Keep in mind that if you engage in sexy talk right away, she might have expectations in real life that you can’t fulfill. So, it’s best to communicate well before engaging in any sexy stuff, especially if you don’t know each other that well.

29. She hints about going on a date.

Many girls prefer to be pursued, and they will do everything in their power to get you to make the first move and ask them out. So, a woman who is attracted to you will keep hinting about going on a date if she’s interested in seeing what could come out of that. If you’re not interested, she’ll get the hint and back away.

30. She asks you out on a date.

What if she dares to directly ask you out on a date? Obviously, she is attracted, and there might be more to it than that. The way you’ll react depends on your feelings for her. However, try to think about the long run, and gently let her down if you’re not interested.

If you are interested, her asking you out on a date is just the first step, so fear no commitment and get to know each other better before seeing what could evolve from mutual sexual attraction.

Still not sure whether or not this girl is sexually attracted to you?

Why not speak to an experienced dating expert about it? They are trained to help people in situations like yours. You can tell them the signs you are seeing and they can advise you what they all mean and what move you should make next.

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