22 Reasons To Love Your Mom

Moms are pretty damn wonderful!

Much as it might seem like they’ve got superpowers sometimes, they’re all human, and none of them are perfect…

…but despite their occasional stumbles, they’re irreplaceable, and the love between a mother and child is unique.

Whether you’ve just been musing over how much she does for you and how great she is (but don’t quite know how to put it into words) or you need a bit of reminding of why she’s wonderful (if she’s been getting on your nerves lately), you’ve come to the right place.

You might not entirely relate to the following reasons, as everyone’s different, every mother is different, and these relationships can be complex ones.

But hopefully, no matter how complicated things are between you and your mom, this will help remind you why, despite it all, you’ll always love her.

1. Her unconditional love for you.

There might be times when she doesn’t like you all that much, but she’ll always love you.

No matter what you do, how many times you mess up, or how many bad decisions you make, your mom will still love you.

There aren’t many people in the world you can say that about.

2. Her support.

She’s always there for you when you need her.

She might not support all of your decisions, but she’ll always support you.

She’s a shoulder to cry on, and the one person whose opinion you always rush to ask when you’ve got a dilemma.

3. Her strength.

Your mom had to be pretty damn strong just to get through giving birth, but since then she’s had to be strong every day.

She has to be strong for herself, but she’s also strong for you.

You know she’s a pillar of strength that you can always lean on for support.

4. Her sense of humor.

She can always make you laugh.

Your sense of humor has partly been molded by hers, and you’ve got family in-jokes that have been going on for years.

5. Her excitement for you.

When you’ve had good news, who’s the first person you want to call?

Even if your partner is at the top of your list, your mother always leaps to your mind when you’ve got something good to share, or you’ve achieved something.

You know she’ll be delighted for you, and incredibly proud.

6. Her eccentricities.

She’s pretty kooky and quirky.

There’s no one in this world quite like her. She does things you can’t quite explain, and neither can she.

She’s unique, and has a unique way of looking at life.

7. Her vulnerability.

Although it might sometimes seem like it, she’s not perfect, and she’s got her own worries and insecurities.

But you love her for them.

8. Her independence.

When you were a kid, it probably seemed to you like you were the entire reason for her existence.

But as you’ve grown up, you’ve realized that, as well as being a mother, she’s her own person, and has a life outside of you.

She’s a complex, independent individual, and the more time you spend with her as an adult, the more you discover about her.

9. Her perspective.

Your mom has probably been there and done that, and the extra years she has on you have taught her a thing or two about life and human beings.

She knows how to calm you down and help you see things in perspective, knowing full well that within 5 hours, 5 days, or 5 years, none of what seems so important right now will matter.

10. Her willingness to put up with you.

I’m sure you’re lovely, but I’m also sure you have moments when you can be tricky to handle. And, I’m sure you threw your fair share of tantrums when you were a kid.

Mothers put up with everything, and still love us. They deal with our unreasonableness as children, and our questionable decisions as adults.

They’re nice to the horrible boyfriends and girlfriends we bring home, and are patient with us when we revert back to acting like a 5-year-old when things don’t go our way, even at the age of 35.

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11. Her organizational skills.

Have you ever thought about just how many things your mom had, or has to deal with on a daily basis?

She’s not only got her own life to organize and plan, and a job to keep on top of or a business to run…

Especially when a mother has young kids, she’s also coordinating the whole family, most likely including her partner, remembering who has to be where and when, and generally keeping the entire show on the road.

Even if, to you, she sometimes seemed forgetful or scatty compared to other moms, she was keeping 20 plates spinning at any given time, and she probably still is.

12. Her food cooked with love.

Your mom might be the worst cook in the world, or she might absolutely hate cooking, but chances are that she’s willing to make the effort for you.

Nothing can transport you back to your childhood like the taste of her signature dishes, those classics that you ate week in, week out, or on special occasions.

Here’s hoping that, if you’re a grown adult, she’s not still feeding you on a daily basis, but when you do go home for dinner, there’s always food that’s been made with love.

13. Her patience.

Her patience with you has taught you the art. She’s shown you that slow and steady really does win the race, and impatience will get you nowhere.

14. Her ambition.

She’s never stopped dreaming.

She’s done everything she can to give you the best life possible, but she’s also done it for herself.

She has goals and dreams, and is always reinventing herself. She never takes no for an answer.

15. Her ability to cram things in.

If your mum has a spare five minutes, she’ll probably decide that she’s got time to paint the guest bedroom or send 30 emails.

She doesn’t waste time, and if she’s said something’s going to get done, it gets done.

16. Her reality checks.

She knows when you need some real talk.

Much as she loves you and supports you, she’s not afraid to be honest, bring you back down to earth and give you a kick up the backside should you need one.

17. Her trust in you.

Despite the occasional reality check, she also knows when you need space to figure things out on your own, and trusts that you’ll be able to.

18. Her smile.

When things are tough or you’re feeling low, her smile and her hugs are all you need to remember that everything’s going to be okay, and you’re not alone.

19. Your similarities.

It can be a bit alarming when you start to realize you’re becoming your mom, but you secretly love it.

You love the fact you look like her, or do things in the same way. You’ve picked up some of her neuroses and made them your own.

There’s a bond between you nothing else can replicate.

20. Her keeping your secrets.

There are things she knows about you that no one else on this planet knows.

She knows what she needs to share with your dad, and what he’s better off living in blissful ignorance of.

21. Her making sure you’ll be warm enough.

Even now you’re an adult, she’s still worried you’ll be cold.

Annoying as you might find it that she doesn’t think you know how to dress yourself, she’s often right.

You would’ve been cold without those gloves, or that extra jacket she handed you on the way out of the door.

22. Her willingness to drop everything if you need her.

No matter how busy she is, you know that if you were to call her and ask her for help, she’d be there. Rain or shine. Come what may.

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