46 Seriously Funny Icebreaker Jokes For Online Dating

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Your first message to someone on a dating app or dating website should grab their attention and make them want to reply.

Because, let’s face it, a “Hey” or a “Sup” aren’t going to get you anywhere with anyone.

And many people put a sense of humor high on their list of attributes they are looking for in a partner. Being able to make someone laugh not only makes you stand out, it makes you more attractive.

With that in mind, here are some icebreakers you can use when messaging people on dating websites or apps.

Though we’d like to give you one small piece of advice when using these: don’t only send a joke in your message. You should also mention something about them. You might like to start with the joke and then mention something from their profile or something you can see in one of their photos. That will give you the highest chance of getting a message back from them.

Now that we’ve covered that, here are the jokes:

27 one-liner icebreaker jokes:

1. I wanted to send you a cheesy one-liner, but I think you deserve feta.

2. Are you from Central America? Because I can’t Belize my eyes.

3. Do you work out? Because you’re my swolmate.

4. Do you like Star Wars? I think you’re the Obi-One.

5. If you like, I’ll send you funny animations every morning. We can be boyfriend and GIFriend.

6. You must like camping, you’re a ten-t.

7. Do you like bees? You look like a keeper.

8. How about a date watching the stars? We could planet together.

9. Either I just sat on my taser, or you are stunning.

10. Are you a wizard? You’re Dumble-adorable.

11. Do you have a map? I think I got lost in your eyes.

12. Let’s have a date at the butcher’s and call it a meat cute.

13. Have you ever been on a boat? I’d love to take you on a relation-ship.

14. Hey! What kind of shirt is that? Looks like marriage material.

15. I’m a mathematician and I’m especially interested in your number.

16. I hope you like bad boys/girls because I’m terrible at breaking the ice.

17. Let’s make a deal. If we start dating, I promise to never disappoint you as long as you promise to have very low expectations.

18. Have you been rowing before? I need a new partner, I’m oar-ful.

19. I’ll bring my parachute on our date because I know I’ll fall for you.

20. I know dating apps can be awkward but I promise they’re not as awkward as I am.

21. Have you been speed dating? How about we go on 3 dates together in one night?

22. I’ve looked into the data and I’ve discovered that we should date-a.

23. The fact that you’re single tells me that every person you’ve ever met is an idiot.

24. Let’s have dinner. I’m not interested in the menu, but I’m fascinated by the me-n-you.

25. If I was a cat, I’d spend my 9 lives trying to impress you.

26. Hey, I noticed you live in _____ (city) too! We already have so much in common!

27. Are you Autumn leaves? Because I want to sweep you away.

8 slightly more adult icebreakers:

28. I’ve just re-painted my ceiling, maybe you’d like to stare up at it for a bit?

29. What’s your favourite part of a dinner date? I like the inter-course.

30. My mattress has a gap in it, I think it’s you-shaped.

31. I’m a musician. I’d love to show you my new-ditty.

32. If you were a boat, I’d sabotage the lighthouse in order to wreck you.

33. What’s on your bucket list? I’d tell you about mine, but I don’t know your name yet.

34. Are you a geologist? You could make my bedrock.

35. Are you a sex banana? Because you have sex appeal.

11 “out there” jokes/lines that will make you stand out:

36. Top 15 movies with talking animals, go!

37. Please tell me you aren’t my mom catfishing me again.

38. Okay so before you say anything, know that anything the media has said about me is not true.

39. I just got a marriage proposal message from a 75-year old Argentinian grandmother and I’m wondering if you are interested in throwing your hat in the ring before it’s too late.

40. How many tattoos of Garfield kissing Spongebob Squarepants do you have?

41. What AREN’T you wearing? I’ll start: deep-sea diving outfit, pork pie hat, reflective safety vest, bonnet, x-ray goggles, and the pants Abraham Lincoln was wearing when he was assassinated.

42. Hi, my name is ____. I am dictating this to my assistant ___ who is typing this, so my apologies for any stupid errors he makes. I would love to get to know you even though I’m a man-baby who treats his brilliant assistant like garbage.

43. Hey! I’ve been meaning to message you for a while but then 750,000 years ago I accidentally got frozen in this glacier and I just thawed out. It’s a whole thing. Anyway I’m ___.

44. First things first: yes, I’m in therapy. No, it’s not court-mandated.

45. I saw your profile and just HAD to send you a message. Literally had to. No seriously, my mom is pointing a gun at me and screaming “GRANDCHILDREN!”

46. _____ (other person’s name)! It feels like we haven’t talked in forever!

That’s a wrap. Oh, you wanted more? Well, here’s the thing about humor – different people have different styles and preferences, and you’re best off using the kind that you find funny, not the kind that you think others will find funny.

So… with that in mind, here’s a challenge for you: inspired by the jokes/lines above, come up with your own and be completely original. Because, let’s face it, if someone were to Google one of the jokes above, they would find this article (but they probably won’t so don’t worry), but if you come up with something yourself that you find funny and the other person does too, that’s a great starting point for further chat and a good sign that you’d click with that person on a date… or more!

Over to you joker.

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