13 Reasons Why Your Energy Feels “Off” Right Now

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Does it feel like your personal energy – your very essence of being – is all messed up and totally out of whack? It might be related to a combination of these 13 factors:

1. You’re Not Content Or Satisfied With Your Life

Yeah, that’s right, we’ve gone and dropped a truth bomb right at the start! One of the biggest reasons that your energy might feel like it’s all over the place is because you are just not happy with how your life is panning out.

This might be a general feeling or there could be a specific cause, but if you can’t help but think there is more to life, you are likely to struggle with mixed, often conflicting, energies and emotions.

Discontent acts like a weight upon your shoulders, dragging you down and causing great swings in your physical, mental, and emotional states.

2. You’re Stressed Out By Your Circumstances

This world is sooooo full of stress, don’t you think? Whether it’s work stress, family stress, money worries, or the strain of poor health, we constantly have to face moments or periods of stress.

If you let this stress fester within you rather than tackling it head on, you allow it to infiltrate your inner energies. It acts almost like a poison, corrupting your systems and damaging your mental (and physical) wellbeing.

There are so many ways to overcome stress and anxiety, but like with medicinal treatments, you have to take a regular dose for it to be effective. Can you honestly say that you do?

3. You’re Not Getting A Sweat On

Perhaps it’s a lack of exercise that is to blame for you feeling a bit unhinged and disordered. If your heart isn’t sent racing at least a few times a week (and, no, not from watching a scary film or catching the eye of a potential date), then there’s little wonder you’re feeling a bit frazzled.

Exercise has been shown to do wonders for mood and cognitive functioning while, unsurprisingly, a sedentary lifestyle can sometimes be a cause for depression. So why not drag yourself away from the latest happenings in the Seven Kingdoms and go for a jog or something? Or is that asking too much?

4. You’re Eating Garbage

Your physical energy levels are greatly influenced by the amount and types of food you eat, so are you surprised to learn that your diet also impacts your mental and emotional energy too?

Your body is a bit like a machine – you put crap in and you’ll get crap out. Nobody’s trying to suggest that eating some junk food or binging on cake now and again is always a bad thing, but if this sounds like your daily meal plan, you need to take a long hard look at what you’re doing to yourself.

Your brain, just like any other organ, needs certain nutrients to function properly, so what you eat directly impacts how your brain works. Achieving a balance in your diet, then, allows you to find a balance in your various personal energies too.

5. You’re A Shrivelled Prune

Before you get all offended, thinking this is a pop at how you look, it’s actually to do with your levels of hydration. If you’re not sipping regularly from a hydrating drink (in other words, booze is no good), then at least one study has shown that you are more at risk of mood swings, anxiety, and tension.

In other words, you are more likely to feel cranky when you’re thirsty. Chronic under-hydration is simply not good for the body, and what’s not good for the body is not good for the mind…or your inner energy field.

6. You’re A Bleary-eyed, Sleep-deprived Zombie

How much do you love your bed? I’m sure most of you will be scoring it a high 8 or 9 out of 10 in terms of places you most like to spend your time. Frankly, though, the dark bags under your eyes, pale skin, and general malaise indicate that your head isn’t getting as well acquainted with your pillow as it should be.

Think about what it’s like to be jet-lagged or the morning after a fractured night feeding a newborn baby. When you’ve been deprived of sleep, your mind and body feel sluggish, heavy, and far from normal, so it’s no wonder your energies aren’t behaving themselves either.

7. You’re All Hormonal

No, this does not refer directly to the menstrual cycle in women; it’s far more than that. There is a plethora of different hormones raging through our bodies and they can all play a part in maintaining or disrupting our inner balance.

Just ask any teenager and they’ll tell you exactly how off-putting it can be to have a cocktail of hormones coursing through your veins 24/7. Assuming you have matured into a fully fledged adult of the world (physically at least), then it is more likely that your hormone levels are being influenced by points 2, 3, 4 and 6. Address these and your hormones may well balance out.

8. Your Chakras Are Off-kilter

Chakras come from Hinduism and are thought to be centers and conduits for non-physical energy. While the science of chakras is inconclusive to say the least, the concept has been around for a very long time.

Some believe that our physical and mental states indicate when our chakras are in or out of balance. If you are experiencing a distinct set of symptoms, it may be worth checking whether these correspond to any of the 7 chakras being off.

9. Your Physical Space Is Cluttered And Noisy

If your home is crammed full of possessions and your workspace is a disordered mess, how do you expect your energy to flow freely? Your penchant for knickknacks and trinkets might make a space look nice in your opinion, but clutter and visual noise is not always conducive to a calm and centered mind.

Have you ever wondered why far eastern cultures place such importance on the positioning of things? One of the main reasons people practice Feng Shui is to allow energy to flow as it wishes around the space they are in.

10. Your Mental Space Is Messy Too

It’s not just your physical environment that can become cluttered and tangled; your head space and mind can also suffer when there are too many things for it to contend with.

Often, when multiple issues require attention, we are left feeling overwhelmed. From the big to the small, when you let too many duties build up, it can disrupt your mental and emotional energies.

That’s why it is worth tackling things as and when you can so that they don’t build up into a seemingly impassable wall of pressing thoughts.

11. You’re A Pushover

Another important way that your personal energy can get diverted, diluted, or interfered with is when you live life as a people pleaser. Kindness, charity, and all-around generosity can be extremely uplifting and meaningful, but you can take it too far. Or rather, other people can take you for a mug.

If you find that your caring disposition is being abused by so-called friends who make demands of you and your time, chances are you will be left feeling depleted and drained. It will begin to feel as though you’re not living your life at all, but merely propping up the lives of others.

12. You’re Not Selfish Enough

Clearly the best way to tackle a problem with being taken advantage of is to learn how to be more selfish. The very idea of being selfish is often scorned, but it is actually an essential skill when executed at the right times.

After all, what can you give to others if your own vessel is empty? No, the best way to help others is to first help yourself.

You must dedicate at least some of your time to things that you enjoy most; time where you are the priority and the needs and wishes of others are placed firmly on the backburner. This “me time” is just as important for your overall wellbeing as eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, and keeping hydrated.

13. You React Badly To The World Around You

As Viktor Frankl once said, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

And he’s right; you are always in control of how you react to the situations you face, and the wider world. You may experience some rather unpleasant people in your life, and you may feel discouraged by what you see on the news, but letting these get to you will only serve to scramble your energy field further.

Your thoughts play such a pivotal role in how you cope throughout life. Gaining some semblance of control over them can prevent undesirable emotions such as anger or fear from getting a foothold. This will only serve to stabilize your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies.

Does it feel like your energy is all over the place right now? Can you relate to how some of the points above might be causing this inner imbalance? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and opinions.

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