15 Sad Signs Your Partner Wants To Break Up With You

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If you feel like things have shifted in your relationship recently, there’s probably nothing to worry about.

But if things really don’t feel right, you might want to consider if there’s a bigger issue at hand.

Remember that just because a few things on this list are true and apply to your relationship, your partner isn’t necessarily going to break up with you.

Trust your gut, be open to honest conversations, and try not to worry too much. Ultimately, if your partner wants to end things with you, they will!

These are a few signs that things might not be quite right…

1. They take longer to text back than normal.

If your partner has started taking longer to reply than they used to, they might be slowly phasing things out. It’s quite a common way to create more emotional distance between the two of you.

It’s always a bit upsetting when someone stops texting back as quickly, and can make you worry about what it all means.

Just remember that it might simply mean they’re busier than normal.

But… it also may be a sign that they’re about to break up with you. 

2. They don’t initiate physical touch.

If you’re normally quite a touchy feely couple and this is no longer the case, it can be a bit alarming!

They might stop holding hands or randomly kissing you, and they might not initiate hugging or cozying up together.

Maybe when you go to bed together, you notice that they pull away or face the other way before you can snuggle up to them.

This could be due to something small and silly like an argument if it’s something that only happens every so often.

But if you notice that it’s become a regular occurrence, it could indicate that things are not quite right between you and your partner.

3. They tell little white lies.

You might start to notice that they’re randomly lying about little things.

The lies don’t need to be big to have a lasting effect. Small untruths can add up and make you question how you feel about each other.

It’s always strange when someone makes things up or tells you little lies, and it can make you feel really stressed about whether there’s a bigger issue going on.

It can rapidly turn into them lying about much more significant things, which will just make you feel even more unsettled and upset. 

4. They don’t like making plans.

Anyone not wanting to commit to plans with you is a bit of a red flag.

You don’t need to have mapped out every second of every day, but it’s nice to know that someone cares enough to want to plan exciting things with you. It makes you feel secure and stable in the relationship.

Which is why when someone avoids making plans with you, it is potentially a sign they don’t see you in their future.

5. They’re absent, even when they’re with you.

Your partner might seem more and more distant when you’re together.

They might be on their phone more, less focused on you and what you’re saying, or just not engaged and responding to what you’re doing.

It’s so upsetting to be with someone who doesn’t seem interested in you, and it could be a sign that they’re thinking about leaving.

This is really confusing, especially if you normally get on well and hang out a lot together.

6. They avoid talking about the future.

This goes beyond just making short-term plans together – they might be totally against the idea of actually committing to you long-term.

They might shut down every conversation you have about moving in together, going on holiday, or getting married.

It’s horrible to feel like someone doesn’t want to commit to you, and it’s a sign that they’re not as emotionally invested as you are.

If they’re not as into the relationship as they once were, and keep avoiding serious conversations, there’s something else going on and they might be considering ending their relationship with you. 

7. They don’t compliment you like they used to.

If your partner used to shower you with cute compliments and praise, it can be a shock when they suddenly stop doing it.

If they’ve massively pulled back, they might be thinking about ending things and are taking a back seat.

You don’t need someone to constantly tell you how incredible you are (that would be annoying, after all!), but it is worrying that they’ve gone cold on you.

They should feel into you and interested in you, as well as attracted to you, so, if they’re not showing those feelings, they might not be invested in the relationship anymore.

Them taking a step back and no longer showing you how much they like you is a worrying sign that they might be about to break up with you. 

8. They don’t seem to enjoy quality time as much.

Your partner may not be as keen to spend time with just you anymore. Maybe they invite friends to join your date nights, or avoid spending quality time alone with you.

They might be feeling guilty and want to avoid the pressure of emotional intimacy.

If you used to have date nights planned out, or silly traditions like movie nights and fun coupley things, it’s definitely concerning when these things end.

9. You’re not having sex anymore.

Sex isn’t everything, for sure, but if you’ve gone from having regular sex to none at all, there’s something going on.

It’s rubbish to realize, but it could be a sign that they’re thinking of breaking up with you.

When we no longer feel interested in someone, sex can become more of a chore and it’s something that we try to avoid.

If your partner is shutting down your advances and not making their own, they might be avoiding intimacy for a reason. 

10. They’ve started criticizing you.

Having disagreements is normal, and, most of the time, quite healthy in a relationship.

If things have changed and your partner is becoming quite rude and unfair in their criticism of you, it might be their way of letting you know that they’re not as interested in you anymore.

It’s a mean way of expressing your feelings for someone, but it is something that people tend to do if they’re pulling away from their partner.

They might be annoyed with themselves and feeling guilty, which, weirdly, can manifest as them being mean to you.

11. You’re not their priority. 

If everything else seems to be more important than you, they’re not prioritizing you and it’s a sign that they’re not as keen on the relationship recently.

They might keep cancelling the plans they had with you and you might start to feel less and less valued by them.

12. They don’t seem to care as much.

If they’ve stopped noticing the little things that upset you and don’t work to comfort you or make you feel good, they might be breaking up with you in the near future.

Any time someone stops caring as much about you and your feelings, there’s probably a big shift about to happen.

13. They are complaining about you.

If you’ve heard from friends that your partner is complaining about you, they might genuinely be thinking about ending the relationship.

They might be confiding in other people because they’re considering their options, or just don’t want to hurt you while they figure out what they want to do.

14.  You seem to be irritating them.

If you notice that everything you do seems to annoy them, things have clearly changed in your relationship lately.

You might feel like you can’t say anything or do anything without them getting snappy with you.

You shouldn’t be made to feel annoying or needy for wanting attention! 

15.  You’re always the one making an effort.

If it feels like you’re the only one putting in time and energy, your relationship isn’t in a great place.

It’s okay for everyone to have a bit of a dip or bad day every now and then, but if you’re the one who’s always pulling your partner’s weight, there’s an underlying issue that needs addressing.

You shouldn’t be the only one who is invested in your relationship.


It’s important to remember that one of these issues in isolation isn’t a sign that your partner is about to end things! It takes a lot more than one little thing to end a relationship, and behaviors naturally change over time.

If you notice something a couple of times, it doesn’t mean that things are going to be awful forever.

But if these things have become more habitual, you should address them with your partner before jumping to any conclusions. There could be a reasonable explanation and you need to work on openly communicating before you start worrying too much!

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