18 Beautifully Descriptive Words That You’ll Want To Learn And Use In Your Life

Sometimes there’s a word for things… but that word is just out of reach, or it might even be one we’ve never heard of, yet we know in our bones it’s out there waiting patiently for one perfect moment of discovery.

It’s a beautifully descriptive world out there, full of interesting words that encapsulate the ever-swirling universe.

Here are but a few weird, wonderful, unique, cool sounding, awesome, strange, and obscure words to decorate your universal tree.


Shining brightly; radiant; emanating joy or goodness

A word for your best friend’s soul. A word that an act of grace teaches your heart. A word for cleaving the darkness. A word that signals a softening of the hard places. Love for the light that you find.

“The moment she held her child was forever, in her mind, marked as effulgent and sacred.”


Having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the presence of a divinity.

An infinitely gentle word that contains healing, especially when the word is welcomed inward; we often see the spiritual outside us, but rarely apply it to ourselves.

“He stood before the ancient oak and felt its numinous essence speak the forgotten truths.”


Enthusiastic or passionate.

We can be ardent lovers, ardent fans, ardent proponents of the social good, or very, very particular about what we’ll allow on pizza!

“They clasped hands ardently, and knew that the first step into their new house would be a step toward an unimaginable future.”


Noisy, energetic, and cheerful; rowdy, wild, or stormy.

Life lived – rather than placed on layaway and thought of lovingly from time to time – is boisterous, for it is full of laughter, unguarded emotions, worthwhile sex, and the ability to accept joy as a deserved thing.

“The boisterous fans kept songs and smiles flowing from tavern to tavern.”


Having great power or influence.

Real power isn’t the display of power, but the restraint of display. If the sun decided to go nova every day, we wouldn’t be here. To be properly puissant, one must nourish and allow the world’s good to grow.

“The Mahatma remained a puissant advocate for peace throughout the world, and was much loved.”


Friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to.

Life is casual, comfortable, and quite easy to talk to, provided we stop thinking of a litany of demands as a conversation. If it’s hard to be easygoing, there’s imbalance somewhere.

“She was considered so affable that advice from her was treated as soulful counsel.”


Thin, supple, and graceful.

A fascinating dancer of a word, suggesting movement, flexibility, and purpose. Lightness of the mind and heart.

“The ninjas were lithe on their feet, except for Fred, the clumsy fool.”


Full of danger or uncertainty; precarious.

Like fire that provides heat. Like a summit daring to be soared from. Like never knowing if the person you’re attracted to will say yes to a first date. Like a rollercoaster with a short line and you know you really want to.

“The mouth of the cave loomed, parlous but inviting, for there was undoubtedly mystery inside, and she craved mystery most of all.”


There’s a podcast about writing called Archivos, and the host often uses this word of his own making. It refers to the divine blending of creative and courageous impulses needed to put one’s self (or one’s work) out without fear for the wide world to see.

“Be creageous in all things.”


A 2-fold word: showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks; showing an impudent lack of respect.

Certain things should entice you to be audacious at times, and you, being a wonderful engine of whee, should entice others to be audacious. Boldness is about stepping out of comfort zones, preconceived notions, and flat out humdrum.

“Is there anyone more audacious than a gambler down to his last coin?”


Fond of sensuous luxury or pleasure; self-indulgent.

How delightful to have a sybaritic life. The word gives the feel of fur-lined hugs, and endless fondue without consequence. It’s a sensual word, full of tastes, textures, and light waves that caress things to tell us what they are.

The world is an ocean in motion, a thigh glimpsed briefly, a scruffy beard pressed to a soft cheek, and every possible combination of lips in the sacred formation of kisses.

“Their sybaritic tastes matched perfectly, for one worshipped at the feet of Dionysus, and the other was never far from creating sweet treats of magic and delight.”


Persisting tirelessly.

This is a word of strength, a word of solace, and one of courage. We don’t give up on what we care about, who we care about, or the dreams the world often tells us to forget about.

“Indefatigable, John Henry placed his hammer on the ground, wiped the sweat from his brow, and bent once more to pick it up, his eyes on the mountain the entire time.”


Free or safe from injury or violation.

A word of strength when consciously used with compassionate conscience. Trust is given with this word in mind. Promises, too. It is the rock in a land of mud.

“Freedom of the press should be an inviolate guarantee.”


Whispering, murmuring, or rustling.

Susurration speaks of gentleness, speaks of waves, speaks of flow. It is a poem in one word suggesting the constant hum of the universe.

“A strong wind blew over the dried leaves, creating a susurration that made him stop to listen until it was gone.”



See: blanket forts, pallet picnics, movies neither of you care if you fall asleep on, a kiss, a sunset, a sunrise, a friend’s sincere smile, a moment of insight, a large, warm slice of delicious pie.

“The fact that they were friends for life was splendiferous indeed.”


Attractive and impressive through being richly colorful or sumptuous.

The reason most of us only have one pair of special underwear or that one outfit wherein we feel we should be announced as deities, is that this is a word meant for rare and judicious use, wherein we, the world, a bird of paradise, or a child freshly dressed for the first day of school, get to shine just as brightly, and in the exact same hues, as a brand new nebula.

“In matching hues of blues, golds, and reds, the dancers painted the stage, resplendent in motion and form.”


Extremely impressive.

That’s what we are. Humans. Extremely impressive. Stupendous presences upon this Earth. That’s what the world is. As for the universe? All you have to do is look upward at night. The moon and the stars dress up to take you out every evening. Isn’t that simply stupendous?

“Is there anything more stupendous than the view of a waterfall from the air?”


Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.

Love is ineffable. Joy is ineffable. Deep feelings of compassion are ineffable. The universe in all its scope, grandeur, pain, life, and beauty: utterly ineffable.

“The ineffable dignity that we should accord all life serves to elevate and bind us in solidarity.”

All definitions (bar Creageous) taken, with much thanks, from The Oxford English Dictionary website.

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